Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 97

Chapter 97

97-Thiago! oh Dear!


I have been sitting in the academy and it’s been a few hours already. I tried calling Maynard many times but couldn’t connect to him.

‘Just call him one more time,’ Nia had been in pain, she wanted her mate to contact her and let her know there is nothing sketchy going on so that she can be at peace.

‘I have called him twenty times already. If he were to attend any of the calls, he would have done it already.’ I grunted at her even when it wasn’t her fault that my mate was acting up.

‘Just one more time,’ she requested and I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I was aware of the pain she was feeling and it was beginning to make me worried for her.

I dialed his number with my heart racing inside my chest. I was praying he attends the call and thankfully, he finally did.

“Maynard!” the moment I said his name, Nia felt alive.

“Yeah! I am sorry I have been busy. I am just driving back and will be there with you in a few minutes,” he sounded casual like there was nothing he needed to explain to me first.

“You spent the entire day ignoring me and my calls,” I was holding back the urge to ask him about that girl. It was like I was afraid if I ask him he will say something that will break my heart.

“I am so sorry about that. I will be back and then we can talk,” he sounded very down, making me more worried than ever now.

He hung up on me because he was driving so I couldn’t really get mad at him for that. I stayed sitting in the academy in cold. I haven’t even eaten anything after he left with her, I didn’t get a single minute of rest.

“You heard him, he is coming back soon,’ I told her to calm her down but she was acting weird. It was like she couldn’t forget that he took the girl with him in the car.

After that, we waited for another hour and he still didn’t return.

“He called me,”

I was startled by the voice from behind me. It was Lazlo wearing a black long coat and holding a sweater for me. He had some other stuff in his hands but I didn’t pay attention to it.

“I spoke to him too. He said he will be back in a minute,” I replied, turning my face back at focusing on the door.

I thought maybe Lazlo was trying to make me feel some type of way by suggesting Maynard spoke to him instead of me.

“Actually, I spoke to him just a few minutes ago. He told me he had spoken to you and had told you that he will arrive in a few minutes. But then he called me and said his car broke down and his cellphone is out of battery too. He wanted me to inform you to not wait for him as he will be late,” Lazlo didn’t sound too excited to steal this chance. He sounded more like he was feeling bad for me.

I was just amazed Maynard could have called me instead but no! he decided to let Lazlo know only.

“He could have called me,” I said under my breath, pinching my fingers nervously.

“Well, he didn’t have a charge and he wanted my help with the car, so,” Lazlo explained, sitting down beside me.

“Then? Did you help him with the car?” I turned to him, more anxious than ever. It was getting harder than ever to keep my true emotions inside me.

“No! I couldn’t. But don’t worry, he will be back. It is not like he will leave behind such a beautiful and perfect mate with two thirsty mates of hers,” he tried to joke to lift up my mood but I wasn’t feeling it that day. I had been sick and worried the whole day and now he just randomly called Lazlo and told him he might not be back for another few hours?

“Hey!” Lazio mumbled, eat something, you will need the energy to argue with him by the time he returns,” I was grateful for him not using this moment to try to make me feel bad about accepting Maynard and actually trying to cheer me up.

He had done some messed-up things but who hadn’t? I needed someone beside me at this moment and I was glad it was my


“Here! I grabbed a pizza for you,” he then opened the box and made me take a slice while taking one for himself.

“You guys are having a party without me?” That was Thiago, he came from the main gate and sat down on the stairs with us. He

hadn’t been in the academy?

I didn’t even realize he had left before Maynard. He even seemed all red and tired as if he had been running the whole day.

I was still hesitant to speak to Thiago even when I was acting normal with Lazlo. I believe it was because I had more faith in Thiago when I trusted him with getting my parent’s information but he tricked me instead.

He might try to redeem himself but I don’t think I can ever go back to falling for him ever again. But that didn’t mean I cannot sit and eat with them.

“Thiago!” Lazlo said with his mouth full. Thiago was on my right side and Lazlo on the left, yet my eyes kept diverting towards the door.

“Aha! I am listening.” Thiago replied, munching on the pizza like he hadn’t eaten anything the entire day.

“Find me a girlfriend,” Lazlo said to start a topic. He knew he would get my attention because last time I checked, he was dating that skunk Jessica

“What happened to the psycho you were dating?” Thiago asked and Lazlo let out a dramatic sigh.

“She was a toy for some game but the other player tricked me and got away with the prize,” I knew what he meant by that whole phrase and who he was referring to as a prize.

“Oh! I see,” Thiago bobbed his head, “I am sure Enya will have someone in her mind,” Thiago calling my name made my body flinch a little but then I quickly regained my posture and shook my head at them.

“I am not your pimp,” I said, excusing from the madness.

“Well, look the night is so beautiful. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we have someone beside us?” Lazlo said as he finished eating his slice. I was done with mine too but Thiago was going in on the entire pizza.

“Hm!” Thiago only made a noise but then didn’t utter another word. He was beginning to act strange at this point and both Lazlo and I noticed it.