Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 64

Chapter 64

64 Walk Me On The Bridge

“I was thinking about your powers last night,” he turned to me after he was done staring at the ocean while I stayed facing the ocean from the bridge, “I remember reading a little bit about it. They are called special werewolves and they were very uncommon to spot or find. Such werewolves are not usually just born from normal werewolf parents, you follow what I am trying to say, right?” once he acknowledged I was too silent, he questioned if I was even understanding him or not.

“My parents were normal, just ordinary werewolves,” I recalled my parents but I couldn’t really remember too much because I was only 6 when they passed away.

“Maybe it’s because I was only 6 when they perished away.” I tried to remember more but couldn’t for the sake of anything

“Hm! Pups don’t remember anything unless something extremely traumatic event happens. That’s where the werewolves sense wakes up in a pup,” he seemed lost when talking about childhood and trauma, “anyway, we were talking about you. There is no way your parents were ordinary, at least one of them. Do you know anything about their past or how they passed away?” the more he asked me the more I realized I didn’t know anything at all

They were my parents, I should have tried knowing more about them until I remembered why I wasn’t able to get any information about them.

“Lord Shaun has made some rules and one of them includes the complete confidentiality of the ones who have passed away.” I sighed because it sounded stupid to the lips yet he went head and sealed that rule.

“Even from the families?” the look on his face said it all.

“He loves collecting files and pieces of information. He had kept my parents past from me,” I shrugged sadly.

“Well, you will need those files to find out what is happening to you before you lose control and hurt yourself,” Thiago sounded too serious when warning me what might happen if I didn’t figure out what was wrong with me, “or others,” once he finished, I understood it was important.