Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 62

Chapter 62

62-Who Locked Me During The Hurricane?

“I was being unreasonable,” he admitted but I didn’t believe him, “I know you think I am lying but my pack would have eaten you alive if you stayed there,” he explained but it was too late. He could have said all those things to me before when I was trying to contact him so much.

“You had time and my number to simply leave me one text and explain me this situation but you didn’t. Do you have any idea how I felt all those days when you ignored me? I kept asking myself where have went wrong and the only thing that made sense was the fact that you just wanted to sleep with me. It is a very painful situation to think somebody wanted sex from you and they got it,” Finally, now that he was listening, I was yelling and crying at the same time. It was only a drizzle but still enough to merge down with my tears.

“I know. But can you blame me?” he questioned and stole my attention, “You came to the woods to save me even when you didn’t know about your new powers. You jeopardized your life for me back in the woods. You did everything to save Lazlo’s reputation and punish his father. You stood beside Maynard and even went ahead to have a catfight with the beta of his pack. I knew you wouldn’t listen to me and will still come to my pack trying to make everybody listen to you and hear from you that you are innocent. I didn’t want that yet you did it, proving me right. You don’t know this yet but Enya, you are very stubborn and willing to risk everything for the happiness of the people you care about. But my pack was not Lazlo’s father or Maynard’s mother. They’ have hated your pack and everyone there for a long time. They needed some warming up to do. You showing up at the gate shocked them,” he was speaking very aggressively and holding the tears back. I bet he missed his parents.

“I don’t know what to say anymore,” I sighed in defeat.

He did say some pretty solid things about my actions. I would have gone there to persuade others I am not a bad person.

“Which is why I had to push you away for your own safety,” he approached me and gently held my hands.

The moment his hands were about to deepen the connection, he pulled his hands back from me.

“What happened?” I asked because I was looking forward to feeling his touch and gathering his emotions.

“I don’t think it is appropriate of me to just hold your hands when I have hurt you so much,” he stole eyes from me, looking very


“I believe you do make a good point. I would have come after you anyway,” I smiled, comforting him.

“I know about your powers,” he added and a frown shone of my forehead, “I have read about them,” he finished and my eyes widened at him.

“Please tell me what is happening to me?” I asked but first, I held his hands to feel his emotions.


I didn’t feel anything but his touch.


Oh shoot!

Where the heck did she go? I needed her so that I can feel his emotions.

“What happened?” he looked slightly concerned when watching me trying to rub his palms with mine.

“Nothing!” I lied, “So you said you know about my powers?” i inquired and he nodded his head.

“But for now, you need to go to bed.” He said as he cupped my face in his hands. I felt his finger gently touching under the bite mark and then his jaw clenched.

“That prick will pay for this,” he finished angrily. I can’t believe his one-touch was able to make my night. I freed my face from his hands and filled myself with his body.

“Will your pack ever accept me?” I asked and found him softly wrapping his arms around my body. He didn’t rub my back or anything.

“They have to. You are my choice, but first, they will need to be told how good and loyal you are,” his voice would turn deep and raspy whenever he spoke remotely about anything regarding his pack or parents.

We broke the hug and walked downstairs hand in hand. I was indeed worn out and I needed to rest. The fact that he came back for me filled my heart with a little comfort.



62-Who Locked Me During The Hurricane?

I know whatever the story was about his parents was painful, so I didn’t force him into telling me about it. I will wait for him to be ready when it’s time.

We all slept fine and even woke up in the morning starving and hangry.

“Move!” Lazlo yelled at us, making his way to the cafeteria where it was going to be us only today. Since the alphas were in the academy now, the chef and the service people were called in.

I was the first one to fill my plates and sit down in a corner. I haven’t gotten a chance to sit and eat in the cafeteria before, I wanted to experience it minus the mean girls.

Thiago was the last one as he wanted some special kind of smoothie. He was in the kitchen with the chef when Lazlo and Maynard sat down with me.

“We saw you returning to the room holding hands with him last night,” Lazlo scoffed, almost like making fun of me.

*And what is so funny about it?” I asked him, narrowing my eyes in his face.

“It’s just how he mistreated you and then kicked you out of his pack, we didn’t expect you to melt down so easily,” Maynard spoke up when I thought Lazlo would be the only one I have to deal with.

“Especially when he was the one who had locked you on the roof during that hurricane,” Lazlo laughed sarcastically without raising his head from his plate but it stung me like a bee.

“Hey! don’t talk about that,” Maynard complained and shook his head at Lazlo.

What did he say, Thiago had locked me on the rooftop?

“He didn’t lock me on the rooftop,” I blurted out of frustration. If they were trying to get under my nerves, then they did it just fine.

“I wasn’t going to talk about it but now that you look so certain speaking about it,” Maynard dropped the spoon on the plate and cleared his throat, “Who else knew you weren’t with your mate? We were all under a misconception you would come back with Thiago,” he tried to explain but confused me even more.

“No! there must be somebody else,” I stated as I found my breathing turning heavy.

“It was him,” Maynard confirmed, his words making my heart skip a beat.