Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 63

Chapter 63

63 Messed Up, Didn’t 1?

Everything they said made me a little uncomfortable. It was indeed true that Thiago was the only one who knew I wasn’t with him. They have riled me up completely perfectly.

I frowned and watched Thiago come towards us with his tray and a smoothie bowl.

“What’s up? Why is everybody so silent?” he inquired passing little smiles to everyone. “Nothing! We were just waiting for you,” Maynard snickered as he proceeded to shove his mouth with waffles.

“Why didn’t you come to look for me that day?” Instead of waiting for us to be alone, I decided to raise the objection when the two other parties who claimed he locked me on the rooftop were there.

“What?” Thiago tilted his face while trying to read my expressions.

“We can talk about it later,” Lazlo awkwardly crackled but shut up when I glared him into silence. “What are you talking about?” Thiago asked again and I bet he even looked at the other two to get an idea of what I was on about.

“The day of the hurricane when my blanket was left on the floor. You didn’t see it?” I was looking through his eyes and asking my heart out.

“What? I di–” he paused because I wasn’t done.

“Just tell me, did you see the blanket or not?” I repeated my question because it all came down to that one answer.

Maynard and Lazlo were sneakily stealing glances of me and Thiago this entire time.

“I did bu–” there it was, Thiago admitted to seeing the blanket on the floor yet he didn’t come to my rescue.


What if it was true and he was the one who locked me on the rooftop?

“No, but! You don’t get to lie to me,” I raised my voice and gulped angrily.

“I am not lying. If you just listen to me you wi- I wasn’t ready for his lies. He was so damn sneaky. The fact that he knew I was on the rooftop and didn’t come to my rescue explained he didn’t care about me.

Or maybe he planned it all.

“Did you lock me on the rooftop?” the moment I asked him straightforwardly, Maynard choked on his juice and Lazlo coughed awkwardly.

“What? you think I am insane enough to lock my mate on the rooftop?” Thiago tried raising his voice and it angered me.

First, he lied to me when he said previously he didn’t see the blanket, and now he was shouting at me?

“Don’t raise your voice at me. You are the one who knowingly walked away even when I was on the rooftop. One could expect something like that from you. I should have known you were lying about your pack not liking me. it was you, who wanted to get rid of me,” i shouted and grabbed the attention of the staff of the café.

Thiago closed his eyes and when he opened them, I saw his wolf flashing through them.

“Didn’t you say you heard somebody asking for help? So you are telling me somebody planned it all and then asked me to lock the door beyond you? If that is the case then you are admitting somebody else knew you were upstairs and not with me,” He reminded me of the crying noises I have heard and it hit me,

How did I forget about that?

“About your blanket. By the time I got out of the bathroom and spotted it, this dude over here appeared out of nowhere and told me that you are already in the basement and had dropped the blanket out of fear when you heard the windows shaking. He said you have asked him to collect the blanket. When I reached the basement, sure enough, I didn’t find you. I found you in his arms near the stairs so I went back,” he slarnmed his fist againsi the table and the food jumped up and came down slipping off the plates.

“But he told me-” I tried to make eye contact with Maynard but Thiago wasn’t done yet.

“Well, then next time when you hear somebody try to make a fool out of you, at least use your brain and recall the whole incident instead of accusing someone of something so disturbing.” He slammed his hand at his smoothie bowl and it

634 Messed Up, Didn’t I?

shattered on the floor.

He didn’t wait for anything else and neither did I stop him. I was embarrassed by acting like a fool and believing Maynard.

“You lied to me,” now that it was only three of us, I glared at Maynard but there was a hint of hurt in my eyes that he spotted.

“I forgot the exact timeline of the events. Besides, it was a guess that maybe Thiago locked you,” he shrugged his shoulders, upsetting me more.

“You said Thiago never came looking for me. And you lied to him about me being in the basement,” I wasn’t even able to raise my voice anymore.

I felt like a fool getting used by the hands of my mates.

