Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 98

Chapter 98

98-Possessive Much?

While Thiago ignored Lazlo, I decided to carry on the conversation.

*You can date Mr. Tripper for the night. He is anyway running around keeping his eyes on other couples. At least get him a hobby,” It was nice that I was able to joke after the entire day’s agonizing feeling. That is why I believe I was grateful for having more than one mate, who I can befriend if not accept.

“Thiago can date him. he is roug-Lazlo stopped talking when his eyes landed behind me at Thiago, “Dude are you okay?” it was then the frown and concern on Lazlo’s face made me turn around and look at Thiago.

He was all red and silent. The last pizza he once tried consuming was on the ground with his hands beside it and his face lowered. He was panting and fighting for breath. Did he.choke on the pizza?

*Thiago?” I too joined Lazlo in asking Thiago what was going on with him? He seemed sick and almost like ready to throw up.

“1- I nee-d to le-ave,” Thiago didn’t raise his face when talking but his voice didn’t sound like his voice anymore.

*Umm! Are you having one of those moments when your wolf acts up?” Lazlo tried to reach him but Thiago only raised his hand to cease his movements.

“1-am-fin-e,” Thiago grunted under his breath, his one hand fled to his chest as he gagged. I have seen him act like this before but this was way too intense. He was almost sounding like an animal even before his transition started.

“Oh my God! Lazlo! he is not fine,” I staggered up with Lazlo and watched Thiago coughing and gagging like crazy.

He then swiftly got up on his feet but his posture was not straight at all. One could tell he was in excruciating pain.

We watched him get away from us without raising his face and also making sure we don’t get near him. He was constantly shoving his hand toward us to stop us from taking even a step closer to him.

“Thiago!” the moment I said his name in concern, he raised his face. My heart missed a beat at what I was seeing.

I couldn’t see the crystal eyes of his anymore. They were changed!

“OH!* I gasped a little, feeling Lazlo gently wrapping his hand around my arm as if he was making sure I am not trying to step ahead and reach Thiago.

“Fuck!” Lazlo’s gasp made my skin crawl. Thiago’s eyes were not only red but they were bleeding too. He seemed like something I have never seen before.

He then raised his face and watched the sky while his nose started to bleed along with his eyes. We noticed the clouds flying on top of us. The storm was never in the forecast but it was now going to rain like crazy.

The weather change arrived suddenly. There was no indication of a storm or rain prior to this. The timing was odd, also Thiago reacting to it so aggressively made me raise my eyebrows too.

“Thiago! Please tell me what is going on!” I wanted to get near him and hold his hand to see what he was feeling but Lazlo held me back, “Lazlo! let me go,” I was in tears, Thiago didn’t look okay.

Without any further ado, Thiago rushed out of the gate without turning back to us. He was wheezing as if he was having trouble breathing normally.

“Thiago!” I called for him but that was all I could do. Lazlo had his arms wrapped around me from my back to hold me back and prevent me from following him.

“Why did you stop me?” I turned around and slapped his chest. I had tears in my eyes, genuine tears of concern.

It was surprising that I was still able to worry for Thiago even after he didn’t do the same for me. I can’t even curse the mate bond because my wolf was busy worrying about her mate, who was probably still with Willow.

“You wanted to go after him? are you crazy or what?” Lazlo finally raised his voice at me as he frowned, “He was having one of those moments where his wolf cannot differentiate between a friend and a foe. Enya! He will kill you if you approached him during that time,” Lazlo seemed more woke to whatever was wrong with Thiago, but it also confused me about everything I knew of Thiago so far.

“Is he going to be okay?” I asked after tuning down my tone.

“I hope so,” Lazlo didn’t sound so sure. I am pretty sure even he hadn’t seen Thiago in such a state before.

“Let’s go back to the room and hope he will be fine,” Lazlo suggested while standing a little far from me because I had pushed him away

I couldn’t have commenced walking; my heart was breaking as I kept recalling the sight of Thiago. Whatever he did to me was wrong but in his mind, he thought of me as his enemy because my pack stole his parents. I believe he had severe trauma but what about his wolf? Was it due to the trauma too?

“I just feel like everything is falling apart again,” I then remembered the entire day and I was surprised at how bad it went. How the hell did I not ask Maynard upfront when he called me about Willow? Why did I have to hold it back?

“Enya! Those little things happen all the time,”.Lazlo instantly rushed to pull me in a hug. His arms were warm and filled with genuine affection.

“Calm down. You have all of us with you. As for Thiago, he will be fine. He always comes back,” Lazlo was gently patting my back while I was drenching his shirt with my tears.

“I don’t know. It is one thing after another. Maynard had been acting so weird and then he took-,” I wasn’t finished pouring my heart out on Lazlo’s chest when I heard somebody clapping aggressively. It took me by surprise because I thought we were the only ones left on the academy’s grounds.

As we parted away, I saw Maynard watching us and clapping as hard as he could while his eyes displayed disgust.

“You are complaining to him about me?” the look Maynard displayed was creepy. He was glaring into my soul while clapping.