Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 36

Chapter 36

36-Just Obeying My Mates

“I am sorry, I believe I didn’t hear you right. Do you mind saying it again?” The way Thiago asked him to repeat himself seemed like a threat. He was giving him a chance to rethink and correct himself but Maynard was an Alpha too, he wasn’t afraid of him.

“Why do you look so confused? It is not like I said something weird. She is a mate to us all and we are heading back to our packs. I feel like there is no harm in taking her and showing her our packs around. Besides, she cannot even go back to her pack. Letting her stay here all by herself wouldn’t be a good idea,” Maynard didn’t take the straightforward approach.

“That’s ridiculous. You two didn’t want to acknowledge her as your mate a week ago and all of a sudden, you want to take her to your pack with you?” Thiago reacted which I expected. It did sound weird how all of a sudden, they wanted to spend time with me.

“I have no idea what is going on here but why are you being so aggressive Thiago?” Lazlo joined them once he was done scanning the body language of the two.

“Do you not see anything weird about this?” Thiago looked at Lazlo and asked him, “he is only making this up because-,” he – paused when Lazlo tilted his head and paid him attention.

“Go on! tell us why do you think I am suggesting the idea we spend time with our mate? Does it not sound weird to you that you are objecting so much?”- Maynard clearly was onto something. He had cornered Thiago completely…

“I am not going anywhere,” I snapped when my brain told me I should be the one making decisions for myself, not them.

“You don’t have a say in it,” Maynard growled,

“Why not? she can make decisions for herself,” Thiago stood face to face with Maynard and that’s when Lazlo understood what was going on.

“I want to take my mate back home too.” Lazlo shrugged his shoulders casually as he sided with Maynard.

I bet they would rather share me than have one of them take me,


“She is our mate. We deserve to spend equal time with her,” Lazlo added when Thiago’s eyes bothered him.

“If there is a problem, we can ask Mr. Tripper to come and arrange this for us. She will spend a few days in everyone’s pack and get to know them,” Maynard repeated himself as he watched Thiago grunting angrily.

“OH and by the way, is there anyone ready to accept rejection just in case she decides to reject someone?” he looked at Lazlo and then smirked at Thiago.

“What? no! bloody hell, I am not getting rejected by an Omega,” Lazlo shook his head and made himself clear why he wouldn’t want a rejection.

So I was trapped because they were going to call the authorities on us.

“I will take her first,“ Thiago groaned but it seemed like he had a backup plan. I wonder if he would even let me go after he takes me to his pack?

“No! you don’t get to decide this. We will have a little round of a run-up to the mountains. Whoever reached the mountains first and let out a howl gets to take her first,” Maynard smiled confidently as he looked through the eyes of Thiago.

Thiago stepped back and then spared a glance at me and Lazlo. I cannot believe I was witnessing Alphas fighting for me just out of their egos.

It amazed me that they weren’t ready to let Thiago and I accept each other. It wasn’t even the matter of me rejecting them, they could reject me themselves but no! they refused to do so.

“This is madness,” I commented under my breath and raised my brows at Maynard for taking it to his ego.

“Let’s do it then,” Lazlo clapped his hands excitedly.

Thiago only nodded and it was also a very aggressive one before they head out of the room. I followed them to the out, watching everybody staring at us like we were some clowns.

We were silently making our way to the exit when I noticed some of the students whispering in each other’s ears.

“Hey! Are you off to fight more monsters?” since Maynard and Lazlo were portrayed as the ones who beat Argo, everybody thought they were headed out because they had to deal with some mess again.

“You four!” we didn’t answer anyone but surely caught the attention of Mr. Tripper.

Now that he got involved, everybody was surely paying more attention to us.

“Do I have to remind you all individually that no one is allowed to leave until the hurricane passes?” Mr. Tripper placed his hands on his waist, his eyes scanned us all. The moment he looked my way, he narrowed his eyes at me. I know seeing me around the alphas was not a sight he wanted to remember, he wanted me to suffer alone.

“We won’t be long,” Maynard interrupted when he noticed Mr. Tripper’s eyes on me for too long. I felt at ease when Thiago came ahead of me and blocked Mr. Tripper from my sight completely. I bet he wasn’t a fool to not notice anything.

“What is it about?” Mr. Tripper asked them very calmly. I was able to look around and see the sky getting filled with dark clouds. The hurricanes here were the worst as they would bring deadly monsters along and then the pack members have to be on the lookout to tell the warriors about them.

“We are having a little alpha to alpha race,” Lazlo pitched in, he had been silent for way too long now.

I saw Thiago stepping aside as he reviewed a call. My focus went to him and it seemed like he too noticed it because while talking to someone on phone, he kept secretly checking me out. He then hung up the call in less than a minute and joined us again.

“Well, I like that you three are focused on your athletic abilities. Then let’s have this match with the audience around?” Mr. Tripper let out a laugh as he brought attention to the boys. I had to roll my eyes in annoyance because this wasn’t what I have planned to be known by others.

I rolled my eyes when I realized now they were going to have a race in front of an audience. I wish they wouldn’t just bring attention to the cause, which I highly doubt they would.

They all gathered up around them while Maynard, Lazlo, and Thiago stood on the road waiting to start a race. I watched Maynard, Thiago and Lazlo took off their shirts and get ready for a run. I know they were going to take the rest of their clothes off once they are in the woods and head to the mountains.

I didn’t want things to go this way, I didn’t want any attention to be brought to us.

“One the count of 3,” Mr. Tripper clapped his hands and the three Alphas stiffened their muscles and prepared.

“1,2,3!” as Mr. Tripper said loudly, all of them got on their feet and sprinted away like a wind. The audience was pretty excited as this was the only time they were having fun.

As everybody was cheering them on, Mr. Tripper strode closer to me. I straightened my posture and prepared for the worst conversation to take place.

“I see you are walking around with them everywhere,” he cleared his throat and stated the obvious that he had noticed.

“I’m an Omega, I’ve to follow the rules of obeying others,” I gave a perfect excuse to why I would be following them without causing much noise.

“You didn’t obey your alpha King mate,” he scoffed, and once again brought up Corbin. He was a die-hard follower of them, obviously, he would want me to suffer post rejecting his dear alpha king.

Tremained silent because I didn’t have anything to say to him. He was matching my mates to that rapist, there was no comparison.

I was eagerly looking in the direction of the top of the mountain where they were supposed to reach and let out the loudest howl to inform us who reached first.

‘Don’t you think it is exciting that they are fighting to spend time with us?’ Nia had been observing them in silence but I could feel her being all happy and strong, thinking her mates care for her. *They are not doing it for us. Their ego is bruised,’I let out a sarcastic laugh.

‘Whatever makes them pay attention to us,’ She responded a bit sadly because I ruined her moment.

“Do you really only want to be with Thiago?’ she asked me what had been bothering her and I admit, even I was a bit concerned about my mate’s bond with the others.”

‘I do feel mate bond with the others but Thiago is the only one who had shown interest in us and kept us close. I feel strongly

attracted to him and I am ready to be accepted by him or accept him,’ I had a smile covering my lips when talking about Thiago.

My heart rate was exceeding normal when we suddenly heard the first howl.

Lazlo! Nia recognized the howl of her mate and announced.

As the second howl followed, she whispered once again.


And then she paused and never said the name of Thiago.