Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 52

Chapter 52


Maynard followed my stare to the bump in his pants and a smirk grew on the corner of his lips.

“Umm! Don’t mind him. He was just giving me a standing ovation for suggesting that idea,” he pointed at his dick. He shamelessly smiled and then stepped back once it was made clear to him that I was not going to let him take advantage of me just because he was feeling horny.

After we both showered separately, we left for the hike. I had worn some gray skinny jeans with a blue shirt and blue sweater to keep my body warm. He wore casual blue jeans and a white shirt with a blue long coat.

“The food here is really good,” he had his mouth full but he didn’t quit talking.

“The view is also beautiful,” I complimented the view, “look at those flowers,” I smiled. His smile faded away when he received a call from someone.

“You should speak to her,” I said as I watched him staring silently at his phone’s screen. I knew it was his mother. She had been blowing up his phone nonstop this entire time. He nodded faintly and got up to walk on the trail when talking to her. Now that I was alone, I let out a sigh and inhaled the fresh air.HRERO

The comfort and pleasure withered away when my eyes landed on Hila coming our way.

I can make a guess and say maybe his mother alerted her of our stay here but I couldn’t be too sure.

“So after getting me kicked out, you decided to come to this café with him?” she raised her voice so that everybody in the café hears her.

“Mind your language,” I grunted, not letting her walk all over me again.

“You didn’t mind yours when you called him your mate, didn’t you?” she made eye contact with me but I looked away from her. It wasn’t that I was afraid of her or something, I was just avoiding an unnecessary brawl in the public.

“Why? Are you frightened to look at me?” she smirked and slammed the table to get my attention. I was holding my anger in and she was just trying to make me break my own rule of not ruining the environment.

“If you have a problem go and talk to Maynard. He brought me to his pack, it was his idea,” I still didn’t cross any limits but I reckon if she cared.

“You must have seduced him or whore yourself out for him to bring you here so that he can use you as a toy,” Once she said that, I understood there was no way this girl deserved my silence.

“I am sorry but I am not a hoe like you. You were the one who got kicked out by his mother for shoving your tongue down his throat. He didn’t take a stand for you but look how he left his mansion when somebody disrespected me. That’s the difference between being his mate and being his side piece,” my words must have shocked her friends because they started whispering in their ears. It was then I realized she hadn’t told them anything.

“Huh! an Omega is going to tell me what I should do?” with those words being said by her, she grabbed the glass of juice and threw it in my face.

She took it too far.

The fellas around laughed like a group of immatures, watching a beta humiliate an Omega.

“This might teach you a good lesson.” She placed her hands on the table and hunched over my head to mutter venomously.

Without a delay, I got up from my chair head butting her in the chin. The shriek leaving her lips turned the laughing crowd into silence.

She held her hand to her chin but it was the mouth she was bleeding from. She had bit the top of her tongue into bleeding.

“What the heck!” her friends reacted when they saw all the blood on her.

“Oh! You have called my wrath upon yourself,” she groaned madly and lunged at me. I was aware of the power dynamic here.

She was a beta and more in strength than I was but she lacked some key points.

A: she didn’t have a good ass excuse to be angry at me.

B: she was too mad to react properly.


I tossed the table between us which made her trip and face plant on the floor. I bet every step to failure was enraging her more. Forcing pressure on her palms, she got on her feet and jumped at me. The moment our bodies collided, I tripped with her on the floor. She had her hands around my neck to strangle me into submitting to her while I decided to go for her weakness. I grasped her hair in my fists and began to pull them wildly.

I didn’t want such a reputation but she left me no choice.

“Ahh! Let go of my hair,” her grip around my neck loosened as I stretched her neck back.

The grown-ass adults in the crowd were laughing and cheering us on. Just when I noticed her hand reaching for my hair too, I bit her finger.

“OWWWW!” she screamed in agony, shaking her body and hoping somebody would come forward for her escape. I was sticking with her like a blood-sucking leech.

I was frustrated and angry!

“Come on you fools, help me,” once her friends didn’t receive the signal too well. She shouted at them for leaving her alone to fight me.–.

The moment she called for help, her friends jumped at us. They tore us apart by unlocking my fingers from her hair and my teeth from her finger

I was able to taste her blood in my mouth by the time they dragged me to my feet and forced me into standing up.

“Ah!” now that she had her friends holding both my hands and ceasing my struggles, she straightened her back confidently.

She looked like a mess with all the blood on her chin and her hand.

“You dared to upset me,” she sprinted to punch me but her fist never made it to my face. Maynard grunted holding her fist and glaring into her soul.

“There will be no need of it,” It was Maynard talking sternly.

“Thank goodness you have arrived,” she groaned when watching my face behind Maynard, “This girl insulted me in front of everyone. This omega! She humiliated you by insulting the beta of your pack,” she was now changing her tone to come off as a victim. She used the difference in our status to anger Maynard as well. The funny part was that she wasn’t even the Royal beta of the pack but it didn’t matter, her father was the Royal beta so soon she will become one.

“Sh–” before I could say something, Maynard hushed me down and a smile of triumph covered her lips.