Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 84

Chapter 84

84-When My Mate Gets defensive

“Why the long face?” Corbin commented when seeing me not utter a word back to him. Maynard turned over after finishing talking to an elder and witnessed me looking timid and lost and the Alpha King facing me with a smirk. He remembered what I had told him about the Alpha King.

Instantly wrapping an arm around me and pulling me over his body, he smiled at Corbin. I noticed the change of look of Corbin as well. He forced a chuckle and turned his face down for a bit before watching us again.

“Alpha King Corbin!” he smiled forcefully. He was able to feel the agitation in my body. I expected that from him. The things I have told him about Corbin weren’t something I could easily forget.

“Alpha Maynard! I see you accepted her,” Corbin was holding a glass of wine in his hands as he spoke to Maynard.

“Of course, I did. A mate so special shouldn’t wait,” Maynard’s response wrinkled Corbin’s forehead. He was staring at me very weirdly as if he doesn’t remember whose fault it was that we broke up.

“I think they have served the dinner. Let’s not make our host wait because apparently, Enya loves to delay,” Corbin’s taunt was in regards to me making him wait whenever he asked me to have sex with him.

“It is fine, the night will pass,” Maynard must have noticed how lost I looked so he gently elbowed me and held my hand to walk me to the dining hall. The long dining table and more than 50 dishes were a sign that it wasn’t a small dinner. They have brought many alphas and elders to the dinner.

I sat down beside Maynard while Thiago and Lazlo sat across me with their girlfriends. Corbin was seated on the main chair and watching me from afar.

He hadn’t broken the stare from me and it was bothering me a lot. Mr. Tripper sitting beside him was even a weird moment for me.

At one point during the dinner, Mr. Tripper even played some video for him on his phone and by watching Corbin’s face turning red, I expected it to be the video Mr. Tripper had recorded of us in the cafeteria the other day.

Maynard was busy talking to the principal and the elders as they discussed his future plans. It was then I watched Corbin clear his throat and straighten his back in a way that I knew he was going to talk to me.

“So,” his heavy voice silenced the hall for a bit, “Enya! Don’t be uncomfortable. I have forgiven you for your actions,” there it was, the mention of that day when he accused me of begging him to take my virginity when it was the other way around.

“Funny because I don’t remember asking for your forgiveness,” I bet nobody expected me to talk back to him like that because they let out a gasp and stared between us.

“Eh!” Corbin sighed,

“Just avoid him.” Maynard turned to me and whispered in my ear. I was glaring Corbin down and not winning, that was making me angry.

“People who accept their mistakes are not small people. They are open for redemption and change,” Corbin continued to ruin my mood.

But if he thought he could silence me, he was wrong.

“Then I will wait for you to accept your mistakes,” I retorted and folded the corner of my lips upward to form a smirk.

I noticed Jessica being shocked at me for talking back to the Alpha King but I bet others knew I was this way. Thiago rested his back against the chair and stretched his hand out to play with the knife in his hand. Lazlo was whispering something in Jessica’s ears, I bet he was gossiping about me.

“I am so sorry for her behavior. Enya!” the principal, Mr. Walter voiced for me to shut up, “This is very inappropriate and disrespectful that you are talking back to the guest who had come all the way here to celebrate this evening with you regardless of your actions against him and yet you are taunting and mocking him.” he explained how delusional he was to avoid what Corbin was doing and putting the blame on me because of the difference between our status.

“It is more disrespectful that he is lying about the incident,” I finished but Mr. Walter’s face turned black.

“After what you put me through by throwing yourself on me and making me look bad, I must say I expected a little responsibility from you. And by the way, I don’t lie,” Corbin took over once again. The smirk on his face after ruining my night was just something I wanted to wipe off.

Everybody was staring at me like I was some disgusting Omega for not being guilty of my past actions.

“Are you sure about that?” suddenly, Thiago spoke up. It was so random and unexpected that for a moment, nobody reacted to him talking. We only stared at his face and then Corbin shook his head.

“I am sorry? Did you ask me something?” Corbin raised a brow, just to confirm he was hearing him right.

“I am sorry I didn’t know you have a hearing problem. About you not lying, didn’t you say you didn’t want to sleep with her because you wanted to accept her sister?” Thiago hadn’t even turned his face to Corbin. His voice was so heavy and commanding that everybody was watching him and he was watching the knife in his hands.

“Yes! That is what I said, ” Corbin replied a bit annoyed at Thiago for interrupting.

“Yet here Elaine is dating me,” his mention of her name made gasps fly around. I didn’t utter anything and let them deal with this situation.

I thought maybe Thiago was jealous that Corbin was interested in Elaine, but it was going well for me anyway so interrupting was not an option.

“1-I changed my mind.” Corbin was now feeling the heat when everybody was staring at him.

“Hm! But Elaine told me some other story,” Thiago put the knife down and fixed his coat. I watched Elaine getting anxious and demanding eye contact from him so that she can eye him into silence, “She told me you were caught havir and then you went ahead to accuse her instead because she didn’t let you fuck her,” Thiago finally raised his face and tilted it when looking me in the eye.

I was shocked,