Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 44

Chapter 44

44-The New Me Is Crazy

He broke the glass door and rushed onto the terrace to grab my arm. I didn’t have many places to make a run for when he grasped my wrist and laughed.

“You really are one heck of a diva, aren’t you?” he muttered as he tried to pull me over his chest. The disgust I was feeling was unexplainable.

“I could have given you so much but you didn’t pick my signals.” He was now using a raspy tone, thinking it would work on me.

“Let go of me, you dirty pig,” I shouted but that only made him angrier.

“Dirty pig? Wow!I never thought someone will have the nerve to reject the life I was going to offer her. all for this boy? He is still a baby. He will do whatever I want him to do,” he pointed at Lazlo, who Stacy had approached now.

“Don’t you fucking touch him. Stay away from him,” I shouted at her when she bent over him to kiss him.

“Ah! Poor birdie can’t fight. Just quit it, nobody is coming to save you,” he chuckled as he pulled me towards him.

“You think I am the type to give up so easily?” I asked making blunt eye contact with him. Stacy had her mouth all over Lazlo’s mouth and it angered me.

“If only you have heard my side of the story of how I fought the Alpha King, you wouldn’t dare try this foolery,” my voice changed as Nia took over. We couldn’t find an Alpha but we sure had a plan.

He frowned because he too didn’t get what I meant.

Well, I was going to display him some good action now.

“HELP! THEY ARE COMMITTING A CRIME AGAINST—” as Nia and I merged our voices together and yelled at the top of our lungs, Stacy stepped back from Lazlo while Yale covered my mouth to silence me.

I bit his palm, making him let out a cry and stumble back but it was time that he rushed back at me again.

“HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP!” my scream shook whatever was left of the glass door. The clouds that didn’t cause rain suddenly started raining and my body felt this weird power in me.

Lord Yale and Stacy rushed to the corner in fright after they couldn’t comprehend what just happened.

“What the fuck is going on over there?” It was the Royal beta of the pack. Hans must have heard my screams from prior.

He rushed upstairs while Yale and Stacy decided to make it out of the room. If they were to catch in our room with such attires, they will get questioned. Too late, because the moment the opened the door, Hans was standing outside with guards on either side of him.

“What the heck was going on there? why are you two in the Alpha’s room?” I heard Hans asking them questions. My heartbeat hadn’t calmed down even after a few seconds have passed. It was just the way my voice shook the world has shocked me.

Thad to first focus on Yale and Stacy and make sure they get arrested for their crime of treason against the alpha of the pack.

I walked into the room and stood behind them, hearing Yale lie out of his ass to save himself.

“We heard her crying and yelling for help, so we rushed over,” I was shocked at how good he was at coming up with good lies.

“They were here to rape me and the Alpha of your pack,” as I voiced out, they turned around and stared at me in shock.

“I suggest you think twice before accusing me of such a disgusting thing,” Yale grunted as he pointed at me.

“How dare she!” Stacy was still shaking but trying to back up her nasty sugar daddy or whatever he was to her.

“This was her plan. She brought us here so that she can accuse us of such things,” Yale pointed a finger at me, thinking that would silence me.

“They have spiked the milk. Lazlo is out and she was going to get herself impregnated by him,” I still had the glass of milk left as proof.

“She is lying, why would I spike a drink for him? if I wanted him, would I have left him?” she was slowly slipping behind Yale.

“Guards! Collect the glasses for a test. As for you two,” Hans cleared his throat while taking a step forward, “I saw with preparing the exact glasses of milk tonight. You told me it was for Yale and you.” Hans shook his head at the two for coming up with something so nasty.



“What? why would you do something so disgusting?” Yale, who now had to save his own ass, turned his back to Stacy and blamed her instead.

She was so shocked that she couldn’t even speak for the first few minutes.

“No! why are you accusing me? it was all you-,” she was finally going to admit when Yale slapped her into silence.

“Take her away and out of my sight, how dare she drugged my son.” Yale was now too vocal when it came to punishing her.

I was standing there with my arms folded over my chest and a tired expression covering my face. Did he really think he can survive like this?

“Collect her and him too,” Hans was no fool. I have noticed his eyes judging Yale even when I have arrived in the pack. It seemed like he was well aware of what this man was doing but didn’t have enough proof or nobody was ready to testify against him.

