Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 59

Chapter 59

59-He Bit My Check

“Come!” he ordered, shifting to the side to let me walk out and be in the office with him. I stayed put thinking if going after him would be a wise idea, or do I even have a choice to defy him?

“Sir! You can talk here. It’s not like anybody is here to hear us,” I said, not meaning exactly what brought the smirk across his lips. The fact that he was taking his student’s words with a double meaning was just gross.

The smirk from his face faded away pretty quickly when I didn’t move a muscle to follow him.

“I would want you to come with me to my office. And I don’t wish to hear any more arguments now,” he seemed arrogantly frustrated that I even delayed a minute,

I was trying not to look at his pants with his dick standing hard but I had a feeling he wanted me to see it.

“Enya Fosters! You don’t want to upset the staff,” he repeated and turned around to leave. I had no choice but to walk after him. Pissing him off wasn’t a good idea but going after him seemed like walking into an obvious scene of the disaster.

I walked after him anyway and once he entered his office, I stayed outside.

“Come inside,” he asked, holding the door tightly so that he can shut it close after I am inside with him.

“I think it is better if you tell me why I am being asked to join you in your office?” I stepped back and defied him anyways. I was glad I walked out of the kitchen and now I was standing in an open hallway from where I could escape literally anywhere.

But how long can I avoid him?

I was in the academy for the next 7 days all alone with this horny adult man. How would one survive a situation like this anyway?

*Hm! Do I remind you what I can do if you don’t listen to me?” he rested his body on the door and smirked while making eye contact with me.

“The bigger question is, what are you planning to do to me once I am inside this office?” I didn’t hold back and asked him upfront. His smirk grew on his lips after seeing me call him out like that.

“So what I heard about you was true. You act way wiser than you should. You are a damn omega, don’t think you can win over us,” the seriousness in his tone and his eyes told me he was no longer playing. He didn’t like an omega speaking up for herself.

“Why, did you think I wasn’t granted with a tongue?” | raised my brow and glared him in the eye forgetting how powerful and evil he could be at times.

Without further delay, he rushed out of the office and grasped my hand to pull me inside. It happened so quickly that I couldn’t even resist or fight him off.

Once he had dragged me inside the room, he locked the door and let out a chuckle. Hearing my loud breathing really excited him.

“Oh look who is scared now,” he scoffed when seeing me panic. My body started to tremble right before his eyes.

‘Nia!’ I called for her so that she is prepared for the worst.

“Oh look at you channeling with your weak ass wolf,” he snickered when watching Nia flash through my eyes.

*You know, I admire how you thought just because you escaped Corbin you are now a warrior. He didn’t even do his best, he just wanted you to give up,” he was beginning to walk closer and with his every step leading to me, my heart was missing beats.

*If you tried to touch me, I swear on my life I will not hold back.” I made a threat but it was ridiculed by him. He laughed at me and shook his head trying to invalidate my feelings.

*Aw! What happened to the bold and cranky omega?” he stopped right when my back hit the wall and there was no place left for me to escape to.

“For such a lowlife creature, you hold a spark that even the baddest of creatures can’t resist but to have a night with you,” he placed his hands on the wall beside me, caging me in his arms, and smiled. I smelt the scent of his shampoo and deodorant, he had come prepared for this moment.

“Ba–ck off!” I whispered in sheer terror, trying to not make eye contact with him.

“What did you say? Say it again?” he brought his ear near my lips and demanded I say it again. At this point, I was certain of his intentions.

I didn’t have to threaten him again; it was time to finally act on my threats.

Instead of repeating myself back, I did what seemed to be the only option I was left with.

I bit his ear.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK!” He grunted when stepping back from me, holding his hand on his ear and letting out cries.

I didn’t want to waste this time so I sprinted past him to the door. That’s when I miscalculated my plan and his strength, he was a warrior, that little bite didn’t do him much damage. I felt my steps receding when he grasped my hair in his fist full from the back of my head and pulled me back.

I landed on his table when he applied force to drag me back and without giving me much chance to protest, he got on me. My back was bent on his table, feeling an excruciating pain when he came onto me adjusting his knee of my stomach to stick me to the tabletop.

“UGH!” | grunted when trying to keep my hands free but his attempts to pin them to my side won. He had now pinned me to the tabletop and buried his face in my neck.

“AHH!” as he sniffed through my skin, disgust covered my body in the form of goosebumps.

I closed my eyes tightly and let the tears begin. Nia was trying to overpower him but once again, we were talking about a warrior, 1 couldn’t overpower him.

I then felt the heat from his hands and my body froze for a moment.

I felt the emotions from him, there was anger and a willingness to do anything to make sure I pay for my actions.

He then raised his face and pressed his lips against my cheek. It didn’t just stop there because he opened his mouth and took a huge chunk of my cheek between his teeth and started sucking it in a way that I felt nothing but gross and agony.