Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 82

Chapter 82

82-My Sister Is His Girlfriend Now


“Don’t look all surprised, I was just joking,” the instant he smirked, I rolled my eyes and looked away from his face.

He was a shameless man to still be able to look me in the eye and smirk after what he tried doing to me back in his office.

“Thank you for inviting us,” Maynard replied a bit blandly before he tightened his grip around my hand and walked me out of the pantry.

He didn’t even ask for the details from Mr. Tripper. Once we passed by the hallway, I expected Maynard to comment something but he didn’t until we were in the room again.

Lazlo was on the phone with Jessica and Thiago was just lying in the bed and playing with a ball that he would throw up, hit the ceiling, and catch again.

“You two were gone for hours,” Thiago commented sarcastically.

“We brought snacks.” Maynard set the snack on the table and Lazlo got up from the resting position to get his hands on the pack of Twinkies.

“And we also ran into Mr. Tripper!” Maynard sat down on a chair to munch on Snickers.

“I hope you beat him up.” Thiago stopped throwing the ball and turned his neck to watch Maynard stare back at him. “What? Didn’ the try to touch your mate?” he questioned Maynard’s protectiveness in regards to me.

“Don’t tell me you let him go just like that?” Thiago was just playing the role of Maynard from before. This is how they used to criticize Thiago before.

I shook my head as I found it ridiculous that they were busy making each other look bad instead of mending their own reputations.

“I didn’t want to attract trouble for her, ” Maynard said the exact thing I’ve been thinking too.

Getting in trouble with Mr. Tripper wouldn’t be something we can afford right now. We are still under him and he can make things worse for us.

“Oh really! That sucks! You have to think so much to take any action against someone who openly harassed your mate?” Thiago let out a sarcastic laugh and sat on the bed.

Lazlo was watching between them with a smile on his face. Looking at him reminded me of myself when I used to watch my favorite cartoon. He, too, was having fun.

“There is no need to fire him up. I appreciate him for acting wisely.” Stepping closer from behind, I gently tapped my hand on Maynard’s shoulder and it brought the missing smile back across his lips and vanished the smirk from Thiago’s lips.

“So, what was he saying?” Lazlo knew that discussion was over, so he asked Maynard about what happened next.

“The principal has invited us over to his mansion for a celebratory dinner,” As soon as Maynard announced that, Lazlo and Thiago exchanged looks.

I didn’t get a good feeling from them. They looked weirdly concerned.

“Aha!” Lazlo commented, “We will have so much fun.” his words made Maynard let out an awkward laugh and then tilt his face to Lazlo.

“What? We are coming with you guys, right Thiago?” Lazlo invited himself over without asking us first.

Maynard and I both looked uncomfortable, and it compelled Thiago to also take part in whatever Lazlo was planning.

“Of course, we will be there with our dates and girlfriends,” Thiago’s declaration was what shocked me the most.

He is also dating someone?

With those words spoken by Thiago, he got me thinking about what he was actually planning this whole time.

“Hey hey,” Maynard complained, gaping at Lazlo plunging him out of the way to get into the bathroom.

It was our dinner and Lazlo was in his best attempts to detain us from meeting the principal and his wife at their mansion.

“It’s fine.” As Maynard turned to sigh and watch my face in defeat, I reassured him that we will be there in time,



82-My Sister Is His Girlfriend Now

Lv. 1

Unlike Lazlo, Thiago has left to get ready somewhere else. My best guess would be his girlfriend.

He did mention he was going to bring his girlfriend, so I assumed that’s where he would be right now. But why do I care? What he does now is nothing that concerns me in the slightest.

“Did I tell you that you look gorgeous tonight?” Maynard scanned me from head to toe in the black dress I was wearing and smiled with his eyes.

I could already guess from the sparkles in his eyes that he liked how I have dressed up for this night.

“I did it for you.” I pulled closer and rested my hands on his shirt, mending the collars of it.

“Oh! Somebody can get comfortable with touch,” he commented, making me lower my gaze and blush at his words.

“Why, you thought only your wolf craves your mate?” that would be my first time flirting with someone. I liked the way he made me feel.

“But what is this?” the sudden disappearance of a smile from his face and a frown on his forehead got me into raising my brow and watching him in bewilderment.

“What?” with a quick attempt to fix my lipstick, I tried to pull away from him, but he stopped me.

“I’ll help you with that.” As the smirk grew on his lips again, I realized what he meant. Lowering his face in my face, he brushed his lips against mine, a little too soft for my body to feel the electricity pass through it.

And that’s when the door opened to reveal Thiago. We parted instantly after I sensed what was wrong.

“Sister!” Elaine smiled watching me, wearing a blue dress. She had this fake smile she displayed, but didn’t come around to greet me properly. I bet she was too happy to be here with someone who she thought was my friend.

I was still in shock, so shocked that I didn’t see Thiago behind her.

“You look amazing. By the way, I heard about you getting accepted by an Alpha. Congratulations!!” her voice was giving my head migraine. I haven’t recovered from seeing her here and she was already walking into the room.

“I got one too,” she then snickered sheepishly when eyeing at Thiago. They were dating now officially because