Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 95

Chapter 95

95-When We Do It Together

“This is unfair, you cannot fucking have her for yourself,” the way he shouted at us, even Thiago opened his eyes and turned to us.

He was awake too?

Oh shit!

Why did it feel so weird thinking they heard me moan?

“What the fuck are you talking about? She had accepted me,” Maynard shrugged but frowned angrily at Lazlo.

“You, Lazlo looked my way but then turned his face to the side.

Was he disgusted with me?

“Now turn off the lights and quit interrupting,” Maynard shouted back and this time, Lazlo didn’t say anything. He turned the lights off and went to bed.

I didn’t feel right after that.

“I am sleepy.” I excused when Maynard tried to continue touching me.

I was just not comfortable anymore. I noticed Maynard paused and then got out of the bed to head back to his bed. He was angry that I rejected him at the moment, but the reality was that I was not okay being touched when I had others in the room with me.

Maynard had been upset with me the entire next day. He ignored me right from the start. Why did I feel like he wanted them to know he got me?

I didn’t try talking to him myself too. It was his fault that he took offense to my genuine concern, he will be the one to come and apologize. I won’t do it.

“Hey!” I heard someone calling but I didn’t know who they were recalling so I kept walking until I entered the library. The instant I was inside, I saw Oswin getting into the library and waving his hand at me. At first, I was confused but then I waved back at him and he finally came to sit down with me.

That would be the first time that we were sitting together and probably going to have a word.

“I hope I am not interrupting anything,” he smiled sweetly. I have only heard bad things about him and he had only proven himself to be good.

“No! it’s fine. This assignment hates me anyway,” I replied, joking while slamming the assignment close.

“I wanted to speak to you for a long time but couldn’t get a chance,” he scratched the back of his neck but I knew what he meant.

“Poppy! I know she is possessive about you,” I laughed a little until I heard the librarian hushing us.

“I am Oswin, an Omega like you,” he offered me a friendly handshake and I accepted it.

“I am Enya Fosters,” I introduced myself and he bobbed his head.

“Everybody knows you. You have been quite a deal since you have arrived.” He motioned at me and then cleared his throat to talk about what really brought him here.

“So, I heard some news and I thought I would like to tell you something about it,” he said while looking around to make sure nobody was hearing us.

“There is a threat approaching our academy. I mean, the packs but our academy will be the first thing to get hit. I am not sure if you are aware of it, but it’s a night of seduction. A night where your mate won’t be able to keep himself away from you. I know it won’t be a big deal for you because you already accepted your mate. But I was not sure how to feel about you and your mate being active when there are other Alphas in the room. Maybe you can ask your mate to send them away for a night so that nobody disturbs you two?” right from the beginning, whatever he was saying ran above my head.

I couldn’t really tell what he was talking about. What night of seduction?

“Ah! This look on your face tells me you really don’t know anything about that night, huh?” he shook his head in disbelief, “It is a wave of seduction that approaches once a blue moon. It hits the male mates and they cannot stop themselves from being sexually active, no matter where they are. It is like they are not at fault because all they can focus on is their she-wolf. It is a night when the male wolf thinks of himself a sex slave and he must please his queen. That night can be very tricky for those who are going to reject each other. They cannot stop themselves from doing anything to the girl and well, mostly she-wolves agree

95-When We Do It Together


because they are the mates but imagine you are at a fancy diner and your mate wants to mate with you right then and there? then what?” he summed it up for me and I let out a laugh.

“That is brutal,” I couldn’t stop laughing. He looked confused until I too realized how fucked up it was, especially for me.

I have goddamn three mates, what am I gonna do? “What if – what if—,” I didn’t know how to ask him without telling him I have other mates too. I cannot let that information out.

“What if what?” he frowned, focusing on my face.

“No! I am just thinking about Jim, Keith, and Paige. They were all mates, what if-,” I paused because he understood what I was trying to ask him.

“How do you think they ended up having threesomes? That’s where it is rooted. They did it once and then the barrier was out. She was planning to reject Jim but after that night, they fell into an intertwined relationship,” he explained what led to the couple having many sexual encounters together.

My body constricted because I was ashamed just at the thought of them hearing me moan, how the hell will I have sex with all of them at once?

“That’s wrong, what happens if the girl rejects one of the mates?” If I can, I will reject their advances and that will be all. I cannot reject them right now but I can deny sleeping with them.

“She can, however, it will affect their abilities. So if they are alphas, they will turn a little weak and if they are omegas, they will be pretty messed up,” that still didn’t help me. Both Thiago and Lazlo were leading huge packs, being weak wouldn’t be good for them.

“I just wanted to let you know so that you are prepared for the night. Ask your mate to send the roommates away if he can. I know you will be shy doing anything in the presence of an audience,” he smiled awkwardly.

He was right!

But I was still stuck now.

How would I avoid this situation?