Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 37

Chapter 37

37-My Green-Eyed Savior

“Ah! That was fun,” Lazlo commented after he had taken a shower. The strong wind was howling outside the window and pretty much everybody was getting ready to hide from the hurricane now.

The academy had a basement where we were all supposed to meet up once the hurricane hits. It was for the safety of the students just in case a monster or unlikely creature comes along with the hurricane and instead of passing by, it stays.

I hadn’t been able to comment about the race after they have all reached back. Thiago came last, by that I mean, he was the last one to enter the room. He never made it to the top of the mountain.

He rushed into the bathroom the instant he arrived. Maynard and Lazlo had finished taking showers by then.

“I would have won if,” Maynard grunted as he shook his head.

“Why does it matter who gets to take her first? I mean, it is not like first or last will change anything,” Lazlo raised a good point but I knew why Maynard and Thiago were fighting over the first chance. Whoever gets to take me to their pack first would not drop -me off at the other’s pack.

“We should hurry up though. The hurricane will hit us any time from now,” Lazlo peeked outside the window and commented about the situation. It was indeed true that things were going downhill pretty quickly. The weather had turned worse in the last few minutes.

Maynard and Lazlo grabbed their blankets and other necessaries but the moment they reached the door, they turned around and stared at me in confusion.

“You aren’t coming?” Lazlo asked while Maynard seemed to know why I wasn’t joining them.

“I will wait, I have to take a shower too,” I lied because Maynard’s angry glare was scaring me.

“In the middle of a crisis?” Lazlo raised his brow and slightly turned his body around to share a little stare with Maynard.

“Thiago will come by himself. Get your stuff, we are heading down,” Maynard’s voice was deep and filled with anger when he asked me to don’t resist.

“Fine, go ahead. I will join you in a minute,” I rolled my eyes once I didn’t like him trying to control me. I would join them when I want to.

“Let her stay, she will come eventually,” Lazlo didn’t sound too happy with-the way I was acting. I don’t understand what was bothering them so much because prior to Thiago showing his affection, none of them seemed to be interested in me.

Maynard and Lazlo exited the room whilst I stayed behind. I made sure they have left the hallway and then rushed over near the bathroom door to check up on Thiago.

“Thiago!” I gently tapped my fingers on the bathroom door waiting for his response..

“Are you alright?” I whispered, feeling like he was upset with himself for not coming first.

“It is fine, you know. I will get to spend the last days with you. The memories from the last days stick together, they say,” I laughed a little to ease up the mood but he remained silent.

There was no running showering inside, so I know he was listening to me clearly. It was just bothering me that he took the race so personally.

I understand it conformed to his affection and deep connection with me but he should at least be able to share his worries with me if not with anybody else. I was his mate, I expected us to sit down and have a good conversation where we understand each other.

“Thiago! We need to go,” I tapped my fingers on his door again and this time, I did get him to respond to me.

“You should go,” he grunted from inside.

“I will go with you,” I replied with a smile plastered across my lips.


“Enya! Please don’t argue. I want to be alone for now,” the way he said it almost broke my heart. There was no sorrow but anger filled in his tone.

“is it something I did wrong?” I proceeded to ask him because it didn’t make sense. We were so happy just a few hours ago and suddenly, he is all upset.

“Is it because of the race? You haven’t healed from your fight with Argo. That’s why you couldn’t give your best,” I mumbled, hoping I would be able to convince him.

“ENYA!” he yelled from inside out of the blue, I stepped back because he did scare me with his sudden voice raise.

“PLEASE JUST GO, I WILL COME TO THE BASEMENT IN A FEW FUCKING MINUTES,” the tone and aggression he poured into his words didn’t sit well with me.

I was staring at the door blankly, having no clue what made him react like that.

“Fine,” I stomped my foot and sprinted towards my bed to get my stuff and leave for the basement. I was surprised at how silent and empty those hallways had turned after everybody was escorted to the basement.

I was making my way to the elevator when I heard something unusual coming from the rooftop. It seemed like a cry for help.

My body stiffened just at the thought of somebody being left outside.

They have cut out the signals and the lights for a while so it wasn’t like I can call or text anyone.

I looked around and couldn’t proceed to reach the elevator. I was on the top floor so I was able to hear the cries but I’m pretty sure the others in the basement wouldn’t be able to hear them.

‘We are the only ones that can help whoever is in trouble, I told Nia because I felt a little resistance from her.

‘I don’t know. I just feel like there is something wrong. She commented but I believe it was the monsters flying over with the hurricanes that made her uneasy.

“We have to take a glance, just a quick little one, I couldn’t bring myself to knowingly avoid helping someone who might be in danger.

I reached the staircase and dropped my stuff, climbing it in hurry to help the person in need.

The rooftop was a mess; the wind was reckless that day. The first step I took to the top made me raise my face and stare at the dark clouds and thunder sparkling through them.

I stepped ahead and carefully looked around in search of the owner of the crier when suddenly somebody pushed me and I landed on the hard ground.

“Aaarghh!” a scream of cry escaped my lips when my palms got scratched by the hard surface of the ground.

The swooshing of the wind deafened me from hearing what chaos took place behind me. By the time I rushed onto my feet, somebody had already made an escape. I turned around to look at the door and found it closed.

“Shit! Shit!” cursing through my struggles, I tried opening the door but it was locked from the other side.

‘Somebody planned it for us, Nia grunted as she recalled why she was feeling so low.

‘What do we do now?’ I was panicking because the hurricane was drawing in and so were the monsters flying with it.

Usually, they would follow the wind but we can never be so sure.

“How do we get to safety now?’ my lips quivered when I saw the clouds bringing more wind and with that came the monsters flying in the air.

I began to hear screeching noises and saw the shadows from above.

My heart rate accelerated but it couldn’t be heard anymore because of the monstrous noises. I had to run to the side and stick with the wall when a huge dragon landed on the rooftop. He was gray in color; he could see the red blood in a werewolf’s veins from the top above hence he landed here.

My heart was beating loudly and my eyes tearing up. The strong wind had made it impossible for me to keep my eyes open.

He would have left because the wind started to drag him but I was certain he would see me very soon. I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst when suddenly, an arm wrapped around me and pulled me over his chest to save me from getting caught. My savior was so quick that he was able to drag me to the staircase and lock the door in one fell swoop.

I was still scared and shaking. The sight of that dragon hadn’t escaped my mind when two strong hands cupped my face and made me stare into his beautiful green eyes,

“You are fine, I won’t let anything happen to you,” the honest concern in his voice and the warm touch of his palms shook my heart

“Maynard!” I whispered his name and rushed onto his chest for a hug.