*Why me? you are forgetting I am your lord,” Yale defended himself but it wasn’t going to change anything. The smirk of confidence on the face of Hans said he had a backup plan all set.

“We will determine it after the footage gets observed,” as those words escaped his lips, everybody looked Hans’ way.

“Lazlo has asked me to set a camera on the terrace because he feared somebody would try to come from the terrace area. There is a security cam that you all missed,” he stated and Yale’s face changed colors.

I now understood why Lazlo decided to go and sit down on the terrace when he started feeling dizzy. He could have come back and sat in the room, but he let his body fall asleep on the chair.

“Now take these two scums out of the Alpha’s room,” Hans yelled and the guards grabbed the two.

“Oh! You are making a mistake. The moment my son wakes up, he will teach you all a good lesson and free me,” Yale was still shouting while getting dragged out of the room with Stacy, who had now realized she messed it all up for herself.

“Thank you, now that it was Hans and I left in the room, I thanked him.

“We must thank you for being courageous enough to wake up the entire pack with your screams for help. How did you do that?” I bet he had noticed the little earthquake too.

“I believe the Moon Goddess helped me,” I didn’t have an answer to his query, “Can we please bring him inside now? He must be freezing cold,” I said and Hans nodded his head. Hans picked him up and laid him down in the bed but he still had something to say to me, “I am very happy that he found a mate like you. He is a good boy and a powerful young man. He deserves someone who takes care of him and stands beside him. He is lucky to have found you,” those words rang through my head as I recalled how I had planned to reject him selfishly.

“Thank you once again,” i thanked him and he left the two of us alone in the room. The glass had covered the terrace so I couldn’t go out to take a breather. I didn’t want to get in the same bed as him too, he needed space and comfort.

I grabbed a blanket and laid down on the couch and soon I fell asleep. I knew he would wake up clueless, having no idea how much changed after he passed out.

I woke up to complete silence and the sun shining from the broken glass door of the terrace. Lazlo was not in his bed; he must have woken up way before me. It was 4 pm, I couldn’t believe I slept through the entire morning and afternoon.

I dragged my body into the bathroom and took a quick shower to leave the room and find Lazio. After last night’s events, I am sure he will be very upset when he hears what happened and how his father tried to ruin the last bit of his happiness just for the sake of jealousy.

After I have worn black jeans and a black shirt, I left the room in search of Lazlo. Just a few steps into the hallway and a guard accompanied me to where Lazlo and Hans were. They were in the backyard watching something on his laptop.

As soon as they saw me approaching them, they shared a glance and offered me a seat.

“I heard what happened last night,” Lazlo stole eyes from me, “I am so ashamed of my father’s actions that I don’t even know what to say. I couldn’t keep you safe,” he started talking without any more delay.

“You don’t need to feel guilty for the sins your father commits. And about safety, sometimes the Luna gets to save the Alpha,” the smile I passed was well received by Hans.

“She is right,” he commented and patted Lazlo’s shoulder, “We saw the footage however, it stopped after you shouted. I don’t know how the camera broke but there is no recording afterward,” Hans turned the laptop around towards me and played the

49 A9%

44- The New Me Is Crazy


My eyes were watching the whole happening and noticing Lazlo being very uncomfortable. I knew he needed someone to tell him it is all fine now so I held his hand when watching the video.

I bet he calmed down after that.

I think that is all we needed anyway,” the video was enough proof against them. Nothing really happened after I screamed, but it was indeed suspicious that the camera broke at the same time when I let out that screech.

“They will get punished for all their sins,” Lazlo tightened his grip around my hand and declared.

“I tried to help you get out of the punishment but it seems, you will have to finish those two years of punishment in the academy.” Hans passed him a sad smile but Lazlo didn’t look very upset.

“It is fine. I have made good friends there,” I noticed him smiling at me when mentioning me as his friend.

“As for the pack, I want you to take care of it when I am gone,” he made Hans in charge of his pack for the rest of the time he was going to spend in the academy.

Hans promised him to take good care of his pack and excused himself with a laptop being held under his arm.

“Thank you,” Lazlo whispered, looking ahead but elbowing me gently. “You are welcome,” I responded and elbowed him back.