Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 79

Chapter 79

79-Kiss Me Everywhere

“What is making you look so worried? I thought you would be dancing around happily like I want to,” Maynard had walked me out of the cafeteria to skip classes for a day and take me out on a date instead. Only an Alpha could make decisions like this and not get any penalty from the teachers.

I sat down in my bed instead of changing my dress and then whispered, “Mr. Tripper was recording us,” I rested my hands on my knees with my back straight and my face down,

“Oh, that? It is a custom. They record the acceptance to play them on prom night,” Maynard gave a shrug to his shoulder and sat down beside me, “Enya!” That would be the first time he said my name when talking to me. I had to look at his face to hear him after he pronounced my name with so much love and respect, “Stop worrying! You have me beside you now. If anybody tries to upset you, you can remind them you are my mate,” he brought his hand out for me to accept it, and I did.

His hands were filled with emotions of affection and love. That is why I didn’t hesitate to accept him back in the cafeteria. He was willing to work for me, to make me love him back and accept him.

“Now! Do you mind getting ready, I am starving,” he rubbed his hand on his abs and pouted innocently. Making him act so cute brought a smile across my lips.

I changed into a blue knee-length dress for him and walked out of the room to leave the academy in his car. I was aware of the attention and possible scrutiny I would receive when I attend classes again but for now, I just wanted to enjoy a date with my mate.

He drove me to a nearby restaurant where we ate breakfast first and then left for the woods for a stroll.

“So tell me more about yourself,” he asked while holding my hand tightly. He was very tall so matching pace with him was really hard at times. And he would also forget he was holding my hand and making me briskly walk after him to avoid tripping on my knees.

“What do you want to know?” I asked and he raised his face to watch the sky. I knew he had something in his mind.

“Umm! What are your future plans?” he questioned in a full mood. That wasn’t what he wanted to ask, he was just warming me up to open before him.

“I want to be a designer,” I rushed over the answer so that he can reveal what he really wants to know from me.

“Come on, spit it out,” I laughed when catching him delaying in asking me the question he had in his mind.

“What?” he played the fool, stealing eyes from me.

“I know you want to know something, so ask me,” I said and he finally stopped in his steps to free my hand and face me. I watched him look in the air before resting his hands on my waist and lifting me up in the air to sit me down on a tree log.

“Hey!” I almost lost my balance but then he wrapped his arms around my body to support me on the log. I was now matching his level and able to look in his eyes too.

“You will be honest and not get upset over this question?” he brought his face very closed but the way he wanted to make sure won’t get upset worried me a little. Whenever somebody inquiries from me if I would be fine with someone they were going to do, I feel like it is always a mess and I would end up getting upset.

“Hm,” I nodded faintly, watching him smile before clearing his throat and removing any emotions from his face.

“Then tell me what would you do if I want to take you to my pack with me once the academy and our punishments meet an end?” his question was simple but there were hidden concerns in it.

He obviously knew a mate would travel to her mate’s pack but what he obviously was concerned about were my other two mates

“Yes! I want to know what is your plan for Lazlo and Maynard?” he didn’t hide it anymore. It was a bit ironic that he had accused Thiago of demanding I reject them when now he was doing the same thing himself.

“Maynard! I will reject them, because if they didn’t accept me, why would I keep them hanging around my neck?” I answered him honestly and the satisfactory smile complimented his lips. So I answered according to his pleaseings but that was what I have planned myself too.

Just not yet!

I will reject them once I am no longer going to be sharing the room with them. After what Thiago did to me, he lost his chance

entirely and I could tell he doesn’t care much either. As for Lazlo, he took it too far when dating my bully.

“So you will be all mine?” he whispered on my lips, covering my body in shivers when I felt his breath on my lips.

“Aha!” I didn’t nod too hard or else our lips would connect. I wanted to taste his lips but just didn’t want to be the one making the first move.

* Just my mate,” he murmured again and this time tilted his face a little. The little movement from his face brought our lips even close and I was able to feel a little brush. I swear I crossed my legs and squirmed a little, getting all excited for it.

“And I will do everything I want to do,” his eyes traveled down to my lips and a gulp ran down our throats.

“What will y-ou do to me?” I asked in a raspy tone but didn’t dare try to clear it.

“I will take your clothes off and run my hand over all the forbidden places where I crave to touch you,” he purposely brushed our lips together and my body felt currents passing through my veins.

“What p-laces?” I inquired in heavy breaths, slowly closing my eyes.

“Your nipples,” hearing him talk about my body made me heave out a little moan, “your pussy,” he said before crashing his lips against mine with full pressure.

I almost fell behind but his hands saved me. He brought his body closer without breaking the kiss and adjusted his body between my legs.

His lips were sucking onto my lips with pressure and passion. I never knew he would get so hard just by kissing me.