Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 99

Chapter 99

99-Too Much To Handle


“Dude! Where have you been?” Lazlo decided to calm him down by starting a normal conversation but Maynard didn’t seem too pleased. Instead of answering Lazlo, he lunged at him and punched him to the ground.

It happened so quickly that all I could do was let out a gasp. Lazlo got on his feet and groaned, spitting blood out of his mouth.

As Lazlo attacked him back, his punch landed on Maynard’s chin. The two were fighting without any reason but Maynard started it so I really can’t blame Lazlo for it.

“You think you can fuck her and I will stand by and do nothing?” Finally, when Maynard let out a grunt and spoke his heart, I acknowledged what went wrong.

“STOP!” | shouted at the top of my lungs. Two strong alphas fighting was not going to end well. They had their collars in each other’s grasp when they heard me. Maynard turned to me after setting Lazlo free and then briskly walked my way.

“You are coming with me,” he grabbed my hand and started dragging me away. I found it disrespectful that he spent the whole day with this new girl and now he was the one dragging me around and making me feel bad for even being comforted by my other mate?

“Let me go,” I complained, “Maynard! I said let me go,” I continued to protest but he was not listening to me.

“Hey! she said to let her go,” Lazlo finally interrupted and came between us. It angered Maynard even more but before he could say anything to us again, I decided to speak up.

“You got some big balls spending the entire day with Willow then coming back to accuse me and hurt the only person accompanying me. You were the one who asked Lazlo to give me your message. He came here to accompany me since you have left me alone for the new girl and now you are the one acting hurt?” I said it all in one breath. My voice even cracked at the end due to running out of breath.

They were both shocked but Maynard seemed much more lost than Lazlo. He thought I didn’t see him leaving with her?

“Now! We will all go back to our rooms without creating any more drama and get ready for bed. I am tired because I spent the whole day sitting on the goddamn floor and waiting for a mate, who didn’t even bother attending my calls until his phone ran out of charge,” I was just muttering out of my mind. I didn’t spare him another glance and walked ahead of them.

I knew they were following me because I heard them growl at each other once in a while. Once in the room, Lazlo went into the bathroom to clean up his wounds while Maynard was left behind with me.

“I wasn’t with her,” He started off from afar, sitting in his bed while I sat in mine, “I admit to offering her a ride but that’s all,” he seemed to be super convinced that offering a girl ride back home wasn’t inappropriate when she had her own car waiting for her.

“And that is justifiable in your head?” I asked, my eyes glaring at him.

“I didn’t commit a crime. And neither did I know after accepting you cannot talk to anyone else. It is just that you don’t trust me,” he yelled and got on his feet instead of apologizing for ignoring me the whole day.

“Wow! way to go, Maynard,” I clapped my hands, being the one taunting him this time.

“It is not like you were left alone. You had Lazlo’s muscular chest all for yourself.” That taunt made me angrier. Was he always going to use my mates against me?

“He came to comfort me,” I yelled, “Besides, he is not some random new guy. He is my mate, he knew he could help me simmer down,” I was not happy watching him roll his eyes and scoff to mock me.

He was forgetting he was the one who took a girl a lot out.

“Right! He came right when he saw the opportunity.” Maynard laughed at me sarcastically. It was then I got up on my feet and briskly approached him. He narrowed his eyes after lowering his face to make eye contact with me.

“He came because you asked him to deliver me a message. I can’t believe you are twisting the whole blame game on me while not even telling me where you were the whole day?” I clenched my jaw but a tear left my eye, displaying my helplessness.

“Why are we even arguing?” suddenly, he changed his tone, “I dropped her home and then went to meet the beta of my pack to discuss some matters with him,” his tone lowered when talking about his pack. I saw the same sadness in his eyes that I heard in his voice on call before.

But I rolled my eyes and just when I was going to tell him he cannot talk to me until he proves or promises me he will not talk to that girl again, he said something that stole the world from under my feet.


99-Too Much To Handle


“My parents are not doing well,” his words compelled me into raising my face again and watching him.

“They are they are falling apart again. it is like—my brother is never going to leave the memory of my mo-ther.” He pulled back from me and sat down on the bed, his face in his hands.

*I am so sorry!” Suddenly guilt hit me and I ran to sit down with him.

“It is fine. I just didn’t know how to share it with you. When you were calling me today, I wanted to pick up your calls but I was-1 was not feeling well. I didn’t know how to sound okay. I didn’t want to sound like someone whose parents – ” as he let out a gasp and lost whimpered in his hands, I broke his face free and pulled him over my chest.

“Maynard! Everything will be fine,” I had tears in my eyes too. His parents were really sweet to me. After our crazy arguments, they showed good growth but hearing they have fallen into depression again worried me.

“Can I cuddle with you tonight?” he asked since we hadn’t been doing that for some time. I nodded and smiled back at him, holding his hand tightly.

“Maynard! I don’t want to worry you but something else happened tonight. Something happened to Thiago,” the moment I said his name, a very stern look took over Maynard’s face.

“Why would I be concerned about him? and I am sure you aren’t either, right?” Maynard fixated his eyes on my face and I had no option left but to faintly give him a nod even when I was worried for Thiago.

It was weird because back when I hadn’t accepted him, he used to be pretty worried for Thiago.