Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 43

Chapter 43

43-The Beast Behind The Glass Door

The softness of his lips mesmerized me as he deepened the kiss. His strong hands were gently pressing my back while his tongue demanded I let him into my mouth.

I didn’t stop him either and gave him the access. The moment our tongues touched, my body flinched. I swear he was so hard that he shocked me.

We broke apart when his phone started ringing like crazy. He had ignored it for a few minutes but then when it didn’t stop, I gently push him back and stepped to the side.

I didn’t want him to miss his duties because of me. He attended the call but the caller ID did make him frown a bit.

“Maynard!” he rolled his eyes and sighed, “Yeah! We actually reached way earlier. You just reached your pack?” he asked while headed to the terrace.

I stayed behind because I knew why Maynard called. He must have some receptors that alarmed him that his mate was making out with her mate.

Shaking my head at myself, I noticed Lazlo slowly sitting down on the chair on the terrace and resting his head back. He was still talking to Maynard when a knock on the door turned our attention to the door. He eyed me to not open it and rushed ahead of me. As he answered the door, he received a glass of milk for each one of us.

He left a glass for me and took his to the terrace.

‘We are going to drink this?’ Nia asked. We were not very big fans of pure warm milk.

‘Let’s just not,’ I shook my head and watched Lazlo gulp it down in one fell swoop.

‘Well, it seemed like our mate loves milk,’ Nia giggled, making me roll my eyes at her. Lazlo had finished the milk and hung up on Maynard. Now that he was no longer on the call with him, I joined him.

The weather was really pleasant but some dark clouds could be spotted from afar. It appeared as it was going to rain soon.

“He wanted to know if we were staying in separate rooms or not,” Lazlo commented before I could even ask him.

“And what did you tell him?” I raised a brow, knowing he must have said something to get under Maynard’s skin.

“Well, I told him we are staying in separate rooms,” he shrugged innocently. I was about to thank him for not creating a mess out of this situation when I realized why he actually lied.

“Ah! I get it,” I bobbed my head and laughed a little, watching him knit his brows in bewilderment, “You did it because you don’t want him to stay in the room with me when I am in his pack.”

After hearing me, I bet he wanted to smirk but held it in.

“No!” he stole eyes from me and rested his head back against the chair’s backrest once again but this time, he seemed very tired.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Hm!” he looked like he was about to pass out.

“You are tired; why don’t you take some rest?” I suggested but he didn’t even answer me and almost dozed off.

“Lazlo?” I snapped my fingers in front of his face to wake him up because no way I can carry him to the bed but he didn’t wake up.

It just felt a little weird the way he suddenly acted so tired. I haven’t done deciding what I am going to do and how I am going to carry him to the bed when there was another knock on the door.

“UGH!” I exclaimed tiredly and answered the door to find Lord Yale waiting for me this time. I had to roll my eyes angrily when seeing him.

“My son fell asleep already? That’s so rude of him. He brings his mate to the pack for the first time and he doesn’t even fuck her?” he was shameless enough already so nothing he said really surprised me anymore. But it was how he casually walked into the room, knowing his son was still in the room.

“Hey! I don’t mean to sound rude but we are tired,” I said through a closed-lip smile.

“That’s even better. He will—,” he was wearing a robe, I didn’t even want to focus on that. But I bet his focus remained on something when he stopped talking in the middle of a sentence, “You didn’t finish your milk?” he frowned when seeing the full glass in the tray.


43- The Beast Behind The Glass Door

“I don’t like warm milk. You can chug it down your throat on your way out of the room.” I was now angry enough to not care about my tone. It was really inappropriate that he had come to our room wearing a robe and even barged in when he saw his son was sleeping.

Or is it why he is here?’ Nia questioned,

‘He knew his son will be fast asleep because he sent the milk to him,’ as she added what she got from his actions, my heart sank in my chest

gasped and he turned around with a smirk on his lips.

“Stacy dear! Would you like to come inside?” he asked the bitch and she strolled inside wearing red lingerie.

“Why don’t you go and have fun with the Alpha, she was so proudly roaming around with?” he pointed at Lazlo, who was in a condition from which he cannot defend himself.

“What? No! don’t you fucking touch him,” I rushed at her when I saw her making her way to him and trying to run her fingers over his shoulders.

I reached her and grabbed her hand tightly, pushing her away from him.

“Careful, your Alpha is not awake to help your sarcastic ass anymore. You were dancing on behalf of his power and status, let’s see if he even cares about you when he finds you in the bed with his father in the morning,” she was really bitter when talking to me. The way she was glaring at me, her eyes held anger.

“If you truly are so jealous, why did you betray him in the first place?” I yelled, “oh! And if you think you will survive after tonight then you are wrong too. Once I will tell him how you two drugged him-,” I couldn’t finish because she had started to laugh maniacally along with Lord Yale.

“He will not hurt me. I mean, why would an Alpha hurt someone who is carrying his child?” she smirked proudly. I understood the whole game.

Lord Yale had planned to get her pregnant from Lazlo so that Lazlo gets the humiliation of being a father of a child whose mother is sleeping with his father too.

They were nasty! Poor Lazlo.

“Say it one more time,” I said and the moment she opened her mouth, I smacked her tightly against her cheek. The pressure ! applied was so much that I almost knocked her behind. The moment she was near the glass partition door, I pushed her back into the room and closed the door, and locked it swiftly.

Lord Yale didn’t even step forward to prevent her from falling down, he only stepped ahead so that he can make a talk with me.

“Is this your master plan to save yourself and the sleeping prince tonight?” he laughed, shaking his head at me.

“I will break this door in one attempt and then drag you into the bed and fuck you till you bleed and die. But I will be kind enough to do it gently if you open this door now,” he warned me, thinking I would let him have an option to control me.

“Because trust me, you cannot stay hiding from me for too long here. It is just a glass door.” He muttered and knitted his brows.

“And I will become the Luna of the pack, the Luna who has both the Lord and the Alpha,” Stacy had managed to get on her feet but her cheek had my imprints on them. The redness in her eyes was a sign of her extreme frustration with me.

I have pissed him off and Stacy too and have ruined their fun when I started fighting. I was glad I didn’t drink the milk but it didn’t do me much favor, or did it?

I ignored him and turned to Lazlo, “Lazlo! wake up,” I started shaking his body while Lord Yale was laughing and Stacy was ready to break the door down..

“Lazlo! please wake up for the sake of u