Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 90

Chapter 90

90-Now He Feels It


My muscles contracted when watching them together. It was not only sad but heartbreaking too that he thought dating my sister would be the right thing when he left me because I was from a certain pack. He may forget she was also from the same pack.

Watching me made Elaine pull away from him but I had already seen them together.

Elaine turned her body my way before looking back at Thiago, who seemed unbothered.

“What are you doing in the room at this time?” funny how I should have been the one asking her that question. But to be honest, none of us had a right to question each other’s presence in the room. It was my room too and so was Thiago’s as I can barge in anytime I want, he can bring anyone in the room he wants.

“I think you are forgetting it’s my room too,” I passed her a closed smile and rolled my eyes at her. it was then I noticed the smeared makeup and puffy eyes.


They weren’t making out. She had his collars in her grip as she was crying over something.

“We should go and talk somewhere else,” she suggested to Thiago, who looked hella calm for someone whose girlfriend was shedding a stream of tears.

“There is nothing to talk about anymore, Elaine. I told you it’s over. There is nothing left,” he casually broke up with her. My heart missed a beat but I pretended to not listen to them. I had previously decided to rest but I couldn’t when my sister was sobbing in the same room as me.

I sat down in the chair and started shuffling through the book to do the assignment. And also because I was curious about what was going on?

“But why? Why are you breaking up with me? I thought you liked me,” her voice was getting stuck in her throat from all the crying and sobbing.

“I told you, I am fed up with you,” his casual demeanor reminded me of the day he did the same to me. At least he showed some emotions that day, only some! That emotion he showed was anger!

“Why? You didn’t even sleep with me. let me please you once and you won’t get fed up,” her request startled me into stop writing and closing my eyes by force. I was watching them from my peripheral vision but I kept writing bullshit to avoid making it seem like I was taking too much interest in them.

“Nothing matters. I don’t want to be with you,” Thiago seemed pretty arrogantly dismissing her. I wondered what was his problem? Was his plan to date every she-wolf from the pack and break their heart?

Is this how he was taking revenge?

*Or maybe you never ever liked me. You dated me only so that you can prove her innocence,” my mention from her lips compelled me into dropping the pencil between the notes and staring at them.

What did she say?

Why didn’t it cross my mind?

“Because it is not true. If he ever cared about us, he would have never used us,’ Nia spoke up in time.

“You wanted me to speak against the Alpha King and as soon as it was done, you tossed me to the side,” she hysterically slapped her forehead and laughed, and I was a dumbass girl to think an Alpha is in love with me,” she was looking down and trying to connect the dots.

I was confused too.

*Well, it is not like you are the real victim here,” Thiago commented which proved her theory right. I was in shock. He really dated her to prove my innocence?

I mean think about it. He never touched her or let her please him, he is also ditching her right after she testified against the Alpha King. It all makes sense now, but why would he do anything for me?

“All for this slut?” that was it. Elaine turned bitter once again. I didn’t feel bad for her. I remember how my eyes were watching her and hoping she would testify in my favor and tell the truth when she didn’t do it for her personal gain.

Before I could think of anything else, Elaine lunged my way angrily.


90-Now He Feels it

“I will kill y, she couldn’t even land a finger on me because somebody had grabbed her and pushed her away. Thiago stood between us as he glared at her. I was now staggering on my feet behind him, hearing him huff angrily and breathe loudly.

“Don’t ever try to repeat that mistake again,” his warning changed her colors. She was not only shocked but hurt too. The tears from her eyes hadn’t stopped flowing as she looked behind me and then covered her face with her hands to cry some more.

“You used me for her?” she mumbled in her palms, “I hope she dies at the hands of Corbin because trust me if he will not have her, neither will anybody else,” she hissed, once she uncovered her face.

“What the fuck did you say?” Thiago was ready to pounce at her. I had to make a decision to stop him. The moment I held his arm and pulled him back, his eyes met mine.

“Don’t make any mistake,” I warned him, holding his hand too. I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt because of me.

“Right!” She must be watching us because her comment fell into our ears. We watched her nod a little and then walked out of the room helplessly. She had not only lost Thiago but also burned all the bridges with Corbin.

But that is not what I was focusing on at that moment. My focus was entirely fixated on Thiago.

“You played her?” I didn’t know how to ask him if what she accused him of was true or false?

* It had to be done,” he responded, freeing his hand gently from mine.

“I would have thanked you but I don’t think I am ready for it,” my words made him look up and stare at me, “Don’t try to help me again. What you did with me is still fresh, I am not ready to take any favors from you,” I said as I recalled how he broke my heart and played me when I needed him the most.

“You cannot stop me from doing what I want to do,” the hurt in his voice didn’t affect me. It was all his own doing.

“I can. If it’s related to me, I can. You don’t need to worry about me, my mate is there to serve that purpose,” as I mentioned Maynard, Thiago’s muscles stiffened.

The rise and fall of his chest were so prominent that I felt like he was going to do something stupid.

“Exactly! Your mate,” Thiago nodded with a harsh look on his face, “And maybe you are forgetting that Maynard isn’t your only mate,”

With those words being spoken by him, I heard somebody standing at the door.