Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 87

Chapter 87

87-Kiss Me Strip Me Naked

“No! Maynard! We are not kids. I just want to share something important with you,” I gently rubbed his elbow and realized how hot his body had turned ever since we got into the argument.

Thankfully, he calmed down after that. We drove back to the academy and changed into our comfortable clothes to have a talk on the rooftop. Lazlo and Thiago were going to be late as they informed Maynard that they had to drop their girls in their packs.

Maynard and I were now sitting together, facing each other. I noticed how agitated he looked. He was probably still thinking I will tell him something that will break his heart.

“You wanted to share something,” he asked politely, probably on the edge of his seat too.

“I am aware of your feelings Maynard and I do think they are not invalid. But it’s also true that there is a reason why I haven’t rejected anyone yet. Maynard! I have been an omega my entire life; weak and miserable. But I didn’t know there was more to me than I was aware of. I was blessed with so many mates was the first sign I chose not to see,” I was nervously playing with my fingers when failed to make sense completely.

“By mates, I mean mostly Alphas,” that was a sign too that there was something special about me.

“I don’t understand, what are you trying to say?” he asked as the middle of his eyebrows wrinkled. I might sound ridiculous to him. Telling an Alpha I am more special than he could be a risky thing. It could go terribly wrong or he can make fun of me.

“Remember I told you I used my new powers to defeat Mr. Tripper?” I asked and he nodded his head, “You and Lazlo thought I was lying. Maynard! I didn’t lie,” the moment I said that he rolled his eyes at me. It was a bit demeaning but I bet he had never heard of an Omega having powers, so it was just hard for him to swallow.

“So you are still not ready to hear me out,” I sighed, being defeated when he shook his head vigorously.

“Fine, I believe you. But I have a question,” he knitted his brows even tighter and cleared his throat.

“Do the new powers demand many mates?” he raised his brow, obviously still not taking me seriously. I found it funny that he was

only focusing on how many mates I will decide to keep.

“If only you take me seriously I will be able to show this to you,” I was tired of him not believing me. With those words being said, I gestured at the lantern. I focused entirely on it and even ignored Maynard until the lantern turned off.

“What the fuck!” the way Maynard jumped and got up on his spot was a sign he really didn’t think I will be capable of this, eh?

“Sit down.” i frowned, “Come on.” I asked him and he sat down finally.

“What the hell was that; how did you do that?” he was still shocked that I did that, “that was so fucking cool,” I didn’t know if he was shocked or excited. He was displaying some really mixed emotions.

“I can do much more than that. Why do you think I was so mad at Thiago? He made me practice and then used my powers to steal some information on his parent’s case,” I whispered that part under a grunting tone.

“Oh! That is what the whole argument was about?” he then recalled how confused he was when he didn’t know what we were talking about

“Yes! It hurt me. I am much more than just someone with powers. I had a feeling that he disregarded,” I still remember that day. I don’t know how to say it in words but I had a lot of expectations from Thiago. The sole reason was that he hardly ever mocked me as the others did but in the end, he was the one who paid me the worst.

“That sucks,” Maynard shook his head.

“The issue here is that I have been weak my entire life and now adjusting to these powers is very difficult. My wolf needs all the strength to be able to absorb these powers, and for that, I really cannot afford a rejection or can reject anyone. But I promise you! There is only you that I want now. The others have lost their chance now. The moment my wolf is strong enough, I will reject everyone and go to your pack with you,” I held his hands between my hands and felt a wave of comfort and trust from him.

He had calmed down a lot but that made him press his lips tightly against my instantly. It was then another thought appeared in my head.

I must tell him what happened between Thiago and me back in the woods.

“Now that made me happy,” he smiled like a fool.

“But please don’t rush at judging me. We need to be better at communication or else our relationship wi-,” he didn’t let me finish and patted his finger on my lips. But I still had to tell him what happened between Thiago and me back in there.




87-Kiss Me, Strip Me Naked


“I paused when he

“Maynard!” pushing him back was hard because I really wanted to kiss him, “back in the woods, Thiago and

grabbed the back of my head and mumbled,

“I don’t care what happened before you accepted me.” with those sweet words being said, he crashed our lips together tightly.

His lips tasted so sweet. I got up and quickly sat in his lap without breaking the kiss. While sucking onto my lips, his hand ran up my shirt and gently rested on my naked breast. He then began to press it and pinch my nipple a little. Before I could be given a warning, he broke the kiss and lifted my shirt up to put his lips on my tits, and started sucking them as if his life depended on it.

“Ah!” my lips moaned when his tongue kept playing around my nipple area. I was squirming while he was sucking my boobs. His other hand reached for my pajama and slipped inside to rub my vag** gently. I was going crazy with the tease. He was using his fingers to penetrate me while I was just moaning and letting him do whatever he wanted to do with my body.

It was then I felt like I was being watched. The moment I opened my eyes, I saw him standing at the door of the rooftop and watching us.