Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 54

Chapter 54

54-It’s Time To Meet Thiago!

After his mother and I shared a good introduction, they left for their pack house while Maynard and I decided to go the next day. We were so tired that we fell asleep the moment they left. I didn’t let him share the same bed with me because I found him very horny all the time.

We went back to the pack house and this time, I did enjoy it a lot. His mother has decided to finally move on and set her son free. He was able to let them know he lost his virginity a long time ago and it was an eye-opener for his mother. She understood she cannot force him into living a life she wants or else he will just do things behind her back.

They planned many fun days for us. I truly was filled with joy staying with them. I still didn’t share a room with him and he didn’t force me either. It seemed like we bonded like good friends and then the day arrived when I must pack up and leave once again for a new home.

However, this time my feelings were a little different. Previously, I didn’t force Lazlo to drop me off and neither did I care if he does or not. But now that I had to travel to Thiago’s pack, my heart was thumping in my chest.

I had a lot of queries brewing in my head and to get answers for all of them, I needed to see Thiago. What made the situation worse was the fact that Thiago didn’t call or text Maynard all these days to check up on me. Lazlo, who lied and played me to ruin my time with Maynard, still stayed in contact with Maynard and asked about me from time to time.

I have gotten a shower and wore a blue dress for the day. I wanted Maynard to drop me off to Thiago’s pack but I couldn’t make the demand upfront.

By the time I was ready for the day, everybody was waiting for me at the breakfast table.

“Do you really have to leave?” his mother stretched her hand out and held my hand tightly over the table, “It is just that your arrival changed a lot of things for to better. We felt like a family again,” her body was warm, her emotions were raw and truthful. She was not faking anything.

“Actually, I had promised my friend to spend time with her,” I hated lying to her. She had redeemed herself way better than one could expect in the last few days. We shared laughs and even had heart-to-heart, bickering about our mates each other.

“No worries! I already told her friend she will be staying with us for a few more days,” Maynard had planned it all in advance back when he suggested a race in the academy.

I knew whoever takes me first will not let me leave for my other mate’s pack.

“Really? Oh goodness! that’s such a piece of good news,” his mother cheered and I forced a smile across my lips.

I was all set to go. I loved being with them but there was an unfinished business that was bothering me. I never took pride in being a virgin or saw it as something too big of a deal but losing it to someone I thought loved me and cared for me wasn’t a small deal either.

He made me feel at comfort, he made me think he cared for me, and then he changed. I wanted to know what happened that brought such a change out of him and to get those answers, I needed to meet him face to face.

After Maynard changed the plans, I joined them for a movie in the cinema next to their pack house. During the entire time, couldn’t focus on the movie.

Part of me expected and wished Thiago to travel all the way from his pack to pick me up like Lazlo did, but he never did.

“You have been very quiet the whole day,” Maynard and I were walking on the road after we had dinner at a five-star restaurant.

I had an ice cream cone in my hands while he was drinking a latte.

“Really? Maybe I ran out of words. I need a new battery,” I joked stealing eyes from him. I didn’t want to look too desperate and ask him what did Thiago say when he told him I wouldn’t be able to make it for another few days, but not asking didn’t help me any good. I was now more curious and agitated.

“He doesn’t even ask about you,” he commented and stopped dead in his tracks. I closed my eyes and stopped moving ahead. I turned to him and saw him looking at me.

“And I want to know why?” It was so hard to discuss my relationship with one of the mates with my other mate.

“Why does it matter? He has always been like that. Look at him, the instant he is out of the academy he doesn’t give a shit about me and Lazlo too. We stayed in contact and he barely attend our calls. He is all for himself,” the frustration was there in his voice.

He was not wrong.

Thiago did prove his words to be true but I couldn’t just take his word for it and not confront Thiago myself. Something happened that made Thiago push me away and I was determined to know about it.

“I still have to speak to him,” I whispered under my breath.

“After how he had ignored you? Do you carry any spine at all?” his question and aggressive tone compelled a response from me.

“Don’t act as I have never given you second chances. If I can do that for you and Lazlo, why can’t I do it for Thiago?” I had to tell him he is no saint either. He gave me such a tough time on my first day here and here he was complaining about me not carrying a spine when I wanted to speak to Thiago.

“Is this how much he means to you?” he threw the coffee in the middle of the road and placed his hands on his waist.

I don’t know why he had to litter just to display frustration but each to their own.

“I am going to talk to Thiago regardless of what you say,” I answered him back but it upset him into letting out a laugh.

“Wow! Miss Omega! You are so bold and confident in front of Lazlo and me but when it comes to Thiago, you turn into this weak little kitten who feels lost. Fine! If that’s what you wish for then that’s it,” he said through a clenched jaw.

Shocking me with his comment about my changing attitude whenever I am in front of Thiago. Is it really true? Do I really act differently when I am around Thiago?

He reached me and grasped the ice cream out of my hand to throw it away.

“What the hell?” I complained,

“Go get your shit, I am dropping you off to your beloved mate’s pack.” He didn’t stop and continued walking briskly in the direction of the pack house.