Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 67

Chapter 67

67 They Don’t Deserve Me

Ever since I started practicing, Thiago had been taking good care of me. He would bring me food and snacks every two hours to make sure my energy is full and I am not putting pressure on myself. What he didn’t know was that I was really going to do anything to find out what happened to my parents. And for that to happen, I was ready to give my all into getting that locker to open.

It’s been three days already and Maynard and Lazlo seemed to have gotten angry over the time I was spending with Thiago. But none of them complained or spoke to me until one day. That particular day was a bit of a ditzy one.

Thiago received a call so he had to leave for some pack business. I was left behind with the two Alphas who hated me. The students were still on vacation so they were all I had pretty much that day.

“Hey!” I frowned when Maynard rushed past me to attend to the bathroom. I swear he was awake since morning but waited for me to take a step in the direction of the restroom to decide to attend it. The moment he saw me reaching the door, he sprinted into the bathroom and locked the door.

“You are so mature, Maynard!” 1 yelled from the other side, pouting angrily.

“Babe! It was all just a big mistake,” Lazlo’s voice caught my attention. I turned over to watch his face and found him speaking to someone on the phone. The tone and language he was using seemed sus. There was no way he was talking to a friend or the Royal beta of his pack.

“She is just a roommate, nothing ever happened between us,” he added and I reckoned he was talking about me. But who would be curious about what is going on between Lazlo and me?

Only one name could pop up in my head at that time.

Jessica!” I murmured,

The night when she asked her friends to gang-rape me flashed before my memory and a wave of anger rushed passed my every vein. Not only did she want to destroy the peace of my mind and take away the choice of saying no from me, but also left me behind when they heard Argo’s howls.

The fact that my mate was talking to her so sweetly and persuading her didn’t feel right. I groaned, approaching his bed and snatching the phone out of his hands in haste,

I bet he didn’t expect it because he wasn’t given a chance to react when I stared at the screen and then put the phone to my ear.

It was indeed Jessica!

“Aren’t you dating that psychopath?” I yelled on the phone, my veins were popping out in anger.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Lazlo got out of bed and tried getting his phone back from me. I was dodging him and trying to say as much as I could before he gets his hands back on his phone.

“Enya?” she asked a bit aggressively from the other side of the call.

“Yes! I’m still here and able to speak for myself despite your attempts of silencing me, you who**!” I shouted but before anything else could be said, Lazlo stole the phone out of my hands.

“Babell” he almost sounded desperate, “No! what? I didn’t give her the authority to use my phone She came onto me,” he was busy explaining it to her and it was angering me

How was he able to defend himself after that was the part I was interested in?

“We will talk once you come back from the vacation, okay?” his calming tone and sweet concerning voice were bothering me.

How could he do this to me?

Out of all the people in the world, he chose her?

The moment he hung up the call, he turned over to me and lunged iny way. He raised his hand but only to throw the jacket on the floor that he was holding

“What the heck was that? Are you insane?” he shouted so loud that I bet the Moon Goddess must have heard him too

After he turned too loud, I heard the shower stop in the bathroom. Maynard must have heard the commotion.

67-They Don’t Deserve Me

“You are pleading to her to get back with you?” I asked looking through his eyes instead of being scared of his angry glare.

“Hello! I don’t beg anyone. We are already back together,” he grunted and clenched his jaw after hurting my ego, dignity, and feelings.

“What? how could you do this to me?” my tone softened because I was in shock. I didn’t expect him to be so careless of my emotions and feelings.

What she did to me was horrible. Sure I didn’t tell them much, but I did tell them she has hit me. Did that mean nothing to him?

“How could I do what to you? Who are you to me? Oh sorry! I remember you,” he was pacing around and aggressively using his hand gestures to talk, “You are the mate who is busy getting in and out of Thiago’s ass all the time,” it was the way he said that made me cringe and close my eyes.

“What is going on?” as expected, Maynard rushed out of the bathroom wearing pants only. He was in such a rush that he didn’t even dry his hair.

“He is getting back with Jessica!” I announced, probably expecting he will show some decency and knock the sense out of Lazlo.

“Really? Congratulations dude,” Maynard held his arms open and hugged Lazio,

“You two don’t remember how she has bullied me this whole time?” I was able to get their attention when they didn’t want to understand why I was so upset with this idea.

“Why are you objecting? You are the one who gets to enjoy so many mates. And not even that, you are giving your all to that one mate while we sit around and feel empty,” Maynard defending Lazlo’s decision was not the thing I wanted to hear at that time.

