Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 41

Chapter 41

41-A Comfort Kiss

Thankfully, he didn’t hit me but him raising his hand at me had upset me enough into pushing him back.

– “My father might be a little too loose on his eyes, but he will never lay his hands on his son’s mate,” the delusion in his voice

saddened me.

“He is my family, he would never hurt me like this,” the tears in his eyes and the popping of his veins explained the uncertainty in his statement.

He must have been aware of his father’s shameless acts but refused to acknowledge them because then that would mean he has to believe that his only family doesn’t even care about him.

“I am taking a stroll,” I didn’t feel like arguing with him. He was broken himself, wanting his father to be aware of his loneliness and act as a good parent to him.

He was a young alpha, who had probably faced all the hurdles alone and learned things by himself.

Even I was now curious why he was shunned to the academy for two years.

…I have walked out of the mansion and left for the road to get some fresh air.

‘We should have fought to stay back in the academy,’ I grumpily huffed.

*Do you not remember Mr. Tripper lives there,’ Nia questioned my memory and I rolled my eyes at how miserable my life is.

Everywhere I go, I find people who want to slit my throat.

‘Do you think it’s something we do wrong?’ I inquired from Nia since she knew exactly how we react and act around people.

“Nope! It is people that try to control us. When they realize they are unable to make us do whatever they want us to, they hurt us.’ she made a good point, ‘But I must say, I feel heavily for Lazlo. He is getting manipulated and gaslighted by his father,’ she added once she explained how much sorrow and sadness she felt in Lazlo’s wolf today.

“I think he needs to say whatever is in his heart to his father. Lord Yale will never stop until the new Alpha stops him. Lazlo needs

to realize he is not a pup anymore who cares about his parent’s attention and approval. He is the Alpha of the pack; many people i look at him. I had only started talking about what he should do when Nia felt his scent behind us.

I focused behind me and heard his footsteps too. The moment he caught up with me, instead of saying anything, he wrapped his long coat around my shoulders.

I didn’t slap his hand away or anything. It was itself big of him to come forward himself instead of making me apologize to him.

“I am sorry!” he whispered while matching pace with mine, “I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did,” he didn’t raise his face from the ground. I was now beginning to feel like he did all that because it wasn’t easy for him to admit his father was a scum.

“It is okay, I shouldn’t have said all those things too,” I admitted cheekily. It was a shame that we argued like kids when the real culprit has fled.

“I know you have seen his eyes wander to the wrong places. And I get it that it makes you uncomfortable but tell me what can | do? He is my father, it just hurts to think he is this way,” he was walking with me but he hadn’t been able to look above.

He was truly hurt and ashamed of his father’s actions but clueless about how to deal with them.

“Staying silent is eating you alive,” I commented and stopped dead in my tracks. He was stealing eyes from me, but I guess all he needed was someone who can guide him to do the right thing.

He stopped and turned around to face me.

“Lazlo! you are The Alpha; it is not something to sleep on. You can make a change. I am aware you care about him but I am also aware that he is taking advantage of the she-wolves of your pack. If it kept going on like that, very soon, many pack members will want to leave and then whichever pack they would want to stay in, they will spread the word there. Everybody will know why your pack is not a safe place for anyone. And Lazlo, once a pack is deemed unsafe, you know what happens to it,” I paused just to give him some time to process and then finished what I was saying, “it gets shut down.”

“Oh God! why didn’t I think about all of this?” he complained in sorrow, slapping his forehead.

“But it is okay. Because right now, things are still pretty much in your hands. You just need to be wise and take control over your power,” I reassured him it will all be fine if only he gets his act together.

“I want to help my pack members, trust me. I have tried it once before and it didn’t end quite well for me,” as he lowered his eyes

from my face, I understood now why he was in the academy.

We both walked over to the park and sat down on a bench to talk about his punishment in detail. I knew all the students residing in the dorms were somehow punished but I didn’t know what exactly were they getting punished for.

“So, what mistake did you make?” I asked him, holding my hands in my hand because the wind kept blowing them all over my face and blocking my vision from seeing Lazlo.

“On my 18th birthday, when I got crowned I spoke to my father about making a few rules,” he started talking and from the very beginning, I found him very sad.

“What kinds of rules?” as I asked him, he laughed at himself sadly.

“My dumbass thought I can make a good alpha if I give some security to the members of our packs. I wanted to pay for the education of those girls that are seen as toys, more specifically used by the higher-ups in exchange for money. These she-wolves wanted to study and for that, they needed money. Now my father really enjoyed using that opportunity to help them in exchange of-” the disgust was seen visible on his face.

“Oh! What you thought was a very nice step,” I was shocked at how great his thinking was.

“But it didn’t end up happening because the day I mentioned the rules to my father, the very day he drugged me. Now I don’t know if you know this or not but if you are wasted on the day of your coronation, you are deemed not perfect and get punished,” once he explained the whole situation, I couldn’t help but heave a gasp of shock.

His own father drugged him?

“Are you sure it was your father who drugged you? Maybe you had it wrong,” I just felt like calming him by giving him an idea that maybe it was somebody else.

“It was actually my girlfriend at that time. My father paid her to drug me, well, he didn’t only pay her with money,With those words leaving his lips, he filled his face in his hands and sighed.

“What else?” I whispered because I was afraid I would hear something disgusting and I was right.

“They fucked in my bed. Some weird kink they had,” he didn’t even raise his face from his hands when telling me about it.

My heart jumped up and got stuck in my throat after l’heard the act of adultery committed by his father against his son’s mate.

“So when I got punished to be sent away to the academy, I didn’t resist. I just couldn’t stay here and look at everything and act like it was normal. I wanted to forget about it and act like it never happened,” it made sense why he quickly said his father would never touch me.

He didn’t believe it; neither was he defending his father. He just wanted to believe it to be true. “It just broke me because -because the Moon Goddess, even knowing that I was scarred in the past by someone I loved, gave me a mate who has too many mates. And I know, I am fully aware of the tension between Maynard and Thiago, you are

considering those t-” as he was talking with a mild sigh heaving out of his lips, I felt compelled to calm and soothe my mate’s aching soul. :

Without giving him any prior notice, I rushed and cupped his face. The next thing we know, our lips collided.