“And you-,” the moment I turned my attention to Lazlo, he got up from his seat and pretended to attend a call.

“Sorry! An urgent work arrived,” he excused and rushed away from us.

So they both tricked me!

“Huh! fine I did it. And I don’t feel like I should answer to you,” he muttered after he had stopped pretending to be clueless.

“I can’t believe you would do something like that,” anger had started to fill my veins slowly.

“Like you are a saint. One minute you are in my arms and the next moment you are coming out of the bathroom or entering the room holding hands with Thiago,” his comment disgusted me.

He knew what he was saying had a reason behind it. I was their mate and had made it clear that I am not choosing one anymore.

“At least I am not making out with someone who is not my mate,” I grunted at him and got up from my seat to descend away from him.

He had made matters worse between Thiago and I, I needed to fix that.

But how?

od Walk Me On The Bridge

I have walked out on Maynard and was now looking for Thiago. He had left the academy to take a stroll and I felt responsible for him not finishing his breakfast Dammit, he was so badly craving the smoothie bowl and I ruined the fun for him

That was it, I decided to go after him and have breakfast with him.

“What are you doing here?” the female chef was always bitter toward me whenever she saw me.

“The same smoothie bowl for Alpha Thiago,” I didn’t know the ingredients, but she did.

She glared at me and then shared a look with the other staff members.

*Aren’t you the one who pissed him off somehow and he ended up creating all that mess for my staff to clean it?” she was much shorter in height than me. The angry and arrogant look on her face made it hard for me to keep looking at her face

“He wants his smoothie bowl,” I didn’t have time to argue with her. So I told her what he needed and after glaring at me for some time, she finally went ahead and made one for him.

T held the bowl tightly in my hands and exited the academy without going back into my room to get a sweater. I didn’t want to face Maynard and Lazlo again after they played me like an idiot.

Now I was lost where to find Thiago in this huge world. Luckily for me, I called him and he picked up my call.

“Don’t hang up,” I bit my lip when asking him to give me a chance to speak

“If I were to hang up, would I have attended your call?” I bet he rolled his eyes from the other side of the call when asking me that question,

“Oh! I want to speak to you. Where are you?” I asked expecting him to say something rude to me, but strangely enough, he didn’t

“I am on the bridge,” he knew I was aware of the bridge he was talking about.

“Fine, I am coming there,” I hung up and rushed to my feet to meet him there. I was still holding the smoothie in my hands and running towards the huge ass bridge-like crazy.

Nobody really used that bridge anymore and I wondered why?

There was a beautiful ocean under it. I have seen couples spend time there now that the vehicles didn’t take that route.

It took me some time to reach my desired destination but when I did, I didn’t regret it. The view was so beautiful that day. The birds had gathered around Thiago like he was a Disney princess. Walking towards him and hearing my footsteps on the bridge made the birds fly away.

“Oh!” I sighed sadly.

“Did you fill poison in their eyes against me?” I asked him as he smiled sweetly.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t,” he didn’t look very angry anymore hence I was able to stand close to him, “Did you bring this for me?” I am glad he pointed it out because I almost forgot I was holding a smoothie in my hands for him.

“Oh! Yes,” I nodded like a fool, “I am so sorry for spoiling your mood. I didn’t think straight and because a lot had happened in the past few weeks, I guess I just believed those idiots,” i handed him over the smoothie and a spoon and watched him take a bite happily

“I am sorry!” I repeated myself and this time, he decided to leave the smoothie alone to answer back to me.

“It is fine. I shouldn’t have reacted like an animal too. I am sort of glad it happened because now we know we lack in the communication department,” he was in a very cheerful mood all of a sudden.

I thought he would be the same as before, cold and arrogant.

“Thank you for understanding me and forgiving me,” now that he had finished the smoothie and was watching the ocean with me, I spoke softly

“Nah! I should be grateful you accepted me back after what I put you through,” he instantly retorted reminding me how much it meant for him that I forgave him for his previous week’s foolery.