“You two can spend time with me but you guys choose to lie and manipulate me,” I answered back at them

“Excuses!” Maynard scoffed.

“Do you not remember how she bullied me?” I asked Lazlo instead of talking to Maynard, he was being ridiculous.

“And what does that has to do with me?” Lazlo’s words shook the world from under my feet. That’s when I thought maybe it was my fault that I didn’t tell them what happened that night when I returned all bruised up.

“She asked her gang to rape me that night when I returned to the room all messed up. She initiated and started recording me while he—r friends — they almost stripped me nake” Gosh it was so easy to not talk about it. Almost felt like I was back on that road getting harassed.

The two shared a glance but when they looked my way, I didn’t see the reaction I was expecting

“And the entire world wants Enya Fosters?” Maynard’s comment compelled me into stepping back from them.

“Right! From the Alpha King to everyone, including Mr. Tripper, my father, Jim, Jessica’s friends, everybody wants you?” Lazlo too questioned my credibility.

I was surprised he added his father to the list when he had seen the proof of his father trying to sleep with me in recorded cam footage,

“You saw your father,” I whispered under my breath, niy eyes narrowed in his face of Lazio.

“And the others? Where is the proof?” Maynard placed his hands on his waist and asked me that question without displaying any concern

It was at that moment that I felt like they didn’t care one bit about me

“I cant believe you two are saying this,’ I shook my head in disbelief, “I think it is for the best that we don’t talk now”| was having a hard time believing my ears

‘No it is a good time that I tell you to stay out of my life.” Lazlo came forward to hunch down to my face’s level and warn me not to interrupt his life again.

And mine too. I don’t want you to come crying for my shoulder when Thiago messes up. Maynard too pointed his finger in my face before walking past me.

“Oh, and by the way you are not special” Maynard added just when he was behind me, ‘At least not anymore,” he finished and disappeared into the bathroom to finish getting ready Lazlo called Jessica again and started convincing her I wasnt his anybody

I needed fresh air so l exted the room and rushed to the rooftop

Do you even feel mate bonds with them anymore? | asked Nia, who was also hurt after our mates broke us.

1 do and that’s the part I hate the most she admitted to still feeling a mate bond with them.

They asked me to get them proof. How would I? I barely survived those times and they are expecting me to find some proof? It isn’t like I expected anything.’ I had my face covered in my hands and tears drenching my skin.

We dont need to give anybody any proof. We know what happened, and we also know how to take care of ourselves.’ Nia’s tone changed but that was just the new changes in her that would make her act different at times.

She would get super angry and would calm down instantly too.

After some time. I went downstairs and grabbed the locks and my breakfast to come back upstairs and practice some more. I was able to break the locks open without passing out now.

I have now decided to focus on my mission. Once Thiago came back, he rushed straight upstairs with some snacks in his hands

What happened?” the moment he appeared on the rooftop. I got up from my spot and rushed into his arms. His gray jacket white shirt and gray pants were really making his black hair and crystal gray eyes stand out

“Heyt he comforted me after he felt my heart racing in my chest, “Your heart is on fire, lady!” he laughed a little to ease up the environment.

Tell me what happened? Did those two do something?” as he broke the hug and cupped my face in his hands, he made sure to look me in the eye and let me know how angry he would get if they did hurt me

“They are irrelevant at this point’ 1 commented, ‘I practiced more today, and Thiago, I feel like I am ready for my mission once I said those words, his eyes sparkled.

“Really He asked in excitement. This was the most he had ever displayed any emotions. I have always found him a bit too cold but thankfully, he was opening up to me now.

“I can do this. I reassured him.

*7 w come with you” he held my hand and promised to remain on my side too. It meant a lot to me He was an Alpha and if he was to get caught his entire pack will have to deal with the consequences, and yet here he was still trying to help me out as much as he could.

“I am proud of you,’ he whispered kissing my forehead but then instantly sipping away from me, “But we have to wait he mumbled undertone

What why?” I asked and he let out a sigh

“We can only do that at night time and since there are only us in the academy, keeping up on our every move will be a Litle too easy We must wait for the students to come back’ he knew what he was talking about but I was not satisfied

Delay for even more than a day was not at all an option. I wanted it done now so that I can know what is happening to me and what happened to my parents’

Thiago! I understand you want us to be careful but I cannot wait’ i stated determinedly He tilted his face and fixated h seves on my face