Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 85

Chapter 85

85-Why Save Me Now?

The others let out a gasp of surprise, it was a new revelation to them. They have been calling me wrong this whole time but now that Thiago backed me up, I noticed the eyes on Corbin.

“That’s ridiculous, she is lying because I decided to not accept her,” Corbin’s raised voice and shaky tone were all in front of everyone.

“Oh Really? So every time you reject a girl they force themselves on you and lie about you. How many times do you change your mind?” Thiago was on fire, he even surprised his roommates when he got up from his seat and picked a carrot to bite mercilessly.

“I don’t see why I have to answer you,” Corbin was on the verge of losing it,” did you really tell him all those lies?” he then proceeded to call for Elaine’s attention.

I bet she was now in a tough spot. She knew Corbin wouldn’t give her anything, he had used her in the past too. But Thiago was her present and pretty much taking her around and introducing her to his peers, she had more expectations from him.

“Elaine! Answer him,” Mr. Walter was now intrigued about the whole situation too. My heart was pounding in my chest but I didn’t want to rely on Elaine’s answer too much. She had lied before; she can do the same again.

“Elaine! Look at me,” Corbin suddenly changed his tone again now that he wanted her on his side.

“No!” Thiago shook the carrot in the air and hunched down over Elaine, dropping the carrot and resting his hand on the back of her chair and the other on the table, “Listen to me, you don’t have to be afraid of anyone, love! Just tell the truth. I am here with you,” I was surprised how quickly Thiago used the same tactics. He knew Corbin would use this moment to manipulate Elaine, so he didn’t even let him have a word with her.

Elaine took a deep breath and then closed her eyes to mumble, “Corbin was having sex with me when Enya walked in on us,” her confession dropped the jaws.

The color change on my face must be too noticeable because Jessica’s mood changed. I was too happy seeing others hear the truth.

“What?” Corbin voiced and tried to get up but a gentle tap from Mr. Tripper sat him down.

“You heard the lady, I wonder who is telling the truth now,” Thiago straightened his back and smiled, “But of course, it is not my business so I will sit down and finish my steak,” he laughed sarcastically but looked too proud of himself.

“Let’s not talk about these things. It is not like the decision can be changed now,” Mr. Tripper reminded us it is not possible for my punishment to be discarded, but it actually meant a lot to me.

My name was cleared and I was expecting everybody to start gossiping from the next moment they set foot in their respective packs after dinner.

Corbin was too mad and down afterward. He didn’t really speak to anyone and neither did he finish the dinner. I bet he regretted opening his mouth or even coming here because now the eyes on him were watching him differently.

In all this, I forgot about Maynard and only remembered when I turned to him. He was eating in silence and looking a bit down.

I could be wrong but it happened after Thiago’s whole act started. Once we have finished the dinner, the elders were still talking when I held Maynard’s hand and requested to have a word with him. Leaving them all in the dining hall, I walked out with Maynard.

“What happened to you?” I inquired, hugging myself to prevent getting cold. We were now outside the mansion because the air inside had heated up too much.

“You must be really happy with what Thiago did right?” his question and sudden brought up Thiago and his actions in a different light confused me.

“he didn’t do it for me but yes! The outcome of whatever his motive was indeed helped me lift my face up and look everyone in the eye,” I responded to his concern but he shook his head and smiled sarcastically.

“He did it simply to look better in your eyes. Didn’t you notice nobody else got anything out of it except for you? He even put his girlfriend on the stand and jeopardized her safety in the pack by making her go against the Alpha King, did you really not see all that?” I didn’t understand the annoyed look and harsh tone of Maynard.

“I don’t care about that. I am just happy that my name has been cleared. Now at least I will be able to say I am not in the academy because I am getting punished.” I matched his tone’s level and it helped us both realize we were arguing for nothing.

“You should have been happy for me,” I sighed sadly, I had expectations from him but his entire focus was on the mate rivalry.

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85-Why Save Me Now?


“And this is exactly what he wanted to do. I was supposed to be the one who should have cleared your name but he did,” he didn’t even look me in the eye when saying that.

I was too lost at how to react to him at the moment and then Corbin marching out of the mansion made things worse. He was angry, enraged and all the things but his mood turned even bitter when watching me.

“It was nice seeing you two tonight,” he paused in his steps, “Oh and by the way,” I knew he was faking the smile. It was too obvious! He was clenching and smacking his lips, ignoring his guards and Mr. Tripper trying to convince him to not start again.

“Come on! I am not going to fight here and ruin their night,” before turning his attention back to us, he looked at the ones asking him to stop and laughed at them.

I found Maynard shifting in front of me and blocking me from Corbin’s mean stare. I sensed something wrong was about to happen.

“So, Maynard! I am really happy for you man. But you need to be on the constant lookout for that one. You see! She told the world I harassed her and all that shit but I am sure she missed out on the pertinent information,” the hint of pride and negativity in his voice frightened me. He must have something to say about such a big thing.

With my heart beating like a drum inside my chest, I came out from behind Maynard and watched Corbin smirk.!

“There is nothing she has hidden from me and let’s just say she did hide something, I am pretty sure it will be not my business to know about it,” thankfully, Maynard didn’t let Corbin think he can blackmail me but the smirk on Corbin’s face widening scared me even more.

“Really? What if I tell you it is related to you, then?” Corbin shook his head in pride, pleased with himself for about to ruin things between Maynard and me.