Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 55

Chapter 55

55-1 Promised To Never Reject Him

I didn’t object and went back to the mansion to pack my stuff all over again. I needed to know from Thiago what went wrong?

I wouldn’t let him just make this decision out of nowhere.

“We will miss you,” Mrs. Gray had been holding my hand and pouting sadly ever since my bags were loaded in the car.

“I will miss you all too.” I softly spoke before she gave me a hug. The hug was filled with true and genuine emotions. After we have said goodbyes, I rolled into the car with a very angry Alpha.

“Maynard! You are being ridiculous. I can’t believe you are ruining the bond and memories we made in these few days,” I ended up talking to him because he was making me feel wrong for wanting to see my other mate.

“All this for someone who didn’t bother checking up on you. That is exactly what is bothering me,” I know that wasn’t the case. He was confused why I was giving such a mate so much importance because in the past I have made it clear I won’t spare a second glance to any of them if they didn’t give me any attention.

“I want to know what is going on with him. You would have wanted the same from me if you ever started acting up out of the blue, wouldn’t you?” I turned to him watching him clench his jaw as he refused to understand me.

“Can’t you just see I am not in a mood for riddles?” the moment anger took over him, he turned his eyes away from the road and my heart missed a beat right then and there.

“Hey!” I yelled and he straightened his back.

“What I am saying is that if anything went down between us in the future, I will try to give you a chance to explain your problems to me. I will be there for you; I will try to find out what is bothering you. I will not give up on you as well,” once I was able to finish

saying the truth to him, he slowed down the car.

I have created a beautiful bond with him and Lazlo, even when Lazlo tried to ruin things for me and Maynard. The fact that Lazlo cared enough made me not lash out at him, at least not yet.

“Fine,” Maynard bobbed his head and parked the car on the side of the road. A few lines became apparent on my forehead when watching him get out of his car and reach for my door.

“What now?” I whispered to myself in confusion. He opened the door from my side and asked me to follow him out.

“What are you doing Maynard? You are not going to dump me here, are you?” I did what he asked me to do and soon we were standing near the car with the woods on the side of us.

“You have to make a promise,” he was so tall when standing face to face with me.

“Promise? What sort of a promise?” I asked, stretching my neck back to look him in the eyes.

“That no matter what, you will never reject me,” he uttered and my eyes closed with pressure.

*Please say it again because I think I heard something very crazy,” I laughed uncomfortably, not sure why he would want me to make such a promise?

“I know he had asked you to pick one and you–you were bending towards him. You were going to reject Lazlo and me back in the academy. Why do you think I planned this whole stay over at packs thing? I wanted you to know me and give me a fair chance instead of such demanding I reject you or you reject me,” he mumbled as he made me realize he knew all along what Thiago and I had planned. I felt bad because now that Thiago was ignoring me, these two had made me feel not alone.

“Maynard!” I lowered my face and said his name in a guilt-ridden tone.

“It is fine. You didn’t know me back then but at least now you know me but I am still not sure if I can say you will stand up for me if he asks you to leave us,” I have never seen him so serious and hurt before. As he was still talking I tried to speak but he interrupted me, “Let me finish first. I know how you turn all weak in front of him so I don’t want to take a risk. I want you to promise me you will not reject me,” he repeated his demand once again.

“But don’t you think it will be wild? I mean, let’s think about it. What if we realize we are not bonding anymore due to any reason, then what?” | raised a legit point. He cannot demand us to stick together just because we spent some good time in his pack.

“If that happens, you let me know. I will try to make things right between us first and if still didn’t work out then I will reject you and free you from this mate bond.” He declared very confidently and without a hint of uncertainty.

I was still unsure, so I decided to do what I could in this case,

I stretched my hands out and he frowned watching me want to hold his hands. As soon as our hands touched, I felt the honesty in his tone.

So he wasn’t lying.

He will do what he was saying.

“So?” he was still not sure why I held his hands, “Are you ready to make a promise?” he asked and made me walk under the clear


I closed my eyes for a moment and then after grabbing all the strength and courage in my body, I nodded.

“!, Enya Fosters, promise in the presence of the Moon Goddess to never reject Maynard Gray as my mate,” I did what he wanted me to do and a smile of comfort covered his lips while his hands released a subtle sensation of comfort and happiness.

“Now let’s drop you back to his pack,” now that he was all happy and sure I will not get manipulated by Thiago to reject him, he started the journey again.

I noticed the mood change after I made a promise to him.

‘Don’t you think you are using that power too much? Nia asked after she had been silent for some hours.



“It is a good one to have. We never got to talk about the changes in us. I don’t ever remember knowing anyone to have such an unusual ability, why me, why us?’ I wanted to know if Nia too felt these powers were too much for an Omega she-wolf like us?

‘I don’t know. Something seemed to have changed when we got bit by Argo. It seems like there was a barrier that had stopped us from having these abilities because Enya, they doesn’t seem new. Our body is weirdly familiar with them,’ she explained and her word caught my attention.

‘Abilities? There is more?’ I was shocked to acknowledge there might be more than just being able to feel the emotion and nature of the person from a single touch.

‘I can feel some other changes too,’ she admitted, adding more shock to my existence.

“There you go!” Maynard hit the halt when we were at the gates of the Shadow Winter Pack.

“Are you going to miss me?” just when I was about to walk out of the car, Maynard held my hand and stopped me from getting out.

“Hm,” I shrugged teasingly.

“I am serious,” he looked blunt and frustrated that I wasn’t taking him seriously.

**Fine. Yes, I will,” I nodded faintly and watched him stretch my hand near his lips and kiss the back of it while not breaking eye

contact with me.

It flattered my heart but the moment had to end because I saw a Bugatti approaching us with Thiago inside it.

So he came to pick me up?

A smile had only covered my lips when the Bugatti drove past us and I was able to get a little glimpse of someone with him in the passenger seat.

It was a young and very attractive girl.