Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 94

Chapter 94

94-Two Fingers In Me

“And you made me feel like shit after our first sex because you wanted to be the first one to break my seal? Is my virginity a medal to you?” I started shouting now that he had upset me.

I was feeling so low after the sex, I had a million questions making me think I did something wrong.

“Not to mention, you had entirely different plans for our relationship. You got a real nerve looking me in the eye and questioning me for my past relationship when you entered this relationship planning revenge,” Now that I told him more, his eyes widened at the acknowledgment of it.

He must have thought I didn’t know anything, well, too bad for him. If he hadn’t acted like a moron and stayed in the room, he would have explained everything when Lazlo was showing me those conversations of his.

“I don-t know what you are talking about,” the instant he lied, I grunted and turned around to leave but only for him to hold me back by grabbing my hand.

“If you are going to lie then I’m not going to stand here and explain things to you. I saw your conversations with Lazlo. Everything he had been doing was advised by you. So everything that hurt me was your idea,” I yelled at him, trying to step on my tippy toes to reach his level but he was still too tall.

His face faded when hearing I’ve seen the proof. I bet he would have continued lying if I hadn’t brought it up.

“Okay! I’ll be honest with you,” he suddenly let go of my hand but only to hold my arms, “yes! It all started that way. I was being cunned and trying to fool that idiot Lazlo. I didn’t want you with anybody else, you get that? The Moon Goddess started this competition, I was just too genius and I won,” he finally admitted but I was shocked at how much he planned to get me, “I made him look like a fool. He dated your bully, his fault,”

“What about your part of the plan?” I asked, watching him in the eye.

The instant his hands slipped down and held my hands, I felt it.




“I lied, okay? And I’m not guilty about it. He should have used his brain and done better. It’s not my fault that he lost you and I found you. I just craved you more than he did, or Thiago did,” he sounded very serious and also angry when talking about them.

How do I be mad at him now?

He told me the truth as well as he redeemed himself.

“I am not happy with how you made me feel back in the room,” there was still that incident that led me to slip my hands out of his hands and step back from him, “I’m heading back to the room,” I added.

“Just you know, I was just upset because I thought you lied to me,” he voiced when I was walking away.

“Funny how you claim to be so cunning yet you forgot what we have talked about. It was like you wanted me to worry and try to win you, hence you blamed me with the most nonsensical thing,” I yelled to make sure he hears me because I have left him far behind.

At least I was at ease that he wasn’t pretending to be in love with me.

‘Feeling much better?’ Nia questioned and I nodded, ‘Thanks to Thiago for knocking sense into us at the right time,’ her reminding me it was Thiago that helped me give Maynard a chance also made me think if Thiago was even jealous? He didn’t even care his advice would get me closer to Maynard, so maybe he had moved on from me.

‘I shouldn’t be thinking about him. He and I lost a chance a long time ago,” I whispered and kept walking towards the room. Once entered the room, I slept in my bed peacefully as the day had already been super crazy for me.

For the next two days, I didn’t speak much with anyone. Maynard had been leaving me gifts and notes and I thought maybe I was taking it too far. He might have forgotten about what conversation we had and genuinely thought I lied to him.

Then one night, he decided to hop into my bed again.

“Are you mad with me still?” he knew I wasn’t because I let him in.

“Let’s not talk and sleep,” I said, giving him a hint we are fine now.

“No! not until you tell me you are not mad with me,” he dug his face in my neck and whispered on my skin, making my heart skip a beat.

“Maynard le-,” I paused and bit my tongue when he slipped his hand into my shorts and directly touched my pussy.

“Your skin is so fucking soft,” he whispered, not raising his face from my neck. I didn’t know how to think about having a sexual interaction with him in a room full of mates, but he didn’t hold back. He slid his finger inside me and I lost control.

He was really horny and so was I. It’s been two days that we didn’t touch each other, we were out of control.

He started to move his finger around and twist it, making me bite onto my tongue harder to prevent making a noise. He was sucking my neck while giving a circular motion to his finger inside my vagina.

It felt good!

Soon he bit my top and pulled it down until my braless boob was out of my nightshirt. He rested his lips on my tits first, slowly sucking them, and then took my boob in his mouth, going crazy with sucking the life out of me.

“Maynard!” I moaned his name, squirming as he injected his two fingers inside me this time. I closed my eyes shut and stretched under him, moaning out of control as I forgot I was supposed to keep it down.

“Ahh! ahhh” My lips made a loud noise when he shoved his fingers in and out with more speed and aggression. I felt like I have reached heaven.

I thought I was going to reach orgasm until the lights turned on and I rushed to cover my chest in the blanket. Maynard too pull away and looked at the angry Lazlo.

My cheek tinted red when I acknowledged Lazlo had been aware of what we were doing in the dark. We should have been more careful; I wasn’t the type who liked the audience.