Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 83

Chapter 83

83-They Love To Cross Limits


He walked out from behind her, wearing a black suit with a black shirt and even a black tie and looking all sexy but very smirky.

My eyes traveled to him as I had to pass him a sad scoff. I don’t know when it is the right time to say he took it too far because his every action crosses boundaries. Just her standing with him was a heart-shattering sight. I know I have a mate now, but I haven’t rejected him. And for some weird reasons, seeing him with anyone else feels like a stab to my chest.

“No greetings to my girlfriend?” Thiago knew what he was doing, yet he called me out for not saying a word. The look of pride on her lips taunted me. My heart skipped a beat realizing he wasn’t even ashamed of his actions no more.

“Thiago! Do you mind having a word with us?” Maynard stepped up and hid me from the eyes of my sister, “Alone?” He added once Elaine didn’t get the hint.

“Sure? Say it in front of her though, she is a part of me now,” Thiago calling her his girlfriend was already bad enough and now he was just adding words to ruin my mood even more.

“No! We are not playing this game!” Maynard sounded serious hence Thiago had to drop the act and talk to us.

“Babe! Do you mind waiting outside for a bit?” The fake smile and sweet tone Thiago used got me into clenching my jaw. He seemed-very fake talking to her, why was he forcing himself with her?

“Okay!” Elaine didn’t like walking out of the room but she had no choice, so she did.

Once she had left, Maynard straightened his posture to have a word with Thiago.

“It was supposed to be our special night. How can you invite that snake to her dinner?” Maynard pointed at the door first and then at me, “You know how things are between them yet you thought it was a right choice to bring her to tag along?” Maynard muttered, displaying an unwillingness to take Elaine with us.

“I thought they are sisters they will eventually get along again.” Thiago knew that would never have happened. He brought her with him to probably punish me for something I am not even aware of.

“Besides, it is not like you invited me. Every Alpha got this invitation.” He then pulled an envelope of invitation out of his pocket and waved it in Maynard’s face, “Here is how things will go. You and your mate will stay out of our way and we will not intervene in your business,” the arrogance being displayed from his side wasn’t a surprise.

What baffled my mind was his whole motive behind not accepting me. He hated my pack and everyone from it except for Elaine?

“It is fine. I am not bothered by anything when I have you by my side,” seeing Maynard prepare for an altercation, I wrapped my arm around his arm and commented. Thiago let out a scoff when my words didn’t sit well with him.

But thankfully the conversation ended there. Soon Lazlo came out of the bathroom wearing a brown suit and Maynard went ahead to attend the restroom. Thiago brought Elaine inside to introduce her to Lazlo, who acted the same way as Thiago and didn’t care how it will hurt me.

“She is so sweet,” Lazlo complimented her, making her giggle. I noticed Lazlo’s eyes secretly watching me for my reaction.

The next thing happening was a cherry on the top when Jessica too joined us in a green dress. I avoided them and sat down in the bed and wear my stilettos.

‘Maybe she is someone he truly likes. That explains how he is ready to go out of his way and date someone who his pack will not accept,’ Nia was stronger than me in a sense that she was ready to accept any difficult situation.

I raised my face and my eyes met the eyes of Thiago, who was sitting in his bed, hunched down and resting his elbows on his thighs. I would never forget how he hurt my ego and self-esteem but repeatedly got involved in activities like these.

By the time Maynard came out of the bathroom, we were all set to head to the mansion. It was a little dinner, they said but the number of cars parked in front of the mansion said otherwise.

I was in a separate car with Maynard and throughout the car ride, he reassured me everything will be fine. I was a little anxious after seeing Elaine and Jessica. But it helped when Maynard and I spent some time talking in the car.

“Welcome,” The principal’s wife, Mrs. Walter was not a housewife., She was as involved in the academy’s matters as her husband was. After letting us in, she made us stand in the foyer for the others to congratulate us and greet us.

“I am so glad to announce an Alpha from our academy has found a mate in the academy itself,” she started with a fake happy demeanor.

“It doesn’t matter what the status of the she-wolf is, heart wants what it wants,” that little snarky look she passed me with a fake


83-They Love To Cross Limits

snort when laughed made it certain she was not as pleased as she was claiming to be.

“We have arranged this dinner in their respect, hope they will have a good time here,” she finished without saying much and I knew why?

She didn’t like Omegas either.

Once everybody began to approach us and greet us, I started to feel more agitated. Maynard holding my hand was the only thing keeping me sane and then even a bigger disaster hit me when I heard a familiar voice congratulate me.

“Congratulations, you found yourself another Alpha,” that tone and accent, how could I ever forget it?

It was Corbin in a white suit. Turning around and seeing him was the decision I regret because I was traumatized recalling all the incidents that led to my humiliation and punishment.