Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 93

Chapter 93

93-He Wasn’t My First


“I need some air,” instead of talking to him and asking him any more questions, I rushed out of the room like crazy. I sprinted until I was in the front yard of the academy.

‘What if he recorded us?’ I asked Nia, pacing back and forth in worry.

‘What are you talking about?’ she asked, I noticed she wasn’t too concerned about him recording our sex.

“Nia! Isn’t it weird that he had sex with us and then without saying another word, he just up and left? It seemed like he had a mission and once it was done, he just up and left,’ I was making myself worried by thinking about it like crazy. But I read the text conversation, what else did he mean by it?

‘I am not sure I saw him setting the camera anywhere,’ she responded, ‘Let’s not work ourselves up. We are just worried and doubting him because he left us soon after he slept with us. It is understanding why you wouldn’t think straight, but I will suggest we wait and talk to him first,’ she was pretty confident that wasn’t why he left.

I wanted to believe her but the things my so-called mates do sometimes can really make me worried.

“Enya! Stop pacing. Do you not trust him at all?’ she asked after she saw how worried I was.

‘1-I guess I didn’t have time to build trust with him. We went from arguing to accepting each other in a day. Do you think we made a mistake?’ I sat down in the grass and placed my hand on my forehead.

Everything was beginning to seem foolish. How the hell did I just forgive him so easily?

“And that’s where most of the frogs decide somebody stole their spot,” I heard a voice from behind me and instantly got on my feet to watch him. Thiago had changed into a gray shirt and white shorts for the night after taking a shower.

“I heard what Lazlo said to you back in the room.” he had his hands in his shorts’ pockets and a mild smile on his lips.

“If you’re here to taunt me, walk away Thiago. I am really not in the mood tonight,” I warned him through my eyes. I wouldn’t shy away from using my powers if he tried messing with me tonight.

“I am not here to mock you or taunt you,” he scoffed with a sarcastic laugh, “I am just here to tell you, Maynard might have planned all those games but when he accepted you, he did it for real.” He said as he stood tall without moving a muscle.

“Right, and you know this how?” I would love to believe him except I don’t. He gave me no reason to believe his words ever again.

“Enya! I don’t want to say it but I must. Grow up! Or you will keep getting fucked up by people around you. You have a fucking power, use it. Go and hold his hands and ask him instead of worrying yourself like that,” his tone has turned super serious while telling me I am stupid.

I stayed silent and then just when I was about to open my mouth, he took a step closer to me and I shut up.

“You need to give yourself some credit. Your mates real-” he paused, “I am just trying to help you after 12″ he bobbed his head to the recollection of his own game.

“You used me?” I scoffed and laughed sarcastically. “thanks for the pep talk,” I didn’t want to stick around him.

I left him there and jogged to the school to find Maynard. Thiago was right, I need to hold hands with Maynard and ask him why he left suddenly after fucking me.

As expected, I found him on the basketball court. He was all sweaty and going crazy. He would groan every time he would try to make a score too.

After sensing my presence, he dropped the ball and turned to me. I noticed the dark look in his eyes. I was right! Something happened.

There was something wrong and he refused to tell me,

“Go back to the room,” he ordered, trying to get the ball when I briskly made my way towards him and blocked him from moving ahead.

“What is the matter?” I questioned and demanded eye contact from him.

“Nothing is the matter, just get the fuck out of my way,” he tried pushing me to the side, but I was stubborn too. I was not leaving until he tells me what the fuck happened?

“Maynard! Be a fucking alpha and deal with the shit instead of hiding from it,” the moment I said that, his struggles subsided. He

looked my way angrily and then tossed the ball aside once again.

“You want me to deal with it? fine!” he yelled in my face, “Then tell me why did you lie to me when you said Corbin didn’t succeed? You made me sit and dine with that rapist?” he hunched down in my face and shouted with all his might.

Vertical wrinkles were placed between my eyebrows once I couldn’t get him.

“What? I told you the truth, he didn’t succeed. Do you think I would have left him alive if he got his way with me?” I raised a good question. It was also sweet that he was so upset about Corbin hurting me but he should have stayed with me instead of making me feel like there was something wrong with me.

“Exactly!” he suddenly stopped shouting and said very calmly but also disturbingly, “Because Thiago stole your virginity, didn’t he?” that look in his eyes and the disgust on his face surprised me.

“I wanted to just make sure you don’t use Corbin as an excuse if I directly ask you about your virginity,” he mumbled and grunted, “You fucking slept with Thiago and didn’t even tell me,” he was back at shouting again. But honestly speaking, he left me surprised with how he dealt with it.

“You think I would have lied about rape just to escape the truth?” I was hurt, no! actually, I was disappointed.

“You can do anything. You hid such a huge thing from me. At least let me know, I swear I wouldn’t have said a thing but you lied,” he was turning red with every second of raising his voice at me.

“I lied? I wanted to tell you everything but you told me you didn’t care what I did with him before I accepted you. You made me think it was alright until you decided it is not,” i had enough of his foolery and male ego, he thought I wouldn’t remember how I wanted to tell him but he didn’t let me?

He looked shocked when I yelled back at him with the truth.