Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 38

Chapter 38

38-The Other’s Obsession

Maynard had somehow found me and taken me to the basement. He had his arm wrapped around me and my blanket under his arm. He told me the hurricane hadn’t even gotten worse yet so whatever I saw there was nothing compared to how it will be in the next few hours.

Once we arrived in the basement, I found Mr. Tripper calming everyone down.

He watched me enter late and frowned and sprinted to have a word with me.

“You don’t forget to create troubles, do you?” he glared at me but soon his glare broke because Maynard snatched his attention by responding to him.

“Don’t you see she is frightened?” the aggression in Maynard’s tone silenced the crowd that Mr. Tripper was trying to hushed down for minutes.

“Go and sit down in the corner,” Mr. Tripper pointed at the only empty corner. I passed around a quick glance and found Thiago sitting on the other side of the wall with his head resting against the wall. He was staring at us but didn’t react to my arrival. Lazlo was sitting beside him whilst Maynard and I quickly took our places at the darker corner.

“It will get even colder in a few hours,” Maynard mumbled undertone while wrapping my blanket around my body and bringing his bag closer

“Are you alright?” he continued to be concerned for me while I was blankly looking at Thiago.

Thad only one question in my mind, did he not panic when he arrived here and didn’t find me?

“Miss Omega?” Maynard gently tapped a chocolate bar against the back of my hand to get my attention.

“Thank you,” I replied to him and took the chocolate. I desperately needed some sweets to boost up my energy.

“How did you end up on the rooftop?” he whispered, steadily pulling his body closer to mine.

“I heard some cries,” I explained, “It felt like somebody was in trouble. I went to the rooftop to help the person in need but -“|| paused because I remembered what happened.

“But what?” he asked as he bent his head down to reach my level.

“But they pushed me onto the rooftop and locked the door behind me,” it hurt so bad thinking I was trying to help that person and they did that to me.

“That is ridiculous. You are too kind and good to help those fools. Somebody must have planned it against you,” His body didn’t waste a minute before radiating heat.

“But I am fine now, thanks to you,” as soon as I passed him a comforting smile, he calmed down.

“Did you see anyone?” he inquired while waiting for me to respond.

“No!” I shook my head.

“Hm! It’s okay. We will deal with it later,” he uttered and then looked at the ceiling when we heard a loud thud coming from above.

Some monster must have knocked itself down with the door of the rooftop.

“How did you find me there? you were supposed to be in the basement,” I watched his face, avoiding any eyes on me.

“I was waiting here for your arrival but when Thiago arrived and you weren’t with him, I got worried. I left the basement and started looking for you. I found your blanket near the staircase,” he explained and it made sense. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that Thiago didn’t see the blanket, or did he see and didn’t bother?

But why would he not care?

I was now flooded with countless worries and no answers. I had to remain calm until it is all over to be able to speak to Thiago.

“Thank you, Maynard! I was scared for my life,” I said as I watched Thiago closing his eyes to take a nap. What happened to the aggressive and possessive mate? What changed in a matter of a few hours?

I began to doze off but every time I closed my eyes, I woke up to the jeering noises of the monsters and creatures screeching.

“Are you tired?” Maynard questioned because he noticed I kept dozing off and waking up.

“A bit,” I answered in half-sleep, “Why are these monsters so loud?” I complained like a child and he laughed a little at me.

“Here! I got you,” he opened his arms and invited me into his blanket. I watched his blanket and then turned my face to look at Thiago, he was sleeping peacefully and so was Lazlo.

If he didn’t bother caring about me, why would I care?

I pulled closer and soon was in his blanket fort. He wrapped his arm around me and covered me on his chest with his blanket. He was right!

His body passed such a calm and soothing heat that the outside noises subsided. I rested my face on his chest and soon heard his heart missing a beat.

If I ask him, he will deny having his heart skip a beat so I didn’t raise attention to it. the comfort of his arms filled my body and every inch of it with so much relaxation that I passed out in the next few minutes.

The night passed while I slept through it. I didn’t know if Maynard blinked asleep or not because I didn’t wake up until I heard a bell ringing above our heads.

As I raised my face from his chest, he uncovered the blanket so that I can look around. The first thing I’noticed was relief on everybody’s faces.

The hurricane of monsters had passed.

I then stared at Maynard, whose eyes were swollen and red as if he didn’t sleep at all.

“You didn’t rest?” I asked while rubbing my eyes.

“I wasn’t sleepy,” he smiled, collecting his stuff and getting up while I too joined him. Mr. Tripper was carefully escorting everybody now that it was safe to leave the basement.

“We have searched the areas but it is still your responsibility to keep your eyes peeled and make sure you are aware of your surroundings. If anything unusual is spotted, don’t try to be a hero instead report it to my office instantly,” Mr. Tripper had repeated the same warning over time.

I looked in the direction of Thiago and found him holding his bag over his shoulder and ready to leave ahead of Lazlo.

Soon we had left the basement and witnessed the mess the hurricane had left behind. There were many broken windows, I bet the other creatures had bumped into more than just windows.

As we walked towards our room, I heard Lazlo whispering something to Thiago behind us.

“Maynard!” Lazlo, after finishing talking to Thiago, rushed to match pace with Maynard, “You didn’t sleep the entire night, did you?” his question made Maynard only turn his face to Lazlo without halting on his steps

In the meanwhile, I sneakily cocked my head and saw Thiago walking beside me but not passing me single attention.

“It is just that whenever I opened my eyes, I found you awake and your wolf peeking through your eyes. I am just surprised how one cuddle made you make a decision to suffer your wolf the whole night in order to keep your mate warm and cozy.” Lazlo’s taunting helped me acknowledge why Maynard never slept and how I was able to get the best sleep among everyone there.

He stayed awake so that I could keep sleeping.

His action touched my heart and at the same time, Thiago had upset me deeply. Once we were in the room, we started packing to leave for the winter vacation. By the time we come back, Mr. Tripper said the academy will be reconstructed and fixed for our stay once again.

We packed our bags and throughout the time, Thiago acted like he didn’t even know me. It was heartbreaking how quickly he turned his back on me,

Now that I think about it, he didn’t even accept me back in the woods.

Why be all nice when he had to act like he doesn’t care, why?

‘He took our virginity,’ Nia groaned in pain after her mates’ negligence has deeply affected her.

“Let’s get ready, little one. First stop, the Blood Moon Hounds Pack,” Lazlo smirked, passing Maynard and Thiago a glance. I was able to see Thiago’s muscles stiffen but he didn’t react too visibly. Maynard, on the other hand, bobbed his head blankly.

“I am off to Shadow Winter Pack. Hope you all have a great time,” Thiago went ahead and was the first one to grab his bags and leave. He didn’t specifically say goodbye to me. Just generalized me with the others.

“I need a minute,” I rushed into the bathroom to calm myself down because Thiago’s ignorance had been paining me a lot and that’s when I heard some noises coming from outside the bathroom.

“What?” Lazlo asked Maynard.

“I am just saying. Keep your hands to yourself,” Maynard warned him and I get what they were talking about.

“She is my mate. If anything happens, happens,” Lazlo must be smirking because I heard a scoff from him.

So now that Thiago was no longer taking interest in me, I have become Maynard’s obsession.