The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Is that a threat 

The calınness in Elijah’s expression never left his face as Josh met his eyes with a look of madness in his gaze and took a step toward him and Peach.

Before Madam Jewel could say anything else to Josh, Matt walked in between Josh and Elijah as he tried to roam over to them.

“I will fuck you up if you don’t take a step back now!” Matt threatened while pointing to Josh, his voice low and serious as his hand clenched into a fist. “You should know who to mess with, but I will urge you once, ‘it’s not him.”

A sense of fear shot through Josh as the warning bell sounded in his brain as he backed off a few feet.

However, it didn’t last long as he sneered and said, “You are just an employee here! How dare you meddle with my business, you asshole! You don’t want to mess with me and if you keep interfering with this, you will regret it… so back off.”

Frowning at her nephew-in-law, Miss Grace shook her head and said, “Matt is not an employee. He’s a client and a customer at this motel. So I will advise you Josh to stop harassing my guests.”

Those words made Josh even angrier as he turned to face Miss Grace and sneered, “Then you should tell your so-called customer to stay the hell out of my business!”

Even though Elijah didn’t know Josh because Melina barely told him things about herself when he asked, the resemblance in attitude was unmistakable, and he was already sick of his stupidity, so he saw it useless to argue with such a man that is driven by ego and insanity.

Glaring over at Madam Jewel, Miss Grace saw the way that the old woman’s face brightened in anger as she said, “Josh, leave here and go to the car!”

A scowl immediately etched itself onto Josh’s face as he clenched his jaw and looked into Elijah’s eyes, hatred swirling within them when he snarled, “We are not done here. Do you hear me!! We are not finished!! I will remind you where you belong, you bastard!! In the dust ..! I will drag you… So watch your back!” Intentionally, a yawn escaped from Elijah’s mouth as he rubbed his eyes with his hands, noticing how scared Josh was to advance toward him because of Matt, Elijah knew that he was all talk, no action… on his own.

Seeing that Elijah did so, anger quickly flared up inside of Josh, and the feeling he had been holding on finally exploded.

It was so hard to suppress the urge to punch Elijah square in the face, but his eyes subconsciously rested on Matt’s veins bulging as he clenched his fists even tighter as his nostrils flared,

Taking in a sharp breath through his nose, Josh forced himself to take a few steps back as he said, “You little prick, you’re getting on my nerves.” “Josh!” Madam Jewel yelled worriedly as she saw the pure rage on his face as he stared at Elijah.

Abitter laugh slipped from Josh’s lips as he nodded his head and then scoffed before turning

away and walking out of the lobby. Once Josh left the room, Elijah’s glare shifted towards Madam Jewel, looking at her with an unamused expression. “Peach, can we talk somewhere private?” Madam Jewel asked calmly as she turned to look at Peach. “No,” Peach said coldly, glaring at her step-grandmother. Narrowing her brows in annoyance, Madam Jewel’s eyes widened as she asked, “No?” “You heard me. I am sick of you and your children disturbing my mother’s health. You killed my grandfather and father… Do you want to end my mother too? Will that satisfy your desire to own the entire Hayes wealth, huh?!” Peach snapped without thinking, clenching her fists and gritting her teeth as she glared at Madam Jewel with pure hate and anger. Noticing the rage that awakened in Madam Jewel’s expression as she approached Peach made Elijah grab Peach by her arm and pulled her behind him, remembering the last time he delayed in his actions and how injured Miss Grace got.

Then he looked into Madam Jewel’s death stare as she ambled over to him and stopped in front of Matt and said coldly in a deep, threatening tone, “Move!”

