Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 81

Chapter 81

81-The Alpha King Knows


He needed time to cool off, I knew.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” without turning his eyes away from his phone’s screen, he announced and step out of the room.

I watched Thiago and Lazlo smirk and stare in deep, probably happy to ruin the first night of acceptance for us. “You two should be ashamed of yourselves,” holding back did me no good, I blurted out in anger before getting off the bed.

“We didn’t know we were supposed to hide things from your mate. Do you guys not communicate well?” I was surprised by Thiago’s attitude. He was so calm and collected all this time until he unleashed the devil.

I’m warning you two, respect our boundaries or–;”I didn’t finish the threat when Thiago got on his feet and stepped closer to tower over me.

“And what would you do if we didn’t respect the boundary?” There was a taunting tone he used to get on my nerves.

“Thiago! You know I’m capable of a lot,” I said, deepening the eye contact with him before departing from the situation and leaving after Maynard.

He was standing in the hallway, alone and not doing anything.

“Who called?” I asked, drawing closer to him.

“Go inside, I’ll be there with you in a minute,” Maynard stole his eyes from me as if I have committed a crime of some sort.

“Maynard! That happened way back. Besides, you already knew about it,” I complained when his behavior didn’t sit well with me.

“But you need to know I won’t be happy with things like that in the future,” He shook his head at me in disapproval and got me into thinking what he exactly meant by it.

“You will reject them when the academy time is over,” there, and he made the decision for me.

“Maynard! I will reject them. So far, I have no plans of accepting them,” finally, after pondering about it for days, I’ve decided that it’s better if reject the other two when the academy time ends for me.

“So far? What does that mean? So you are still thinking there might be hope for them?” Maynard turned to face me and I realized how serious he was.

“I know it’s not what you want. Neither do I. I’m not open to having a monogamous relationship either. I’ll only stay with one and that’s you. But they are my mates too and I might talk to them, befriend them but I’ll never accept them because I’ve already accepted you,” I held his hands and felt the agitation in his nerves calming down a bit.

He wasn’t putting a lot of stress and force on his muscles now.

“I have no problem with you talking to them. It’s just I felt a bit too jealous when –” good for both of us that he decided to not finish the sentence and left it alone.

“Are you hungry?” He asked with a slight pout being formed out of his lips.

“I sure am,” I nodded.

“Then let’s go and take over the pantry,” I knew he would suggest something reckless and I didn’t mind.

I’ve seen the pantry, it’s my dream place to be at. Snickering along, I tootled off to the down floor with him.

Once in the pantry, I watched him stack up everything that had caffeine in it or potato chips. My mini refrigerator also needed some cold drinks and chocolates so we were stealing everything like a greedy kid.

We were occupied by the beauty of food to the limit that all this time somebody watching us didn’t get our attention until the person perceived he should make a noise.

“Ahem!” the bothersome cough was to get our attention. We stopped stealing snacks off the shelves and watched Mr. Tripper looking at us.


81-The Alpha King Knows


“What we got in here? The mates doing matey things?” He was shameful to face me again without realizing I might have told my mate about him.

“Right!” as Maynard clapped his eyes on Mr. Tripper after days, his eyes flashed a little weird color.

I assumed he remembered what I’d told him about Mr. Tripper.

“Oh! You look like are not in a good mood. Did you not find the snack you wanted?” Mr. Tripper sheepishly scratched the back of his neck to be able to avert his eyes from the angry glare of Maynard, who seemed like was going to eat him alive.

“Anyway, I didn’t want to interrupt you two because I cannot. You are the Alpha of course, and your mate can now get a free pass everywhere. But that’s not why I’m here for,” he smirked to himself but obviously didn’t stare Maynard in the eye.

I was feeling Maynard racing a bit more abruptly with every passing second.


I drew closer to Maynard to gently rub his elbow and help him ease up. We are still in the academy and were very much punished for our previous crimes. If he started an open war with Mr. Tripper, it’ll not end well for both of us.

“Then what are you here for Mr. Tripper? Maybe something that doesn’t belong to you?” while clenching his jaws, Maynard clasped his fingers around my hand. I knew what he was hinting at, and so did Mr. Tripper.

“I like how you joke but don’t realize who you are standing in front of” feeling insulted, Mr. Tripper only let out a little complaint and instantly retreated, “Anyway, you are an Alpha of a much-respected pack,” Mr. Tripper wasn’t done talking when Maynard pitched in.

“Thank you for the breaking news,” his taunt compelled Mr. Tripper to let out a grim chuckle and then compose his posture.

“Anyway! So I was saying that the principal has decided to invite you two for a dinner with the counsel to celebrate you finding a mate,” He announced and passed me a vague stare.

Maynard was probably right; we were getting recorded because it was just a special occasion.

“There will be a lot of guests there,” that’s when my heart skipped a beat. I don’t know what it was about him mentioning many guests, but I feared who they would be?

“The Alpha King, for example,” as he deepened the eye contact with me, I swallowed the fright down my throat.

Mr. Tripper must have informed him about Maynard and me. If Corbin comes to this dinner, it means I am pretty badly doomed.

“He would love to meet you two and congratulate you,” the weird and deep eye contact with me was a sign he had orchestrated all this to ruin this moment for me and got me punished.