Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 40

Chapter 40

40-He Wants To Hit Me

I stared at him awkwardly and then spared a glance to the bathroom.

I bet Lazlo hadn’t even started taking a shower yet. Lord Yale noticed how uncomfortable I looked so he scoffed and reached the couch to sit down. There was food displayed beautifully on the table in front of the couch. Seeing all the food had my stomach starting to grow.

“Come have a seat with me,” once he got comfortable, he gestured at me to join him.

Thad to let out a sigh of exhaustion and then sneakily reach him. I was not sure what else to do. I couldn’t just defy him and tell him I don’t want to sit with him.

So I sat down but made sure there was a huge distance between us.

“Just be comfortable. I don’t judge Omegas. In fact, omegas are really pleasant to the eyes and obedient when it comes to serving purposes,” he didn’t even wait for me to get comfortable first and started talking weirdly.

Tfocused on his face with a smile of uncertainty. I had absolutely no clue what he was trying to say here but I was damn sure he had some hidden meaning behind his comment and that’s when he added more to confuse me.

“But you are different, aren’t you?” He smirked, picking up a cherry and dipping it in sour cream. My eyes were fixated on his face as I was trying to comprehend the reason behind us having this conversation.

“Everybody is,” I responded with a fake smile. He picked up another cherry and after dipping it in the white cream, he offered it to me.

He wanted me to open my mouth and accept it. I shook my head, excusing taking anything he had to offer me.

“But you are unique,” he spoke again, taking the whole cherry in his mouth. It was very unpleasing to the eyes but I was keeping myself from wrinkling my nose.

“I’m sorry! Maybe I’m not understanding you,” I finally spoke up because he was defiantly trying to give me hints about something ! was not getting.

“I know you are getting me pretty clearly. You are clever and wiser than everybody thinks of you,” there it was, the certainty in his tone that he wanted me to know there was some hidden meaning behind his words.

“Thank you for observing so much of me in such a short time but I’m still unable to understand why we are discussing me,” after letting out a little smile and trying to look confident, I stated once more so that he can come clean.

“You are the infamous Enya Fosters,” he tilted his face, eyeing me to help him get a napkin.


Picking up the napkin, I handed it to him without breaking the eye contact from him.

“What made me so popular?” I asked but kind of knew what was coming my way.

“The fact that you were the mate of the Alpha King and then went to the werewolf court with him,” he smirked when reminding me where he knew me from. Of course, the Lords were informed about the case.

I was a fool to think just because the academy didn’t share my charges with anyone, nobody would know.

“Ah! I see,” I bobbed my head once I understood it. He still didn’t make his intentions behind binging it up clear.

“Does my son know about your past?” his question made me bring my eyebrows together and frown at him.

“Why? Why would my past matter to him?” I questioned him carrying quizzical eyes and once again, he smirked nastily.

Before he could answer my question; Lazlo came out of the bathroom. I couldn’t believe it had been minutes already.

“Because he must know the Luna he is thinking of accepting is willing to fuck anyone and be fucked by anyone.” The way he said that word, he gently placed his hand on his dick and that’s when I lost it.

Lazlo had come out with a towel hanging down his neck and wearing a white shirt with blue shorts. His eyes landed on his father’s face and his expression hardened.

Poor him, he had to be so concerned almost all the time because of his father.

“Say it one more time, why does my past matter?” | grunted and looked at him angrily.

“Dad?” Lazlo tried getting his dad’s attention, who saw him yet ignored him.

“Because he is the Alpha and he deserves to know about the men in your past. Especially the ones you begged to sleep with you,” he had the audacity to question me when he didn’t spare a single she-wolf from his nasty stares.

Lazlo prepared to open his mouth but before he does, I stood up for myself.

“Coming from someone who has young she-wolves serving him, this questioning comes off a bit funny.” I let out a little laugh that tightened Lord Yale’s muscles. So I did get under his nerves!

“What do you mean by that?” He cleared his throat before talking to me again.

“It means our pasts don’t define us, but our present surely does,” I made sure he hears the offensive tone I was using and he did.

He stared a glance with his son and then looked at me before he got up on his feet.

“You better teach her some manners. She cannot live here the way she did back in her back. She cannot just do whatever she pleases and disrespects whoever she wants to. Today she is speaking back to me, tomorrow it will be you,” the aggression in his father’s tone was surprising. He surely didn’t like someone speaking back to me.

His anger could be weighted by the way he didn’t wait for his son to speak up and left the room. Lazlo sprinted after him and locked the door behind us.

“What was that?” the moment he turned around, he glared at me.

“Why don’t you go and ask your father? He came here looking for trouble,” I didn’t hold back.

“What did he do?” he folded his arms across his chest but it angered me. He knew his father had an ability to piss anyone off yet he was looking my way and questioning me instead.

“He was digging into my past to make me look bad,” I retorted very defensively too.

*So what? what is it about your past that made you act up?” the way he was scolding me was getting on my nerves.

  1. Lazlo! I am not here on my will. So you must tell your father to not disrespect me. You brought me here after fucking winning a

race, I wasn’t the one who begged you to take me with you,” I got on my feet and yelled at him once he showed no interest in trying to understand me.

“Wait! Where do you think you are going?” he grabbed my hand when I was in the process of locking the door.

“I want fresh air and definitely some time alone,” I managed to open the door but when he slammed it shut in my face again, I added, “Why, you are afraid your father will find me alone and fuck me?” I yelled at the top of my lungs and his face changed color.

I know I took it too far and spoke too straightforward because the moment those words left my lips, he raised his hand to hit me.