Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 46

Chapter 46

46-Now You Hear Me, Mister!

“Why did you bring me here?” Once we have passed the awkward introduction, they relocated me to a guest room.

Maynard followed me because he noticed my mood.

“Because you are my mate,” he responded half attentively. Maybe it wasn’t a big deal to him how they have treated me, but it was a huge thing for me.

“They were not happy seeing me here. They didn’t even let me greet them.” I was going crazy recalling how they shut me up when I wanted to introduce myself.

“So what’s the big deal? They will eventually speak to you,” he said, “It is just they—they were not happy that I have an Omega as a mate,” he finished and I rolled my eyes at him.

“As if I want to be a mate to an incompetent Alpha, who couldn’t even tell his family to not disrespect me,” I didn’t care if my statements make his eyes grow double the size or they jump out of their sockets.

“Okay! I don’t know what you are planning on doing but I respect my parents and you should too,” he frowned when telling me how I have to react and speak to his parents.

“If they misbehave, I will not hold back,” I have only said till that when the door opened and a maid appeared in our view.

“Alpha Maynard! Your mother sent a message to you.” She stated as she passed me a weak smile.

I watched Maynard’s phone thinking the message will be on the phone but that wasn’t the case, they were some other species.

“She said, she is upset with you because you spent more minutes with your mate than with your mother,” she conveyed the message and I was shocked to hear that.

She was really treating him like he was a toddler.

“Oh!” Maynard sighed,

“And your father said he didn’t like your shirt so he is going to get you some good brands,” she then added and then left the room.

“They are not going to buy you diapers?” I caught his attention and it changed his mood. He was glaring at my face with no emotions.

“What?” I shrugged and without answering me, he left the room.

“Oh God! I didn’t know Maynard was a mama’s boy,” / slapped my forehead because now I have to tolerate another mess.

He didn’t come back to check up on me, his maids did come by to offer me some drinks but it was all silent until dinner time.

I was invited over and a dress was provided for me. I wore that golden long dress and attended the dinner.

Maynard sat beside me whilst Lord Grey and his mate sat together. It was a round table so we were all facing each other and sitting together.

“So! Maynard baby!” Mrs. Grey cleared her throat as she held mashed potatoes in her hands. I honestly expected her to do that airplane foreplay to make him eat as they do to the toddlers.

“Mashed potatoes are really good,” she shoved the plate in his hands.

“Miss Omega! You should tr-” Maynard’s eyes fall in the direction of pasta and just when he held it for me, his mother’s face flushed.

“You gave her a nickname?” she looked upset and jealous.

Lord Grey shook his head in disappointment.

So Lazlo’s father gave zero fucks about him and Maynard’s parents were weirdly controlling and couldn’t share their son.

“It’s okay, he can give you a nickname too. How about the big bad wolf?” I spoke up and laughed while the others glared at me in awkward silence, “Not a fan of jokes, I assume,” 1 pouted, desperately wanting to roll my eyes but didn’t want to piss them off more than I already have.

“So you are an Omega,” His father chuckled to himself, “It is always the omegas that try to jump higher and then land on their faces,” I know what he meant.

“But this one, in particular, has the audacity to trap many big people,” his mother joined Lord Grey and a frown covered my forehead.

“Mom! Dad! Can we just eat in silence?” Maynard requested but of course, they didn’t care about what he wanted.

“Did you know about her previous mate?” his mother smirked when looking directly through my eyes and speaking to her son.

“What mate?” Maynard stared at me, “I mean what happened?” he corrected himself to not trigger me.

“They went to a werewolf court. She wanted him to take her virginity and he didn’t want to accept her. She started throwing herself on him and all and once he didn’t fulfill her desires, she lost her control and accused him of an attempt of rape,” she chewed upon her words when mentioning my past.

Maynard was staring into my face as tears filled my eyes.

“Mom! Why would she beg someone to take her virginity? If they were mates, he would accept and mate with her anyway,” Maynard said.

“Only if he liked her. He didn’t want such a lousy mate,” Mrs. Grey was getting on my nerves for so many reasons.

“I am sorry but were you there?” | asked and her face changed color.

*This is what the Alpha King said,” she commented and Maynard’s body flinched.

“The Alpha King?” he questioned, watching his family bob their heads.

“Her previous mate used to be the Alpha King,” there it was, the smirk of pride covering her lips.

“What?” Maynard let out a shock-filled gasp and watched my face.

“Thanks for only hearing one side,” I got up on my feet without finishing my food and walked straight to the exit.

It is like every time something happens, I rush for clean air. Once I was outside the mansion, I let the tears fall down freely.

I wasn’t wearing any sweaters or jackets so I had to hug myself in order to warm my body.

It was a shame that I had to fight the alpha king for the right cause and now everybody looked at me like I was the one in the wrong.

“Miss Omega!” A voice calling for me caught my attention but lignored him and kept walking down the empty road without a sense of direction.

“Hey!” he finally caught up with me and bent down to catch his breath, “Just stop!” he complained as he showed me two plates he had to manage filled with food when running like crazy after me.

“I am not hungry,” I said bitterly and decided to step ahead when he rushed into my way and held a plate out for me.

“I want to hear your side,” he requested,

“Don’t you think your mommy dear will be upset if she finds out you are spending more time with me?” yes, I was angry and I had all the reasons to be. His parents were not at all reasonable people.

“If they want me to sit and eat with them, they have to treat a certain Omega right or else I am sitting in the middle of the road—” he paused when he looked around, “On the side of the road, for my own safety, and eat with Miss Omega,” he sat down near a tree and smiled cutely.

“I really want to know your side,” he requested again and this time, he was able to bring a fainted smile across my lips.

I joined him and sat down holding the plate in my hands.

“Corbin and I used to be best friends since we were kids. It was way before he felt the mate bond with me. He was nice and sweet until he started requesting that we sleep together. He turned 18 before me so I was not ready for it. The day I turned 18 was the same day I found him fucking my sister in her—bed,” I remembered how horrible that sight was.

I was almost struck with lightning when I saw them together. That was the worst day asit got worse from there.

“That bitchy face sister? Ah! No wonder she was trying so hard to get our attention away from you,” Maynard was no fool, he knew what Elaine was doing back when they were in the house with me.

“Well, it doesn’t just stop there. When I confronted them, Corbin blamed me for it. He said if I had given him pleasure, he wouldn’t have wandered away,” I haven’t even finished when I got Maynard’s response.

“That’s ridiculous, he was gaslighting you,” he shook his head but he wasn’t prepared for what I was going to tell him next.

“So he attempted to—- he tried to rape me,” as soon as those words left my lips, his eyes grew wider and his jaw met the ground.