Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 49

Chapter 49

49-Too Toxic For My Liking

“Tell me you didn’t make out with him? tell me you didn’t share a bedroom with him?” Maynard was shouting at me and I had no answer to give him. I did lie to him when he asked me if anything happened between Lazlo and me, but I only did it because Lazlo had already told him lies that we didn’t do anything.

“You have no answer,” he scoffed, “And then you had the audacity to cause this mess between my relationship with my mother,” now that he mentioned his mother again, I couldn’t help but talk.

“You are angry at me for lying and what about you? Aren’t you lying to your mother too? isn’t it the same situation?” I raised my voice and he shook his head at me.

“My relationship with my mother is of respect. I don’t want her to know about my sexual life but you! You are my mate. I get it that you did not want to kiss and tell but then you lied about the littlest things. You could have told me you two stayed in the same room. I found it all from Lazlo. Even the whole incident where you helped him fight against his father. So much happened and you acted like it was nothing,” the more he spoke, the more I felt like Lazlo played me.

He really made me look like a liar.

“It was Lazlo’s idea. He forbade me from telling you anything. He was the one who lied about it all. I just kept his lies so that your friendship remains intact with him. But I guess I was wrong! You all are too busy trying to win me over just to rub it in each other’s faces. And here my stupid ass thought you all were taking an interest,” I yelled out of desperation, and what did you expect me to say when I didn’t fucking know you didn’t tell your mom anything about your life? Was I supposed to stay silent when she was taunting me? haven’t I told you all that I will not partake in any relationship where I will be exposing my secrets and my time with my other mates? How am I at fault when I have made myself clear over time and time?” I got so angry that I pushed him back.

“You fucking stayed here and did nothing when she was mocking me. Why did you bring me to your pack then? You want to know everything that happens between me and my mates? Then I should tell Thiago everything when I go to his pack. If you are going to ask for details then be ready for your ones to be leaked too,” I finally said whatever I had in my heart but before deciding to leave, I said one more thing, “I am sure you didn’t tell your mother you believe my side of the story. And I am sure I don’t want to be around a mama’s boy who loves being in charge of her son’s sexual life,” I said before turning around and reaching for the doorknob.

“What do you mean by that? Where are you going?” he inquired and reached my hand but I freed it and pushed him back once again.

“I mean; I am leaving your pack. I cannot sit around and let another person control my life. I rejected Corbin because he wanted to twist our mate bond into his liking and now your mother is doing the same and you are just standing in the corner like a fucking coward,” I pointed at his chest and the moment I opened the door, I found his mother standing there eavesdropping on us.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, “What is your pack?” I shouted as I glared at the two in front of me.

“She was manipulating you against me,” Mrs. Gray had her hands shivering, I bet she wanted to smack me across my face but oh! I wanted her to try.


“I am sorry! I am not his mother, the queen of manipulation,” the moment I said that to her face, Maynard gasped and his mother did what I expected from her. She raised her hand and but it didn’t hit me because I have grasped it tightly before it could even touch my face.

“How dare you!” she threatened, trying to free her hand from my grasp.

“NO! HOW DARE YOU!” my voice deepened without my knowledge. It was then Maynard sprinted between us and freed his mother from me.

I was almost in shock at what I had just done. I transferred so much heat to her that I left a bruise on her wrist.

“Look what she did,” Mrs. Gray seemed in shock, even Maynard was confused about how a mere Omega was able to leave a bruise like that?

“Why did you try to hit her?” Maynard asked his mother, who was having a hard time getting out of the memory of me ceasing her attempt to hit me,

“She was being rude,” once she got out of the trance, she shouted at her son, “Did you not see how she held my hand?” she continued to look her son in the eye to control him again.

“After you tried to hit her,” he spoke sense for the first time in front of his mother.

“I cannot deal with his madness,” I was shaking inside me, not because I was scared of them but because I was afraid of myself.


49-Too Toxic For My Liking

This new change in me was subtle but I was able to feel it. I wanted to speak to Nia and ask her what was it?

“Good! Reject and her set her free,” her words made Maynard and I shared a glance in shock and then watch her face.

“Reject her,” she repeated herself, the little smirk across her lips told me she was too confident he will do as she will tell him.

“No!” Maynard replied faintly.

“What is going on here?” Lord Gray has finally arrived to check up on the commotion.

“This girl misbehaved with me. Tell your son to reject her or he will never see my face again,” she was shaking in anger, how could someone be so desperate to harm his son’s mate by making him reject her?

“What did she do?” Lord Gray asked his son instead of blindly asking him to reject me.

“Why are you asking him, I told you to tell him to reject her.” She interrupted angrily, firing arrows through her eyes at my existence.

“There is a way to deal with things. He cannot just reject his mate like that,” Lord Gray was very calm when talking to her.

“What? you are telling me I should give her a chance? What about to you and your love for your son?” her quizzical stares were now at her mate.

“I love him but —,” he paused, but now even I think it is too much. He is an Alpha, we cannot babysit him,” he was right!

So she was the one making him do all the crazy things to control their son?

“Oh! So you think I am too controlling?” she bobbed her head and scoffed, “Well, then if that’s what you think it is then that’s what it is. You! Reject her,” she wasn’t the type to quit so I realized I don’t want them to argue over me.

The more she talked, the more my body seemed to be set on fire.

I cannot deal with the madness. With these mysterious changes in my existence, I was already dealing with a lot.

“I cannot,” Maynard shook his head and stole eyes from his mother.

“You all don’t need to argue over me,” I said in gasps, I was running out of air.

“Are you okay?” Maynard gently touched my arm but I stepped back from him.

“I am leaving this pack. You all can have each other. I rejected the Alpha King when he tried to control me by making me think him raping me would be fine. I rejected him and accepted him to live in the academy because I chose to see the difference between right and wrong. After taking such a courageous step, I cannot go back to that situation again. I cannot be a part of another toxic family and pack.” I didn’t hesitate to say my opinion loud and clear,

And with that being said, I have not only shocked them but I have proceeded to walk away from them.