Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 88

Chapter 88

88-When The Mate Becomes A Bully

We turned our heads and watched Mr. Tripper looking at us.

We instantly pulled away from each other and stood in our spots sheepishly.

“Very immature of you two,” he grunted, having a black look on his face.

“Back to your rooms before I punish her,” Mr. Tripper yelled as he pointed at me. We both nodded and went past him downstairs.

“Well, he cock blocked me tonight, I’ll never forget that,” Maynard commented when trailing me into the room.

“You are really something else,” I laughed secretly, watching the other boys dead asleep in the bed. They must have arrived after us but they were sure as hell more tired than us.

I can’t blame them when I spent two hours on the rooftop. First trying to open up to Maynard about my powers and then open up more than just my mouth for him.

“Let me cuddle,” I haven’t even jumped in my bed when Maynard joined me with his pillow. Sure it was cold so cuddling will help us but he was forgetting he takes up more space than I ever do.

“You are gonna squish me under you,” I laughed, trying to kick him off the bed while he adjusted himself with me pretty perfectly. His arms wrapped around my body and my struggles subsided. We were both giggling a little but I’m certain we were not too loud.

Too loud enough to wake any sleeping alpha.

“Would you two quit it? Some of us have a school to attend in the morning,” Lazlo’s harsh and grunting complaints made us bite our tongues and then chuckle like annoying kids before we really gave it up.

The morning was another issue. Both Lazlo and Thiago had some things to say about last night just when we were getting ready for the cafeteria

“This won’t work every day. You two need to keep it hush,” Lazlo was the one talking the most, “Especially not when we are trying to sleep.” Lazlo added as he paced in front of us agitatedly. Maynard and I had sat down in my bed to listen to them. Although Thiago hadn’t said anything, but he had been staring into the space and tapping his foot anxiously this whole time.

“Fine dude. It was only once and it’s not like we haven’t done phone sex or anything with our then girlfriends before her arrival. I just don’t see why you are suddenly realizing your sleep gets bothered by us.” Maynard was correct, Lazlo used to be so noisy even when I had arrived. It was all too weird that now he was the most bothered one.

“if this meeting is over, shall we go now? We are already late,” Thiago, who hadn’t paid attention to school before, was suddenly worried he will be late for the classes.

Maynard and I shot him a nod and walked out of the room, hand in hand.

“It is getting annoying,” Maynard muttered under his breath but I reassured him everything will become normal once they too adjust to it.

Maynard believed his roommates were acting up because I had accepted him. I, on the other hand, didn’t really think Lazlo and Thiago ever wanted acceptance from me. If they cared a little bit, they wouldn’t have done what they have been doing.

My first day in class after that and it was already awkward. Everybody passed me the meanest glares as I sat down in the back like always.

“Oh! Enya Fosters! You should come forward and sit here,” the teacher noticed me and instantly asked me to pick up my stuff and leave the omega chairs.

“But I am comfortable here,” I gently refused but she looked pretty worried about me sitting in the back. I know it was solely because now I was an Alpha’s mate. I was really happy with Maynard but I didn’t want to be known as his mate only.

“Of course, she is so generous to not leave her spot and still sit with omegas like us,” I heard Poppy mimicking my tone. I had no clue what was her problem but there was something bothering her.

She had been super mean to me only. Whenever she would face anybody else, the cat will get her tongue.



88-When The Mate Becomes A Bully


“Speak again!” I turned my head around and warned her through my eyes. The moment I looked ahead again, I watched Jessica’s neck swirl until she made direct eye contact with me.

Once the bell rang and the teacher left, I kind of assumed Jessica would come for me. She got up from her seat, wearing a pink top with a deep cut and a pink skirt. She would never get a strike even if she roams around naked. The dress code was nothing to these powerful creatures.

“So I am assuming you really trapped an alpha for yourself,” she clicked her tongue and shook her head at me, trying to make me feel bad about it.

“Yeah! I pointed a gun at the Moon Goddess’ head and forced her into making me Maynard’s mate, but why are you so butt hurt?” I reclined back against the chair and tilted my face. Watching her face change colors really helped me reckon she was displeased that I was able to talk back to her and no one from the class was raising an objection.

“Don’t fly high, I am also dating an Alpha,” she placed her hand on the table and smirked. I guess she wanted me to feel some type of way about it.

“Good luck. Enjoy it before you realize you have some more dicks to please,” That was my subtle way to call out her cheating ass.

“What did you say to a beta?” she raised her voice after.my comment pissed her off. The way she looked around also proved she wished somebody would get on their feet to argue with me for talking back to a beta. But they didn’t. Everybody was aware of Maynard and that he comes from a powerful pack.

“What? why is everybody silent?” she screamed this time, getting all red from anger.

“I am sorry but you two are dating pretty powerful alphas. You can argue but if any of us interrupted, we will be the ones getting on the wrong side of those alphas,” a gamma spoke up after getting called out by Jessica nonstop.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Jessica, instead of keeping on arguing with me, yelled at her. That’s when somebody’s arrival turned eyes to the door.

“What happened, who is bothering my girlfriend?” the way Lazlo walked inside with his eyes fixated at me, I knew he was trouble.