Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 61

Chapter 61

61-The Insensitive Ones

Once we got back to the academy, we went straight to our room. After I have changed and got comfortable, I reckoned I should tell them about the whole incident. They were my mates and have always come to my rescue even when they are themselves annoying and bullied me here and there. I believed they deserved to know about my powers and how Mr. Tripper tried to force himself on me.

Once I sat down in my bed, I watched Lazlo and Maynard come and sit with me. Thiago was sitting on his bed and watching me from afar,

They were giving me time to speak up about my runaway earlier.

“I was ummm-I used to be in the same pack as Mr. Tripper,” I started off with a little bit of a background so that they understand where it all originated from.

“He was a great warrior and also the Alpha King’s favorite man. He would be the one to punish people for him. And then Corbin became the Alpha King. Mr. Tripper wanted to attain his spot as his best man but Corbin had his own friend he wanted beside him. Ever since I started hanging around with Corbin, which was when I was very young, I have always found Mr. Tripper disliking me more and more. He would occasionally bully me into stop hanging around with Corbin. And then when it was revealed to him

that I am Corbin’s mate, he lost it. He didn’t like an Omega taking the spot of the Luna Queen. Well, cut to when I was transferred here, I knew he had recognized me. Then today when— when I was in the kitchen, he asked me to walk with him to his office. I did as he told me and then he-tried forcing himself on me,” the moment I said that part, their jaws met the floor.

I didn’t want to look into their eyes and watch their reactions so I lowered my face.

“What a scu*bag! How dare he tried touching you,” Lazlo got off the bed and started pacing back and forth angrily.

Thiago, who was pretending to be not listening before, was now staring at me silently.

“So that bite mark was indeed a job of a monster, only a perverted one,” Maynard too joined Lazlo, the two had never looked so angry before.

“He couldn’t do it though because I fought him off,” I instantly added so that they can calm down.

“You fought a beta warrior?” Lazlo asked as he stopped in his tracks and watched my face for answers.

“Is that what led him into unleashing this new power?” Maynard was trying to understand the whole situation.

“No! he didn’t unlock anything.” | raised my voice in frustration. How dare Mr. Tripper lied about having my powers?

“Then how did y–,” Maynard stopped in a midsentence and his eyes glowed.

“I was the one who caused all that damage to his office,” I finished, and then suddenly, they all burst out laughing.

I swear my heart sank in my chest.

“Yeah, sure!” Lazlo covered his mouth to subdue his laugh while Thiago was only staring at me with no emotion on his face.

“You think I am lying?” I yelled at the two who were still laughing and whispering funny jokes to each other’s ears.

“No! we just think you are traumatized and I assure you an Alpha like me will take care of him.” Maynard gently placed his hand on my shoulder when I got out of the bed. I felt humiliated.

He was trying to tell me an Omega cannot fight warrior so he will do it for me. “You don’t need to. I can kick his ass on my own,” I slipped his hand off and grunted angrily. Them laughing at me really hurt my feelings.

They didn’t believe me, fine but to make fun of me right when I am so hurt and traumatized, I thought they were very insensitive.

“Come on! you don’t need to get all riled up. We just wanted you to not say that in front of other people. They will not spare you for a day and will make fun of you nonstop,” Lazlo joined Maynard to excuse his behavior, but they have pissed me off.

“I shouldn’t have spoken to assholes!” I muttered and their smiles faded off pretty quickly.

“Language, Miss Omega! Just because we are nicer to you doesn’t mean you get to say whatever bullshit your mouth craves,” that typical Lazlo jumped out. It was like every time we were in the academy, he would act like a douchebag.

“Yeah! You need to put a leash on your tongue. You did mess up a lot back in my pack but I forgave you because you were a guest,” Maynard saying that made me narrow my eyes at him in shock, “Calm down, I am just teasing you!” I bet he saw how



61-The Insensitive Ones

frustrated I looked because he instantly backed away.

“Oh! I shouldn’t have spoken to you guys,” I muttered under my breath before storming out of the room. I wanted to be anywhere but in that room filled with my arrogant, stupid, and Alpha mates.

Once I was on the rooftop, I closed my eyes and let out a deep sigh. It had been a stressful day and they only made me acknowledge I cannot trust anyone.

So they were ready to believe Mr. Tripper but not me? even when I told them I survived Mr. Tripper, their dumb heads couldn’t figure out how a normal omega even fought off a great Warrior?

“I believe you,” a voice from behind me alarmed me of the arrival of Thiago. I didn’t know he would come after me.

I turned around and watched him in shock. He was really standing there behind me, waiting to have a word with me.

“You are the same one who put me on the same list of people who were the cause behind your parent’s passing away,” folding my arms around my chest, I narrowed my eyes his way.

Didn’t he like hate me or something?

Why was he talking to me again after he had ignored me for weeks?