Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 48

Chapter 48

48- The Twisted World Of Maynard

It was almost like I was watching something that was impossible. The problem was with Maynard’s recent actions regarding me.

He was pretending like he was really interested in me. He even made sure I know he gets upset when my other mates try to come closer to me but here he was, with another she-wolf.

I watched him making out like he had no care in the world until I cleared my throat and he pulled away from the girl.

His eyes bugged out in shock when they landed on me but weirdly enough, the look on his face softened very soon.

He rolled his eyes and let out a sigh of relief.

I was clueless and desperately waiting for him to explain what I was seeing?

The girl had an arrogant look on her face as she mended her dress and glared at Maynard for letting me in when she hadn’t fixed her attire.

She was a black-haired and brown-eyed girl. Actually very good looking.


Wearing a black dress that could barely reach her thighs, she was flaunting her amazing figure.

“She is a Beta of our pack, Hila Walsh!” Maynard introduced the girl without looking guilty for getting caught with her.

“I am sure she knows me, you have spoken about me to her, haven’t you?” she had a deep and commanding voice. I am sure she was trying her best to come across as bratty and superior as she could to an omega like me.

Even after what I saw, I moved forward to shake hands with her but she rolled her eyes at me. I bet Maynard snickered, was it too much fun for him?

“No! actually he has not but I am pretty sure you know who I am,” I made detailed eye contact with her and that’s when I witnessed her lips parting and a gasp heaving across them.

*Well then you should know it from me, I am his girlfriend,” she made a threatening move by reaching my face all of a sudden. I had to step back to avoid getting bumped by her.

My neck twisted to Maynard, who didn’t seem guilty or ashamed. In fact, he was smirking and watching my expression very attentively.

“Great!” I bobbed my head. I was having a battle in my mind in regards to how I should react to this nonsense or not? It was then I realized Maynard was finding pleasure in watching two she-wolfs glaring at each other into the abyss.

Before any of us could utter again, a knock on the door separated us. It was his mother waiting at the door and probably wondering why we haven’t joined them for breakfast yet?

“Oh! Hila!” the way his mother greeted her was a hint that she liked her over me. Why not? she was a beta and I was a mere omega. It was bound to happen.

“Hello, Mrs. Gray!” I bet Hila knew something because of the way she secretly watched my face when hugged his mother.

“I didn’t know you were arriving so early.” His mother smirked because she wanted me to know she knew of her arrival. Maynard was just silently standing in the corner watching us silently hate each other because of the things he was doing.

I wasn’t supposed to take it so seriously but my heart felt the betrayal, my wolf felt it deeply.

“Yeah! I couldn’t wait to see him,” she replied as the two glanced at me.

*Have you met his mate?” it was then Mrs. Gray thought it wasn’t enough and she needs to take things too far by directly involving me in their conversation.

“I did, I feel bad for him,” Hila pouted sadly but her taunt riled me up.

I have been standing there and literally doing nothing but they kept looking my way and trying to get my attention. Good for Hila, she got it.

“But it is fine because you gave him a lot of courage and comfort by making out loud crazily in this room just a few minutes ago,” | wanted them to know I wasn’t jealous recalling that incident but instead, I hit a right spot in the dark.

The smile on Mrs. Gray’s lips vanished when after I was done talking. It took me by surprise because Hila and Maynard panicked

48-The Twisted World Of Maynard


Once again, I started having debates about why they were acting this way?

“You two made out?” Mrs. Gray’s entire attention was on them now.

“No! you know she lies out of her ass,” Maynard came forward, dismissing my credibility.

“Really? Then explain her lipstick on your collar,” That’s it, I had to speak up because he called me a liar.

Besides, they had been nothing but inconsiderate of my feelings this whole time. They kind of asked for this reaction from me.

“I want you out of my mansion right now,” Mrs. Gray stepped back from Hila and pointed at the door. She wasn’t talking to me this time; she was yelling at Hila.

“Mom!” Maynard whispered but didn’t try too hard to object. Hila was now grunting and glaring at me when she stomped her foot and exited the room.

“Guards! Make sure she leaves,” Mrs. Gray was truly a bitch. Just one unpleasant incident and she turned her back on the girl.

I was still not sure why she reacted that way?

“You!” she then proceeded to speak to her son, “You had your first kiss without my permission,” her words made my head go in circles.

What did she say?

His first kiss?

But he was a fuckboy of our academy. I have seen and heard about him having sex left-right.

– it was a mistake. She-sort of initiated it,” the way he lied angered me.

“An Alpha shouldn’t lie. I saw you two equally participating,” I raised my brow when his face changed color.

Did he want to piss me off? Glad he did.

“I can’t believe this. I raised you, I taught you well and you, I can’t even look at you right now,” she was shaking in disgust and it was true that she wasn’t even sparing him a glance.

“Just tell me one thing, are you even a virgin?” her sobs turned louder and left me in shock. This was not a joke, she was truly upset that her son went behind her back and did something without her permission.

She was way too controlling, I wondered how Maynard was living this life being controlled over the littlest things?

“I am!” he lied but I didn’t raise an objection this time. She was going insane with all the whimpering and sobbing, I couldn’t bring myself to cause more issues between the two.

“You should eat breakfast with your father today,” she was still looking away from him.

“What about you?” Maynard asked his mother, trying to approach her but she stopped him with a single motion of her hand.

“I would appreciate it if I am alone for a day,” she stated while taking heavy breaths. It wasn’t long that she had left the room and now it was Maynard and me.

“What have you done?” the very first thing he did was shout at me with all his might.

“What is all this messed up situation?” I asked instead of responding to him.

“I found you making out with some rando and you are yelling at me?” I yelled back at him when he took it too far by not apologizing for the subtle insult and shouted at me instead.

“You are the one to question? You made out with Lazlo, you initiated that shit and now you got to question me?” once he yelled his heart out, I understood what got him into acting up.

Lazlo lied to me when he told me he wasn’t going to tell Maynard anything. He told me to hide it and then went ahead to tell Maynard and made me look like a liar.