Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 60

Chapter 60

60-In The Arms Of My Mates

I was in pain when he bit my cheek but that’s when something inside me growled and met new energy. I closed my eyes and when opened them again, I know Nia has taken over but it was different this time.

I started raising my hand and even when he was busy applying all the pressure onto my wrist to keep me still, I managed to overpower him.

I freed my hands and then yelled loudly enough for the windows to break. The entire academy shook from my screams and Mr. Tripper ran off me. The glass shattering struck him here and there but that wouldn’t do him any harm. It was the fear of what he had encountered that kept him silent and stick to the corner. Once I shut my mouth, I tripped on my knees. My energy seemed to have gone down but it didn’t stop me from getting up on my feet again and rushing toward the door.

He didn’t come after me as he was still processing the whole incident.

I have run out of his office and made it out of the academy this time. I didn’t feel safe inside anymore. All this happened in a matter of minutes but now my head was hurting, and my eyes, nose, and ears were bleeding.

I didn’t want to know what happened back in there because I was too focused on the pain I was feeling now. Once I have made it to the road, I slowed down and hugged myself. I was now wandering on the road with no sense of where I should go to.

‘Are you okay?’ I tried calling for Nia once again but she gave me the same silence as before. She hadn’t responded to me ever since that happened and now I was worried for her.

The night has arrived upon me but going back seemed scary. Mr. Tripper will not stay silent, not after today. I wonder what will be his first move, to punish me or to find a way to focus on my powers? Either way, I will be doomed.

I was walking around aimlessly until I saw the clouds filling the sky. It was going to rain again and I wasn’t in a good condition to tolerate it.

My body was cold and there was no sign of Nia.

Guess I had to go back again.

“No!’ I shook my head when tears rushed down my cheeks. The road seemed the only thing where I can rest a bit. So I sat down on the sidewalk and the instant covered my face in my hands, I felt pain right where he had bitten me.

“Asshole!” I whimpered recalling how disgusting it felt when he did that to me. How could he do this to a girl he had watched grow up?

I was now soaking wet in the rain but didn’t try to move a muscle and find a shelter.

I used to be in school when I would watch him walk around with the warriors and teach them.

He was disgusting to even try anything with me, but who would punish him? no one!

“I am just curse-” I haven’t stopped cussing at myself when a car sped up from afar and stopped right in front of me.

My heart jumped out for a brief moment until my eyes fixated on the car.

“Maynard!” I got onto my feet and rushed his way. He seemed to have been looking for me because the moment he saw me; he too ran in my direction.

I couldn’t believe seeing him would make me feel so good. Once he wrapped me in his arms, I started crying like crazy.

“Is she okay?” the person coming out from the passenger seat was Lazlo. I broke the hug from Maynard and rushed into Lazlo’s arms. The way he too hugged me back made me feel like I was saved like I have been secured.

*What the heck are you doing here?” that voice, I raised my face from Lazlo’s chest and saw Thiago rolling out from the backseat of the car. Watching him wearing black leather pants and a jacket made my skin crawl.

His crystal grey eyes shone under the rain as he narrowed his eyes at me. I wish I could hug him too but that was just the scared me talking who forgot how he basically kicked her out of his pack.

“We can discuss all these things later. Let’s take her home, she is shivering.” Lazlo, who still had me in his arms, suggested. Once we all sat down in the car, I felt uneasy sitting in the backseat with Thiago.

“Are you okay?” Maynard asked once again, reassuring me from through the rearview window.

I only gave him a nod. I was just not yet ready to talk about it. It was a lot to take in, especially the fact that I used some magic to

break the windows and now I cannot get in contact with my wolf.

“How did you guys find me?” my voice came out raspy and extremely low. I was having a sore throat, was it because of the cold or because of my loud ass scream?

Thiago had informed us about you not staying with him. We were concerned and on top of it, we all had a dream about you,” Lazlo explained why they even left their packs before the vacations were over to look for me,

“What kind of a dream?” I inquired and Lazlo cleared his throat sneakily, “we saw you with a monster,” he finished and Maynard shook his head

“The monster was trying to hurt you,” Maynard corrected Lazio, who scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

They were not wrong though, that monster did try to hurt me,

“When he got in the academy, we looked around for you. You were nowhere and the principal was busy with Mr. Tripper so we asked the guard and he informed us about spotting you leave the academy frantically,” Lazlo stated while turning over to see me sitting behind him.

Mr. Tripper involved the principal? I wondered what he had told him?

Why was Mr. Tripper with the principal?” I asked and they all turned to me. I bet it was weird for them that I focused on that part the most

“Umm! He unlocked some powers. He broke the windows and unhinged the door by accident. It is going to be a big deal because a werewolf with such power is rare. Mr. Tripper is getting a raise,” Maynard laughed as he revealed the news to me.

It was just that I was shocked at Mr. Tripper claiming my power but what did they mean by a rare one?

I am just an Omega, I can’t be any rare she-wolf, or can I be?