Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 74

Chapter 74

74-Into The Woods


As soon as he tried to get closer to me in anger, I raised my hand and slapped him hard. He had hurt me and mocked me a lot, it was time he gets what he had asked for. He started all this so that he can make fun of me somehow, I was only reacting to his actions.

But then I acknowledged what I have done. Our actions sometimes can have really scary consequences and that moment exactly was the time when I had to prepare myself for the nasty consequence of standing up for myself.

“Oh My God! she insulted Alpha Maynard,” a girl from Jessica’s group said loudly enough to give the right direction to this argument. Maynard slammed his fist on the table and got up. I knew it was time for me to look for an exit.

“HOW DARE YOU FUCKING BITCH!” he grabbed my arms so tightly that I forgot who I was for a moment, “YOU THINK YOU CAN INSULT AN ALPHA LIKE ME?” he was yelling in my face and shaking my body.

I became this hopeless girl in his arms who used to get scolded by everyone in her pack for standing up for herself. It was probably because he was my mate so the pain was intense.

Somebody came from behind Maynard and pulled him away from me. It was Lazlo, but he didn’t carry sympathy for me. I know he just did it for Maynard’s sake.

“You shouldn’t do anything here, you will get punished,” Lazlo whispered in his ears as the cafeteria was a place where they were not allowed to beat anybody up or prank the omegas. Though they still did, today was a pretty attention-grabbing action-packed day, they knew the word would reach the Principal’s ears soon.

“DIDN’T YOU SEE WHAT SHE FUCKING DID?” Maynard was still shouting and trying to get out of his grip when I shook my face and broke the trance to run out of the cafeteria.

“Now she is out of the cafeteria, she is all yours,” I heard Lazlo setting him free and letting him come after me.

Just the thought of such a tall and powerful alpha chasing after me frightened me. I was running like crazy and making my way to the exit.

No place was going to be safe for me as long as I am not out of the academy. I couldn’t even use my powers because such great powers require calmness and a lot of attention. And the only attention I had was from the students, and it would be bad if they would find out about my powers when I haven’t mastered them. I bet he was still coming after me because I heard him yelling for me.

“Enya!’ Nia called for me but I kept going towards the woods.

‘We cannot hide from him forever,’ she whispered, trying to get my attention.

“I don’t know, I just want to be left alone for some time,’ I was crying and running with my blurred vision. It hurt a lot because back in his pack, I honestly thought he was a good mate. We had spent such a good time together but the instant he was back at the academy, he forgot all about it.

Him grabbing attention at me today really broke my heart into million little pieces. I found myself responsible for the heartbreak. I shouldn’t expect too much from anyone. My luck has always been bad.

‘Let’s go back and give h-,’ Nia spoke up again but what she didn’t get was that I wasn’t ready for any pep talk.

‘Nia! For Heaven’s sake. We don’t even know how to channel our powers without passing out. Will you stop giving me these suicidal ideas and give me a rest?’ I yelled at her and probably upset her because she went silent after that. I even felt her existence a little, which meant she has gone to rest just like I wanted for myself.

By the time I realized how far I have gone into the woods, it was too late. I don’t even know what part of woods it was.

I sat down with a tree and covered my face with my hands when I heard something terrorizing.

“Miss. Fucking Omega!” | raised my face and found him standing afar with a tree.

“Shit!” I cursed, watching him glare at me from afar and getting ready to pounce my way. He was breathing like an angry bull; his hands were turned into a tight balls of fists.

The moment he started sprinting in my direction, I knew I was caught. I couldn’t even take a step away from the tree when he reached me and shoved my back in the tree so hard that a little scream left my lips.

“You think you are all macho, then let’s fight,” he grasped my arms and made me straighten my posture. Sadly, Nia was not helping anymore so I was pretty much just a human facing an angry and powerful Alpha.

74-Into The Woods

“Let go of me May-nard,” I whimpered silently but tried to sound commanding.

“Why? Are you afraid now?” he had to hunch down a lot to come to the level of my face.

“I said back off,” I commanded again but shivered in his arms at the same time.

“Why? You started it,” he muttered, bringing his face closer to mine even more. He had come so close that I feared if I breathed a little harder, our lips will collide.

“You came to me, to mock me. I had to do anything to stop you from making a laughing stock out of me,” I whispered under my breath, wriggling in his arms but he kept shoving me hardly against the tree and pressing his body against mine to prevent me from leaving

“I was being nice to you,” the moment he pressed his lips against my cheek and muttered on my skin, my heart skipped a beat.

“You we-re not,” I replied, feeling a weird heat emerging from his body to mine.

“Aha?” his mutter turned into a breathless whisper, “then tell me wh-at was I doing?” he had run his lips to my ear to whisper directly in them now.

“Mayn-ard! What ar-e you doing?” I was surprised how I went from being so angry and frightened of him to being so confused.

“Pun—ishing you!” he whispered before his tongue licked my ear. My body shuddered and he noticed it. I wanted to ask him to back off but I couldn’t.

“You like it, don—t you?” the mockery in his tone made me open my eyes and realize what I was doing. I shouldn’t give him the satisfaction of having an upper hand on me.

So, I placed my hands on his chest and pushed him back. My arms were still in his grasp when his upper body nudged enough for him to pull his face away from mine.

“You think I am a whore and all I need is somebody to fucking kiss me?” as I yelled at him, tears sprung down my eyes. The look of shock on his face didn’t do anything for me.

He has hurt me again.