Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 56

Chapter 56

56-He Cheated On Me

Maynard left after I told him to leave. I had grabbed my bags and reached the main gate to enter the pack when a guard stopped me.

“Alpha Maynard has informed Alpha Thiago of my arrival,” I said before the guard could even question me.

“He must have but nobody informed us,” he said and the other guard scoffed at me.

*Oh! I am umm I am Alpha Thiago’s mate, Enya Fosters!” I introduced myself thinking that might do but their faces only changed colors when hearing that I was his mate.

“We don’t know anyone. We are not informed, grab your bags and leave,” now that he knew I was the Luna of the pack, he turned even more aggressive with me.

“Okay calm down,” I tried to calm him down but he grunted at me, “Can you call your Alpha and let him knowlam here. He will ask you to let me get in there.” I suggested it would be better if they just speak to their alpha but that didn’t seem like a good plan to them as well.

“Lady! Get lost,” he waved his hand at me and when I didn’t move, he rested his other hand on the gun sticking out of his pants.

I understood the threat and dragged my bags with me to the other side of the road where I sat down cluelessly. It was late night and I have seen Thiago leave with this girl, and I had no clue who she was.

And now I was sitting on a road with two guards glaring at me once in a while. I tried calling Thiago but as usual, he didn’t attend any of the calls until I messaged him.

Me: You do realize I am sitting on a damn cold road while you are on a date with some chic.

I swear I felt my body heat up once I hit the sent button.

I couldn’t believe I was dumb enough to come here to speak to him. Why did I have to make all these advances when he should have been the one to approach me and apologize to me for the dumb change in his attitude.

It was then I noticed the guard crossing the road and reaching me.

“Fine! I am leaving.” Before he could grab and throw me away, I got on my feet and started adjusting the bags.

“You can go inside,” the guard said instead of threatening to kick me out of their sight.

“Oh!” I heaved a sigh of exhaustion, checking my phone but didn’t receive any text back from Thiago.

“Can you help me wi-never mind,” The moment he frowned, I knew he wasn’t going to help me. I had to adjust my bags and walk with difficulty while they stood there and watched me struggle.

‘I couldn’t really blame them. It was my mate’s responsibility to give them directions which he failed to do so.

I was now walking on the road cluelessly when a guard appeared and finally offered to take my bags and lead me to the Alpha’s pack house mansion.

I had to take a walk to the mansion and it was pretty far away from the main border. The pack was also weirdly quiet.

I saw some pack members peeking through their windows but the moment I would turn my head to look at them, they would hide


It was weird.

The guard took me to the mansion and I was once again hit with a surprise when I saw the empty pack house.

“Does the Royal beta and Royal Gamma not stay here?” I inquired from the guard, who seemed to have been only interested in finishing his job.

“This is a mansion for the Alpha only. He doesn’t like anybody living around him. All the others have been alerted separate houses. The mansion is only for the Alpha,” he said without turning around and taking my bags to the top floor even when there were so many rooms vacant on the other floors.

“The floors are off-limit, the Alpha’s room and bar are off-limit,” he said once he had introduced me to the room I will be staying at. It was a beautiful room but the black curtains and the bedsheet was a bit too much for me.

Everything was gray and black in color, so depressing!

“Okay, thank you,” I replied and watched his face in hopes of him asking me if I would like to eat something or not?

He didn’t ask me anything and closed the door after I had settled in.

It was so weird, reminding me of how I used to live all alone even when I had a so-called family.

‘I don’t feel right here,’pouted sadly, sitting in the bed.

‘I feel unwelcomed,’ Nia too agreed with me.

‘I thought I will just come here and speak to him. I honestly thought once he sees me in his pack, he will be all lovey-dovey again. Part of me thought he was angry at himself for not winning the race but now it seems like, I was wrong!’ I was only talking to Nia when a car pulled up in the parking lot. The window being left open helped me hear the car tiers stop.

I rushed to the window because I knew the only person whose arrival could I expect was Thiago’s. And there he was!

He didn’t have the girl with him. He was all alone but also not in a good mood.

‘Now is the time, I just couldn’t wait for morning to talk to him. It’s been twenty days already and we haven’t spoken to each other.

I sprinted out of the room and booked downstairs. Thankfully, I was able to catch him talking to the guards, which must have delayed him from disappearing into his room.

“Okay! You can go home now,’ the moment he saw me, he frowned and dismissed the guard.

Once it was just the two of us, I cleared my throat and took slow steps walking down the stairs to the foyer.

“No welcome?” It stung me like a poisonous snake when I was the first to break the silence.

“Welcome!” he said, sounding as cold as always.

“How are you?” I asked and he only shrugged his shoulders, “What’s up with you?” I had enough, so I decided to be upfront with him now.

“Why, what did I do?” he was so casually, pretending like he had no clue what I was talking about.

“You are acting weird and distant from me,” I hated being miserable but I blame myself for it.

“I am not,” he whispered under his breath.

“Thiago! You are hurting me. You are making me feel like you only wanted to sleep with me,” my words had finally grabbed his attention and instead of stealing eyes from me, he gave me eye contact.

*Oh! So you think I am the type who wanted your virginity as a reward?” the way he ignored all the other things and focused on that part made me angry.

“I am not the one suggesting it. You and your actions are pretty much saying that” I approached him and stood face to face with him.

“What actions? what have I done?” he raised his voice and stepped back from me, almost like he was disgusted with me.

“You cannot tell me this is a normal attitude of a mate towards his mate. You didn’t even check up on me,” my voice was shaking and I hated it.

“Maynard made rules, I was just abiding by them.” He shrugged carelessly and reached a door in the corner which I assumed was a bar.

“Since when did you start listening to Maynard?” I didn’t care if it was off-limits, I entered the bar and watched him pour himself a drink.

“Enya! If you have come here to argue, then sorry! I am not here to entertain you,” he sipped from his drink and shook his head.

“Who was that girl with you?” I wasn’t leaving him to get away with it. If I didn’t catch him in his lies now, tomorrow he will accuse me of making up stories in my head to find an excuse to be with my other mates.

“She– she is my girlfriend,” the moment he said that I lunged his way and grabbed the glass out of his hands.

“Are you a fucking psych—,” before he could complain, I slapped him hard across his face.