Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 75

Chapter 75

75-When He Leaves Bruises

“You think just because you are touching me I will melt in your arms?” I continued to cry and yell at him. I was tired of them all mistreating me

It had been going on for days and days now. They would do something stupid and then come give me a little attention and I will forgive them. This is when they started thinking I am too easy to please. I didn’t set any boundaries and now they cross their limits whenever it pleases them.

I had attachment issues and because of that, I craved love and affection. All my life I had been nothing but someone who nobody cared about

My desperation to have someone who loved me dearly had dragged me into this mess where my mates think it is that easy to pursue me

“You were always a douche to me,” I stated in heavy breaths. His grip around my arms loosened as he saw me pour my heart out with not only words but tears too.

“I was fool enough to think of you as a potential mate. I was fool enough to take your little gestures of affection seriously. After we spent such a lovely time together in your pack, I at least expected you to ask me if I was fine when I told you guys about

Jessica and her friends. Instead, you two mocked me and didn’t believe me. You were doing the same thing to me today, using my trauma to make fun of me in front of everyone. I just want to know one thing; do you guys not have powerful creatures to go after? Why waste your time and energy on bullying and fighting with a weak-ass omega like me?” I finished in gaps. My chest seemed to be inflating with air as it became hard for me to breathe.

I noticed how his muscles had relaxed but his facial expressions softened with a pang of guilt over it.

“It is not like you haven’t done anything wrong,” he let go of me completely and muttered under his breath. The uncertainty in his voice itself was a sign he wasn’t even sure what the hell he was talking about. He was just using a statement to call us even.

“So tell me what is it that I have done wrong, tell me,” I looked him straight in the eyes and demanded him to tell me what was my fault in all this?

“You slapped me,” he stated but his own posture flinched when I scoffed at his reasoning.

“And you know why I did that,” I was hyperventilating when I realized I wasn’t fine. He didn’t have anything to say either, I hope he realized he was just bullying me for the sake of it.

The moment I sat down with my hand on my stomach, his intact posture shattered.

“What is going on?” he asked and tried to kneel beside me but I waved my hand and got on my feet to avoid him.

“You can be angry at me later, it is not like you didn’t insult me in front of -” he was upset that I wasn’t letting him come close to me.

I didn’t respond to him and rushed behind the tree to throw up. My head was hurting, probably because Nia was upset.

“Hey!” Maynard followed me and sat down with me. I had my head resting on the tree behind me and my eyes watching the sky.

“I don’t know what happened to me, I just got so angry when I saw Thiago back in the academy and you forgiving him,” he whispered apologetically but it wasn’t going to fool me this time.

“You all got millions of chances from me, Maynard! In the end, I realized I am alone and that’s when I the happ-,” I couldn’t finish because of the force of the tears that ran down my eyes like a stream.

“You are not alone. It’s not like we haven’t argued before,” he whispered, passing a smile to ease the situation up.

“And I want it to end,” my response got him into narrowing his eyes, “I am tired of this back and forth. I am tired of getting disrespected and hurt. I am-am tired, just tired,” I finished with a heavy heart.

“Let’s go to the room and get you something to eat first. You will feel better once you are comfortable,” he tried to touch me but I pulled my body away from his.

“Fine, I am sorry!” he uttered, “I am the one who didn’t hurt you the most though,” his statement got me into turning my heart around to watch his face in confusion.

“Thiago used you for something. Lazlo is dating the same bitch who bullies you. I just was a little mean—,” he halted when I raised a brow, “A lot meaner but at least I am not like them,” he shrugged his shoulders and pouted.

“You are not convincing me. The other day when I needed you, you pushed me away.” I reminded him of the day when he should

have stayed with me and helped me calm down instead of walking out on me.

“When we are upset, we push people away. You are upset at me, so you are pushing me away,” he tried to make sense but I wasn’ t feeling it.

“Look! I am talking about one last chance. I promise to behave this time. I will be the mate or a friend that you have already dreamed of. I will not disappoint you, please! At least not this time. Look! you slapped me in front of everyone, which is a huge deal for an Alpha and I am apologizing to you. Give me just one chance,” he started begging out of nowhere. It really confused me how he was genuinely trying to convince me he will be good from now on.

I desperately wanted to hold his hands to see if he was lying or not but Nia was upset with me. So I couldn’t use that power.

“I just want to go back to the room and rest,” I didn’t respond to his requests. It was too soon for me.

I have been through a lot because of these mates, I needed to get my shit together first before I even think about what I am going to do.

The moment I got up on my feet, I found him staggering up and narrowing his eyes at my arms. I had to look down to see what he was looking at it.

Those were the bruises left on my skin when he grasped me tightly.

“Yes! You did that. You don’t even realize how much you hurt me, do you?” the anger and disappointment I had in my body for him were back when I saw the bruises he had left on my arms.

“I—,” I watched him look all guilty but at least it helped me make a decision.

“And no! I am not giving you or anyone a second chance,” with those words leaving my lips, I walked past him to get back to the academy