Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 53

Chapter 53

53-Held By Him

Just when I thought Maynard was going to support her, he did something very unlike him.

He used his brain!

“Let my mate go,” his order was received with an instant reaction from her friends. They set me free and stepped away so that he doesn’t focus on them.

Hila was the most shocked one out of everyone as she didn’t expect him to stand up for me.

“Your mate? She hit me,” Hila freed her fist and cried before him. Her eyes were watching him with those big tears in them where she was demanding justice from him.

“Do you know what is a punishment for the crime against the Alpha’s Luna?” Maynard stepped closer to her but only to threaten her into backing away.

“You are threatening me for he—r?” I bet she thought she was too special. I didn’t feel bad for her, she had a bitchy vibe to her from the moment we met.

“And why the fuck would I care about you? You have been sleeping with all my friends when I was gone and now you are hurt seeing me with my mate?” he tilted his face as he exposed her before everybody.

I didn’t know she was also disloyal apart from being a bitch. That explained why he was also sleeping around so much, they two loved having many partners.

“She is the Luna of this pack!” someone from the crowd whispered when they heard him.

“Yes! She is my Luna, my mate,” Maynard looked around at everyone, “You all witnessed us coming together yet nobody came forth to defend and shield my mate. Is this what you are all taught? My mate must receive respect like your mates receive,” he was loud and using his commanding voice. I bet they have never heard him raise his voice without the guidance of his mother.

“As for you, my guards will accompany you to your home and speak to your parents regarding you humiliating and ruining my mate’s mood,” Maynard didn’t look at her twice and held my hand to walk away with me.

I turned my neck around to her and stuck my tongue out, making her gasp in humiliation.

“Don’t be childish,” Maynard grunted, obviously he saw me mocking her. He was holding my arm like a mother dragging her kid back home.

“I can walk fine even if you don’t hold me like this,” I shrugged my arm free and shook my head at him, “That was a heroic entry,” | commented.

He was walking ahead of me with his broad shoulders moving along with his body.

“Don’t tell me you are truly sad about this situation,” I rolled my eyes when found him acting too strange.

“Mom is waiting for us in our room,” he finally spoke up to let me know what had been worrying him.

“Oh!” I briskly matched pace with his and pouted, “It is fine though. I think you should speak to her. Try to make her understand calmly instead of lashing out or arguing,” I tried to be helpful but he scoffed.

“Says the one who nearly bit off that girl’s finger,” he had a smile across his lips reminding me of my catfight with Hila.

“Hey! she started it first,” I complained, folding arms over my chest and reaching the hotel.

Oh goodness! His pack was really working me up.

As expected, his parents had been waiting in our suite’s living room for us. I greeted his father only with a head nod but didn’t try to communicate with his mother. I didn’t know what brought her here, it could be her hatred for me so trying to get her attention didn’t seem like a good idea to me.

“Come! Sit with us,” his mother told me after Maynard sat down. I nodded and took a seat beside Maynard.

“I am aware of my actions,” she started with quivering lips, “I am t-oo controlling.” She raised her face and tears covered her eyes, “but I just want to keep my son close so that no har–m ever comes his way,” a weak smile plastered across her lips when she probably remembered this isn’t how she can keep anyone safe.

“I know I am crazy, but I can-not lose another son,” she was shaking when talking to us. This was the first time that I have seen her talk so softly to me.

53-Held By Him

“You are not losing me, mom,” Maynard got up from his seat and sat in her feet, “Gerald’s death was not your fault. You did what any good mother would do, support her son. You need to stop blaming yourself. Imagine how he must be feeling every time he sees you blame yourself for his demise? Do you think he would want this?” Maynard was holding her hands and trying to comfort her but she was bawling like crazy.

“Then tell me how do I fix things? How do I tell the world I love my sons and I know how to take care of them?” she tilted her face and watched her son’s face with so much love that even I felt guilty for triggering her trauma unintentionally.

“You don’t need to. Do you know they all stood around and did nothing when Hila attacked an Alpha’s mate today? These people only listen when you get vocal. They will never understand and feel your pain until you take a stand for yourself. You cannot please them all mother, you don’t need to prove your innocence to anyone,” he was comforting her and her smile was growing wider, “You are never going to lose me, I promise you!” he said and the two exchanged a hug.

They remained like that until his mother had shed all the tears. Once they broke the hug, she smiled my way.

“Let’s begin from the start then, may I know your name my son’s fine mate, who gave him the courage to console his mother?” the smile across her lips was genuine but I had to do it.

I believe they had never talked about that incident before hence the matters kept getting worse.

I got on my feet and reached her just to hold her hands and see if she was playing any game.

“I am Enya Fosters,” I said once her hands didn’t betray me.