Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 50

Chapter 50

50-His Mate Killed Him

I locked the room after I quit them to pack my bags in peace. Nobody came after me to stop me but I found it to be a blessing in disguise. I wouldn’t want anybody to make me stay in this insane pack.

After I have packed my belongings, I held my phone in my hands and broke the rule by calling Thiago. My calls rang for a minute but he never responded in any way.

“We can go back to the academy,’ Nia suggested very defeatedly. I was aware of her pain as it was mine too.

‘I think you are right,’I added and got up from the bed to finally leave the pack. Once I opened the door, I looked around and gestured at a guard to bring my stuff downstairs.

I was going to escape this madhouse and not look back. Enough is enough! His mother had been nothing but mean to me and he failed to defend me and give me respect.

After I have exited the mansion, I stood on the road waiting for the uber I have called. A black mustang parked right beside me and Maynard came out of it.

“Get inside the car,” he said, reaching for my bags.

“Don’t touch me. I am not going back in there,” I commented keeping my spine straight and my foot shaking out of anxiety.

“We are not going back in there. I am taking you to a suite I have booked for us,” his eyes were red and there was no sign of a smirk on his face like he usually carries.

I shook my head and laughed a little at his joke.

“I am serious,” he demanded I take him seriously and at the same time, his parents came out of the mansion.

“What is going on here? Why did the guards load your bags in the car?” Mrs. Gray was pretty much singing the same harmony.

“I am leaving with her. We will stay in a suite for two days and then probably travel to some city to enjoy the rest of our vacations,” he seemed arrogantly annoyed.

“What did you say? You didn’t ask me if I will be okay with this.” As usual, she complained. Once she stopped right in front of me, found her glaring at me from head to toe.

“Is it necessary that you people argue next to me? I am trying to flee the madness and now I am stuck!” I almost raised my voice until I zipped my mouth and groaned.

“Look at her, she doesn’t even want to stick around for you,” she was delusional but very good at manipulating her son.

“That is enough! Don’t you see what you are doing?” his father stepped in to silence her, but she only responded with a shrug of her shoulders.

“I am leaving with you. I am taking a stand for you,” Maynard ignored his mother and adjusted his body between ours so that he could look me in the eye.

“I don’t need your support anymore,” luttered in annoyance, I wanted to be alone dammit.

“That is not how we deal with issues,” his father spoke very softly but that’s not how I remember him talking to me when I arrived.

“I know! You guys unleash Mrs. Gray to resolve the matters,” I know I was taking it too far but she had pissed me off.

“Listen to her,” Mrs. Gray complained.

“Mom! If she cannot stay in this pack house, neither will I,” it was that time that Maynard raised his voice so that he can be heard clearly for the first time. The look on his father’s face told me he knew this would happen someday.

“What? did you hear what he is saying?” Mrs. Gray was in shock and so was I.

I didn’t expect him to take such a big step for me. But I believe he only did it when he realized I am not a doormat. The moment ! spoke up for myself, he was forced to respect me.

Nobody, not even the alpha King can take me for granted.

“This was bound to happen,” Lord Gray mumbled in a sigh, “You two! Go and enjoy your vacations.,” instead of stopping us, Lord Gray gave us a green flag.

“NO! I won’t let him leave. He is my son, I birthed him. He wi-,” she was shouting at us but Maynard grabbed my hand in front of


50-His Mate Killed Him

her and that silenced her.

“You are my mother and I thought you loved me. I always looked away from your crazy demands because I convinced myself that you were only doing all that because you loved me until I realized you don’t actually or else you wouldn’t hurt my mate,” the words he said came out with a little hint of sobs. He was hurting and I could tell that from the nerves in his hands.

I was able to feel the heat in his body and even comprehend if he was lying or was being genuine?

He was genuine!

But how was I able to feel it?

It made no sense.

“I love you, I do love you!” she held her hands to her heart and whimpered a little.

“You two take care of yourself. I will come by when I am headed back to the academy,” Maynard ignored his mother’s tears and dragged me with him to the car. I didn’t object either.

I sat down in the car with him and off we go to the hotel where he had booked a suite for us. The whole car ride was the most awkward car ride ever.

He ran two red lights and showed a lot of road rage too. I didn’t interrupt him because he did what I expected a good mate to do.

He took a stand for me by going against his abuser, who happen to be his mother.

Now that he had taken that step, I wanted to be with him to comfort him.

We were greeted by the hotel staff very nicely with champagne and bouquets. They were happy to have Alpha and his mate as a

guest at their hotel.

They booked the entire top floor for our privacy, which was needed because it would be messy once we are alone again.

After we have entered the suite, I forgot everything for a moment. It was all set with a white and grey décor. The attached bathroom was spacious with a spa attached to it.

The living room and the dining room were set to a great view with glass walls to view of the mountains.

“I am not incompetent,” he whispered out of the blue, “I know you must be thinking I am a mama’s boy. But there is more to the story than you will ever know,” he was in tears as he sat down in the bed and held his hands tightly together.

“Maybe if you open up, I will be able to understand?” I whispered back but making sure I don’t hurt him.

“We lo-st my brother to his mate,” his words froze my existence for a moment.

He had lost a brother?

“His mate killed him and everybody blamed my mother for it. She was deemed as someone who failed to take care of the