Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 47

Chapter 47

47-Getting On My Nerves

“I fought him off and even rejected him. But he took it upon his ego and dragged me to the werewolf court, where my own sister lied and sided with him. And then the next thing I know, I am standing in a room filled with sexy Alphas.” I let out a laugh but he didn’t smile a bit.

He was silently staring at my face until he put the plate down, and then snatched mine too. He made user they were not in our way when he pulled me in a tight hug.

It just felt so comforting and weird at the same time how he reacted.

“I shouldn’t have given you a hard time back when you arrived,” he mumbled, keeping his arms wrapped around my body as he comforted me.

“I didn’t know you were just a fierce Omega. You fucking kicked Alpha King’s ass and then rejected him,” he broke the hug and started laughing but my eyes were on the person standing before us.

His mother must have seen him leave or have asked somebody to find him because she had walked all the way to find us.

“So she is teaching you to sit on a road and eat like a beggar?” her comment made him stop laughing and turn his attention to his mother. I was honestly tired of her nagging ass.

She would not let him breathe for a moment. Wherever he goes, she will show up.

“She didn’t ask me to join. I did it because I wanted to spend time with her,” Maynard must have never spoken back to his mother before because she looked shocked as if she had seen a ghost.

Just a few hours and she has already

before she could finish, Maynard shook his head and she went silent herself.

“You should go back home mom, it is cold here,” Maynard mumbled while stealing eyes from her.

“Right!” she was shivering with quivering lips when she turned around and left. I didn’t want to come between them but his parents were just too much.

He was an Alpha; he didn’t need somebody to babysit him all the time.

“May I ask how you got the punishment?” I don’t know what hit me, I felt like now would be the right time to ask him that question.

“Oh that!” he scratched the back of his neck and then cleared his throat. I knew something crazy was about to come out of his mouth.

“1-I was drunk driving on my coronation day,” he said and started munching on his plate of pasta quickly.

“Are you sure that’s why you got punished?” I raised my brow and watched him shrug his shoulders.

“Yes! I am pretty sure I was there.” he sounded cocky because I asked him twice. “Anyway, let’s get back home now,” he suggested and I nodded to it.

We walked back to the mansion and just when I thought the hard part has passed, I was welcomed by his mother yet again.

“You two are not staying in one room,” she said, watching Maynard look all sad.

“Mom!” he complained but she hushed him down with a single gesture of his finger.

“She is not accepted or marked by you so she is not going to be sleeping in the same room as you.” She was not breaking the eye contact with me when talking to me in a distasteful manner.

I bet she thought I was this crazy omega who would harm her son or probably beg him to sleep with her or impregnate her.

“If you have let me talk I would have told you that her stuff is in the guest room,” Maynard was able to get a word in the edgewise.

She shared a hateful glance to me and then turned to Maynard.

“Go to your room, it is way past your bedtime.” The moment she said those words, Maynard eyed her and I couldn’t contain my laughter anymore.

Did she just really tell the Alpha it is his bedtime?

“Why? I can say what I want. You are my little boy. Maybe she doesn’t have parents who tuck her in -oh wait! Isn’t she the one with the adopted parents? So her parents are already tucked into the grave them- her way of jumping from point A to Z

angered me.

“Good Night!” 1 interrupted her and stomped my foot to purposely disrespect her..

“Did you see that?” I heard her complain to Maynard even after she said such a horrible thing to me.

“Mom! Why did you say that to her?” thankfully, Maynard saw who was wrong. But I didn’t get to stay around for too long because I have already reached my room.

Once I was in the room, I kept staring at my phone’s screen.

‘Missing Thiago?’ Nia knew us well. There was something about Thiago that I couldn’t forget about even when it seemed like he had forgotten about us.

Do you think he is done with us?’ I asked as fear started to engulf me.

“Why do you think he will be done with us?’ Nia knew there was something going on in my head that I was not able to openly talk about.

‘Just a thought,’I mumbled and lowered my face.

‘Is it because he took our virginity?’ she caught up really quickly.

I faintly nodded to her and for a moment, even she didn’t have an answer.

‘When he was leaving for his pack, I still felt the mate bond. However, there was some resistance this time,’ now that she explained to me what she felt with Thiago the last time, I closed my eyes tightly to stop the tears from leaving my eyes.

‘So he was trying to cut us out of his memory,’ I knew what it means when a wolf feels resistance. It’s when a mate is preventing the memories and trying to block the mate out.

The thought that he even tried to do that upset me, it crumbled me like a piece of paper.

“I am sorry! I gave him myself so quick that he started taking me for granted,’ I teared up when apologizing to Nia. Maybe it was my fault that she was soon to taste rejection.

‘I don’t think it is your fault. Even I felt heavily attracted to him. At the moment, he felt super nice and caring. We both got fooled or maybe, that race did have to do something with it. Maybe he felt he is not capable of winning the others?’ it was hard to believe but then again it was the only reason that we could find because that was when he changed.

‘We will get all the answers when we are alone with him again,’ I sighed and rested in the bed. I was tired and something was telling me that I was going to have a very long day tomorrow.

I woke up before breakfast and got ready to meet the others downstairs. I didn’t know how to tell Maynard that I am not comfortable here living with his mother, who wastes no time before taunting and mocking me. Maynard was still in his room sol decided to meet him first and then together we go to attend breakfast.

I have only reached Maynard’s room when I heard some noises coming from inside. It caught my attention because those noises were not regular noises, somebody was giggling from inside.

The door was also left open so I didn’t knock and pushed it wide open to be surprised, I found Maynard and a girl making out.