Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 96

Chapter 96

96-The New Hot Girl In School

Ever since I heard about that night of seduction, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I felt trapped because it wouldn’t go well for me.

“Just when I think I will have a moment of peace, some other mess pops up,” I kept murmuring and making my way to attend the last class.

I couldn’t get a hold of Maynard the entire day but it was now important that I do. I must talk to him and find a way out of this mess.

“Wait!” Oswin once again called for me while sprinting after me in the hallway. He had a big book tucked under his arms, “I found out something,” he was panting from running after me and climbing stairs in haste.

“What, what did you find?” I inquired, taking a lot of interest. If there is any way we can avoid the bad situation, I will be very grateful

“There is an herb, if they sniff from it, they will be fine.” He said and for a moment, I did smile but then my smile faded away quickly.

*And I am assuming that herb is not easy to find, right?” It hit me soon and the moment he smiled cheekily, I rolled my eyes.

“So we are back to square zero?” I asked but he shook his head in return.

“I said the herb is not found so easily but I never said it is impossible to find it. We can still find it but it is in the mountains. It is a black color rose which extracts a juice to reduce seduction for a moment,” he explained and it made sense. But obviously, cannot go find that Rose because I am an omega and I wouldn’t be allowed to wander around such a dangerous place so easily Maynard, in this case, will be the only one willing to get that rose. I highly doubt Lazlo would be up for the idea, he would love to share a bed with me just for the sake of annoying Maynard too.

“But we need an easy escape. Just tell your mate to send his friends away,” he smiled until his eyes bugged out of their sockets, “Oh shit!” the way his face changed colors, I gasped too. Did he know I have other mates?

“I forgot about Corbin. I heard you didn’t accept his rejection. That could get you in trouble,” he brought up another issue that I didn’t even think of until he mentioned it.

“Oh dammit!” | almost sat down on my knees to slap my forehead.

“Hey! hey! don’t worry. He is farther away and even if he does arrive, I will have the herb ready to inject in him,” he sounded very certain of his plans. I was confused why he was helping me? it was like he was helping me without me even asking for his help.

“Why are you helping me?” I couldn’t help but ask him finally.

He tilted his head and then after watching my face, he smiled sweetly. That smile carried a lot of emotions that I failed to read.

“I don’t know,” he lied, he definitely knew something, “just know there is a brother looking out for you,” with those words being said by him, he walked away from me.

My heart stopped beating when I heard him call me his sister. That was the sweetest thing ever.

I only turned around when I bumped into someone I didn’t expect.

“Poppy!” I sighed, getting ready for taunts.

“So you are now going to hit on him behind my back?” the fact that she couldn’t defend herself in front of others but was too loud and confident in front of me told me I needed to put my foot down as well. Or else she will keep harassing me.

“Are you always that insecure or is it just me who tickles you the wrong way?” I asked and this time, even raised my voice at her. The look on her face was a piece of evidence that she thought I would be too silent to even utter back to her.

“Just stay away from my mate,” she warned me before heading to the same class even I’ve been walking towards.

We had one last class together. Everybody was in the same classroom with all my mates too. I sat down with Maynard so that I can warm him up to discuss the night of seduction with him later. But the teacher arrived early and we couldn’t communicate.

Even Poppy and Oswin were in the same classroom as us.

“I have someone who needed an introduction. Willow Smith is new here. She is a gamma of the Emerald Fangs pack. She has been a bit late for the semester but I am sure you all will help her catch up. For now, Willow please take a seat with the Royal beta of your pack; Keith,” the teacher told the girl with beautiful brown hair and brown eyes to sit down with Keith. He had Paige on the other side and from the looks of it, one could tell she wasn’t happy inviting her over.

It was then I noticed how everybody else was also staring at Willow. She was a new student, more like a slice of fresh meat. They were all busy scanning her except for Thiago, who seemed on the edge of his seat. Something had been bothering him, one could tell. But my attention soon diverted to Maynard because he forgot to take his eyes off of Willow.

“Take a picture, why don’t you?” feeling uneasy, I complained. He turned to me and then lowered his face without giving a lame excuse.

It just felt weird at this point.

Soon after school ended, Maynard got up and left the class without even turning around to look at me. I was a bit late due to gathering my belongings. By the time I have ran after Maynard, I watched him leave the academy with Willow.

The sight itself made me hold on for a second and take a deep breath. I didn’t quit walking after him so once I was out of the academy too, I found him offering her a ride and she got into the car with him.

I was shocked, feeling many emotions at once. He drove away with her while I was left behind with no response from him.

My heart was pounding louder than ever after seeing that. I walked back into the school but couldn’t go back to the room. I could not. Not after I saw my mate leaving with this new girl.

‘I am not having a good feeling about all this,’ Nia confirming she was feeling the pain made me even more worried.