“Let her pass,” Elijah commanded in a calm tone! Stubbornly, Peach tried to stand by Elijah’s side, but he gave her a side-eye and warned, “Stay


When Madam Jewel stopped in front of Elijah, Peach grew nervous, clutching to the edge of his t-shirt, afraid of what would happen next. “Move!” Madam Jewel shouted again, causing Peach to flinch from surprise and shock. Miss Grace grew worried, knowing Madam Jewel’s temper and her wrath for people who make threats or disrespect her. Even though she was angry at her, Miss Grace knew that Peach accusing her of Mr. Haye’s death was way too harsh because even though the old man died suddenly and suspiciously, nobody knows for sure why his heart just suddenly stopped, even though he was ill. So it was too harsh for her to say such a thing without any proof, especially considering the power that Madam Jewel has in the Hayes family.

“She can hear you from this distance,” Elijah explained bluntly in a dark, hushed voice. “Patricia was right. You are the one encouraging my granddaughter to be a brat and act disrespectful to her elderly. She should have never…! Never said those offensive things. The nerve that she has, saying I killed her grandfather!!” Madam Jewel raged loudly before taking several deep breaths. Shaking with rage, Madam Jewel looked over at Elijah and spoke slowly, “Now you listen to me very carefully, you lowlife piece of worthless waste of air, you better stop meddling in my family matters, or else I swear to god I will do whatever is necessary to destroy you.” With an unbothered expression, Elijah raised an eyebrow as he looked into Madam Jewel’s

eyes, Elijah smirked, realizing that he was staring at the head of a family that shit on him, and she was just as awful and spiteful as her granddaughter.

“Is that a threat?” Elijah challenged calmly. “You can think of it that way. I know you. You are a selfish, greedy bastard, and you want money, power, and attention. If you think that I won’t do anything to ruin you because I can’t. you might be wrong.” Madam Jewel snickered with malicious intentions before adding,” Because I will!”

It’s like Peach’s remark woke up a devil, a devil that masked itself in fancy clothing and a sweet smile, but is as dangerous as a rabid beast waiting to snap.

A worried look crossed Miss Grace’s face at the thought of what Madam Jewel was capable of doing to Elijah, and after all, he had done to help them, she feared for his life, and her heart ached to protect Elijah from harm. “Peach, I need you to apologize to your grandmother now!!” Miss Grace exclaimed, panic rising in her voice.

But Elijah stared into Madam Jewel’s eyes, sneering as though she had just started a game of chess that he wasn’t willing to back out of or surrender, and said in a deadly serious tone, “Do unto others as you want them to do to you,’ do you know that quote?” Madam Jewel froze, looking at Elijah with wide, disbelieving eyes, her mind unable to comprehend that Elijah was challenging her and trying to provoke her, which left her completely stunned and unable to respond.

“If you are going to threaten me, then don’t expect me not to retaliate,” Elijah continued, narrowing his eyes.

Oh God…’ Peach gasped, fearing the consequences of his confrontation.

Taking a step closer to Madam Jewel, Elijah added, “Don’t try to intimidate me. I don’t play the trick of a sleeping dog. If you bark at me, I will snap back, and believe me, my teeth will strike where it hurts. So if you keep trying to bully, I will let you know what happens when someone gets on my nerves.” The veins on Madam Jewel’s forehead suddenly throbbed as her eyes darkened with fury, and she stared straight into Elijah’s, and with a cold and menacing tone, she responded, “You are just a loafer with no name, no parents, no connection, no real future, and yet you threaten me with words. You are just a puppy, forcing a big bone down your throat, and trust me, you are going to choke on it.”

When Elijah scoffed, it surprised Madam Jewel that she saw no hint of fear or respect on his face. His only reaction was to smirk at her while he said mockingly, “Well, then you don’t know how wide my throat is.” Those words created a sense of doubt inside Madam Jewel’s head, and she felt threatened and uneasy about what Elijah was implying. The fact that he was this unbothered by his threat was more than alarming for her to realize, but she didn’t want to show any sign that she was affected by his statement, so she kept her cool, instead glaring daggers at him. It didn’t make sense the more she thought about it as she wondered, ‘What is he depending on to make all these threats against me? Is this some kind of twisted joke? He looks so deadly serious about it like he meant every word he said, but then… Why does he sound so cocky and confident? Why does he think he is so much stronger than I am?”