Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 80

Chapter 80

80-The Jealous Roommates


My stomach twisted into a knot when his tongue probed into my mouth and the tip of our tongues connected. I could have never imagined his tongue would taste so good. I felt his hands gently press my back and make me drawn into his chest. His tongue tasted sweet, very sweet.

As he tilted his face, I got a better taste of his tongue. Our tongues tangled and my body aroused for more. We even forgot we were in the middle of the woods, with me sitting on a log. The chirping of the birds and the noise of the wildlife were almost inaudible to our ears. We were only concentrating on our moans being released into each other’s mouths,

And that’s when the unthinkable happened, I guess I got too excited because suddenly the entire tree slumped to the ground.

Maynard intervened promptly before I could tip over with the tree and be flattened under it.

He had me holding by my waist when saved me from a big injury.

I was staring at the fallen tree with my back pressed against Maynard’s front and his arm wrapped around my stomach. Even his heart was pulsating wildly.

“Maybe I got too excited,” I commented not breaking the stare from the tree.

“Either that or the tree wanted to be a part of our make-out session,” he quipped and tapped his hand against my stomach to get my attention away from the tree and onto him.

“Let’s go home,” the instant we came face to face again, I expressed shyly. It wasn’t easy to look at his face now.

I have not done it with him like that so I was a bit timid around him now.

“Let’s go,” he was awake to my red-tinted cheeks, so he didn’t force me into staying around for too long.

We walked back to the academy after having lunch and going on a long drive. Once we whipped into the dorm room, we were welcomed by two very crotchety roommates.

Thiago was posing before his laptop when he directed his angry scowl at us. Lazlo was sitting in his bed, slouched down with his elbows resting on his knees and looking peeved.

“Hi guys,” Maynard edged forth to greet them excluding how exasperated they insinuated with their looks.

“I can’t believe you accepted her. The whole school was gossiping about the inadequate of mate you chose. For your status, you should have reflected on million different things before making a decision in a rash,” Lazlo came strong at Maynard. I stayed put beside Maynard, not letting out a peep and expecting Maynard to take care of it.

“That’s very insensitive coming from you. Aren’t you the one who chose Jessica, who is dating another guy too? Is she more apt than Enya?” As I desired, Maynard stood up for my esteem. I folded my arms on my chest to hear what other excuse Lazlo can bring up to refute me as a good mate for an Alpha.

“Look at you arguing me for her,” Lazlo was the vocal one, Thiago was only grimacing in silence.

I couldn’t be sure what he actually was comprehending at the moment because he didn’t really come forth with debate.

“She is my mate, of course, I will” Maynard’s grip around my hand stiffened post Thiago staring in our direction.

“I think there is no use for any debate over this situation. Everyone is allowed to date or peruse who they want to coming from Thiago, I don’t know why but it sounded like a threat.

After his comment, nobody could add anything to the topic,

I got in my pj’s and crawled into the bed to start working on my pending assignments when Maynard joined me unwelcomed.

“Hey,” a playful complain hoist into the air from my lips but I didn’t pull away from his arm when he wrapped it around me and cuddled with me.

I was not ignorant of the eyes on us. Even though it seemed like Thiago and Lazlo were busy doing their work, they had us in their peripheral vision.

“Ah! You two are doing assignments together?” Lazlo called out once again, I knew he wouldn’t give us the privacy that easily.

“Reminds of when we were alliance to do that assignment one night,” this time, it was Thiago who thought to bring up that awkward night which is now even an uncomfortable event to talk about in front of my mate.

“You two have been doing assignments together?” Maynard crackled at them unknowingly. If only I could whisper to him to not

80-The Jealous Roommates


carry on with this discussion, we both would have survived a mortifying topic.

“We three! Lazlo, your mate and I,” Thiago chose his words wisely. There is no way he was the type to let words slip up. Whenever he said something, it came out after a long consideration in his head.

“Oh!” Maynard’s sigh let me aware of his uneasiness, the gentle tapping on my shoulder by the tip of his fingers was also very noticeable.

“But how would you say it was an incredible night, you didn’t even learn a thing and passed out on her chest,” Lazlo made his first blow and my body contracted.

Maynard instantly fixed his posture but didn’t counter back at them instantly.

I had my eyes gazing from Lazlo to Thiago, who was now facing us as they turned their seats around to be in our clear view.

“Ah! Good old days, now she is with me,” after a while, Maynard got a hold of himself and retaliated with a shrug of his shoulders.

“True,” Lazlo and Thiago said in union. This would be the first time I was watching Thiago partake in anything like that.

Usually, it would be Maynard and Lazlo taking jabs around but now Thiago has joined the crew.

What bothered me the most was the fact that he was the one who settled to using me instead of accepting me just made his outburst irrational.

“Although, I know how to keep her interested in the project. Maybe when you want to know more about that, ask me,” Lazlo had this hidden card he was planning on using once it’s a perfect time.

He had said it in passing once but now he was determined to use it in detail. I know it would upset Maynard because nobody wants to know what their mate did with their friends, which in my case is the worst. Because they are my mates too.

Before Maynard could softly decline his offer, Lazlo said it anyway.

“Just finger her,” that came out with a lot of smirk and negativity.

Maynard’s muscles stiffened and silence engulfed us.

“I am serious. I did it and she enjoye–” Lazlo’s words were cut in the middle when Maynard steadily removed his hand from my shoulder and crawled out of the bed pretending to attend a call.