Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 57

Chapter 57

57-They Want Me Out Of The Pack

“You slapped me?” he closed his eyes to swallow the anger but the moment he opened them again, his wolf flashed through


“You lied to me. Is that why your attitude changed? So I was right! You were only using me. Because from the looks of it, you are still dating her,” Obviously, he just confessed he was dating her. I was shaking out of anger and yelling at him with quivering lips.

“I will not let you come here and talk to me like this, let alone slap me,” he grasped my arm, and the moment I winced in pain, he set me free.

“Go back to your room,” he ordered looking mad.

“Fuck you and your pack!” I was done, “You fucking played me, you asshole!” i felt my heart sinking in my chest but the moment turned over, I spotted that girl in the bar.

“You told her I am your girlfriend?” she looked slightly disappointed. The blond hair and blue-eyed girl got more respect and attention from him than I did. He reached her and blocked her from my vision.

I swear he was talking to her in the eyes.

“No! Thiago! You cannot make up lies. Although we are close, I am not his girlfriend. I have a mate and he is waiting for me at home.” She exposed him and I was lost once again.

Thiago glared at her and walked back to pour himself some more wine.

“Why did you lie to me?” I whispered in bewilderment.

“I’m sorry Thiago. You are my best friend but I will not be a part of a lie like that. You need to be upfront with her and tell her that there is no place for anyone from the Crimson Fangs Pack in our pack,” she said way too much and from her words, I felt like it wasn’t about me.

It was about my pack.

“Why? What is going on?” I was trembling, thinking why would they be so unwelcoming to the Alpha King’s pack?

“I am not talking to you. Anyone from that pack is nothing but a cloud of dust to us. As a Royal beta of the pack, I suggest you leave,” her composed posture and thick accent froze me for a moment.

When she told me she wasn’t his girlfriend, I thought she felt bad for me getting lied to but the way she was kicking me out shocked me even more.

“Thiago! You are gonna let her kick your mate out of the pack?” I turned to him because now I knew it wasn’t a personal issue.

“Your mate? Thiago Shepard! Why am I hearing about it just now? You have a mate from that pack?” she questioned him almost aggressively as she reached him.

Thiago was just drinking away the time.

“I need to know what is going on here?” I asked again and as the girl turned around to speak to me bitterly again, I warned her in advance, “If you are so confident you have a good reason then be fucking upfront with me and tell me what is the problem here?” I raised my voice at her after being done with her bossy attitude.

she nodded her head and then gulped.

Janet! Don’t,” Thiago, who didn’t even look our way, warned her.

“Your fucking pack killed his parents and our lord and lady,” the truth came out from her trembling lips. I was so shocked that

covered my mouth in my hands and gasped.

“Now you know why we are so bitter? Do I expect you to leave now?” she was at no mercy. She wanted me gone without thinking how it was fair that she was punishing me for the fault of my pack?

I had no clue that Thiago had a problem with my pack. But it was weird because he was not clueless to my pack and even knew I was from that pack.

Then why now?

Why was he acting indifferent now?

“You didn’t say anything when you traveled to my pack with me,” I peeked through her shoulders and spoke to Thiago, who closed

his eyes when found me exposing his little stay at the Crimson fangs pack.

“You visited her pack? You knew she was from that bastard’s pack?” the more she was talking, the more unwelcomed I felt.

“I knew!” Thiago finally spoke up after he slammed the glass on the counter, “okay! I knew and I went there. Now you are going to question me?” he got on his feet and towered over Janet.

“I am just looking out for you,” the commanding tone she was using before withered away now that he was glaring her in the eye.

“I am taking care of the matter,” he nodded his head but lowered his tone once he realized she was hurt.

“Trust me, I will not do anything that will upset my parent’s souls,” he made certain she understands him, “now go back to your house and spend some time with your mate, I will deal with this matter myself, okay?” he was talking so sweetly and softly to her that I felt jealous.

“Okay! Please get rid of her,” it was funny how she was talking about me when I was right in her view. She walked past me keeping her head high and soon it was just the two of us once again.

“Why didn’t you tell me all that? Why hide it from me and lead me on just to leave me again?” I still had many questions in my mind that I needed answers for.

“I made a mistake. I thought I will be fine with it but turned out, I am not,” this time, he didn’t really steal eyes from me. Now that he was looking straight into my face and talking, I felt like I was going to have a heartbreak tonight.

“But you didn’t care when taking my sister out on a date. So your trauma is only limited to me,” I let out a laugh and bit my tongue to not sob in front of him.

*If that’s what you think then that’s what it’s,” He shrugged his shoulders carelessly, and I am not perusing anything with anyone from that pack anymore,” he added once he saw a little sob leave my lips.

“You are being unfair,” I just didn’t get it. I wasn’t ready to believe he realized it after he slept with me, the timing was just way too off.

“I just want to know one thing, were you sleeping with me just so that you can leave me in pain and be happy with yourself for hurting someone from the Crimson Fangs pack?” I asked in tears since I couldn’t keep my emotions to myself anymore.

“As I said, you can think whatever you want. Enya! I don’t care about you or what you think. And these tears that you are shedding, they are really not doing anything to me,” he brought his eyebrows together and knit them, his lips forming a straight line and his body muscles relaxing. All that to show me that he gave zero fucks to what I think.

“Then reject me now,” I asked out of frustration but his response was not what I expected.

“Fine, if that’s what you want,” he finished as he shoved his hands in his pants’ pockets.