Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 35

Chapter 35

35-Who Gets To Keep Me First

After Maynard took us to the academy, Thiago went into the office to speak to the principal and Mr. Tripper while Maynard and I head straight to our room. I was okay with not meeting Mr. Tripper because he would have tripped me at countless obstacles anyway.

“Is Argo locked away?” I tried making a small conversation with Maynard, who didn’t seem too impressed having a talk with me.

“Are you and Lazlo okay?” I was fighting hard to match my pace with his but he was aggressively jogging toward the room.

“Maynard! What is go-ing on?” I almost bumped my head into the door when he didn’t hold it up for me and tried to close it before I had even stepped inside the room.

Lazlo was nowhere in the sight so I assumed he had left to enjoy the day of freedom since everybody was now at ease that Argo was no longer wandering around to terrorize them.

“Mayn-” before I could call for his name one more time, he turned around and fisted the wall beside me.

“Ah!” a little yelp of surprise left my lips when covering my face as a reflex, “What is this behavior? You almost decked me,” I shouted hearing my fast heartbeat.

“Why were you standing so close to him?” he grunted like a maniac. I now knew what had gotten him into reacting like this to me.

“I was thanking him,” I mumbled while stealing eyes from him.

“Can you be fucking honest for at least once in your life?” it was weird seeing Maynard so angry because I was not used to seeing him being so aggressive.

He was the most chill and cocky one among them but today was different. He was on fire and it was apparent from the way he was glaring and demanding me to tell him the truth.

“You told him you would accept him?” as he brought it up, I realized he must have heard something. I restlessly stole eyes from me but he caged me between his arms when he rested them on both sides of the wall.

“You did not even give me a chance and decided to choose him?” he was demanding that I look him in the eye.

It was not easy to upset your one mate but I bet he thought it wasn’t hard for me. He must be thinking I carry no heart.

“You never showed me any interest, Maynard,” I finally spoke up but was much calmer than him. Yelling and raising voices at each other won’t do us any good.

“Because it was my first time to find a mate who is feeling mate bond with so many others.” His response made no sense. If he has already figured out I have too many mates, instead of giving me hard time, he should have started spending time with me to rise above the competition.

*And out of all of us, Thiago? Seriously the one who flirted with your sister and took her out first? Is that what it takes to get your attention? Should I also go after your stepmother too?” he was muttering and grunting, I was almost scared of what he was thinking of doing when standing so close to me.

“You need to calm down and then we will talk,” I hesitantly stole eyes from him. I know every time I didn’t look in his eyes, I angered him but it’s not like I was doing it on purpose. I was damn scared of him and guilty too.

“No! there is nothing left to talk about. We will only make rules now,” he shook his head aggressively and stepped back from me. A frown covered my forehead when he mentioned the rules.

“Don’t expect me to do it with all —,” I haven’t finished when he pointed his finger in my face and warned me into not to say another word.

“I don’t know about Lazlo but I want equal time. If you are going to spend four hours with Thiago. I want four hours too.” His demand made me almost heave a gasp. It wasn’t like he was being unreasonable; it was just odd because Thiago had specifically asked me to be his mate only.

“What if one of you wants to demands that I pick one?” I didn’t tell him exactly what Thiago had asked me to do because I didn’ t want the two to have a fight until Thiago finally accepts me and we make a decision to tell the world that we are mates.

“I don’t know about others, but don’t even think about rejecting me. I will not accept the rejection but I will make your life living hell,” he threatened me as he walked away from me while running hands through his hair, ” don’t even wrong me with Jim. He was a beta; he didn’t have a say in Mr. Tripper’s decision. I am an Alpha, Mr. Tripper cannot make decisions for me,” the confidence in his voice scared me.

I remained silent while he groaned and exited the room. I was now left in confusion and worry.

Did he only make up his mind because he saw me with Thiago? Did it hurt his ego that his mate has already decided to prioritize another alpha over him?

I was drowning in countless questions now. I waited for Thiago to return to the room but before him, Lazlo came.

“Hey! how are you?” he dropped his jacket on his bed and asked me very casually. I was not used to hearing them speak to me like that

The usual them would taunt and make fun of me.

“I am much better,” I uttered, staring at the door in search of Thiago.

“Did he ask you to be here as well?” i knitted my brows together when Lazlo mentioned something I had no clue about.

“I am sorry? Who asked me to be here?” I inquired while I got on my feet attentively.

“Maynard! I received a message from him. He said I should be in the room because he needs to talk to us. Solam assuming, by us, he means we all,” Lazlo, who had no idea how serious this matter was, shrugged his shoulders casually.

“Oh! Did he say what he wants to talk about?” I questioned him, wanting to look him in the eye and tell him how serious this matter could be, but he was causally changing his shirt and fixing his hairstyle without showing care in the world.

“Umm no!” he shook his head and pouted. Once silence was all he could get from me, he turned around and stared at me, “Come on! relax! I bet it’s about the vacations,” he mentioned another thing that I wasn’t informed about.

“Vacations?” I let out a sigh of relief, convicting myself that must be it.

“Yeah! We are leaving for our packs for the winter vacations,” as he detailed it to me, I was certain it was about the vacations.

*Oh! Well, happy vacations to you all then,” I said dramatically as I sat down in my bed again.

“Why? You are not going back to your pack?” he might have never paid attention to me or else he would have never asked me this question.

“I am not allowed to stay in my pack for some time,” Tpassed him a smile and he pouted in response.

“But it is fine. I don’t want to be there anyway. It is not like there is anything left in there for me,” I lowered my face and let out a sigh as I remembered how after losing my parents, I didn’t get to ever find anyone who was my family or genuinely cared for me.

I found him thinking hard but he didn’t get a chance to say his thoughts when the door opened and Thiago showed up. I let out a sigh of relief watching him smile my way. I needed to tell him about Maynard’s threats and demands.

Maybe he could tell him in nice words that we have decided to be together?

“Where is Maynard? He called me here and he is the only one not present?” once Thiago too repeated the same thing, my heart flipped inside my chest. I don’t know why I was concerning myself because I had a feeling it wasn’t about vacations; it was something serious.

I got out of my bed once again, feeling like a fool when Lazlo laughed at me.

“Why are you so uncomfortable today?” Lazlo commented as he finally jumped in his bed and got cozy.

“What?” Thiago eyed me, “you alright?” he whispered sneakily, I was about to respond to him by shaking my head when the door opened for the last time and Maynard showed up.

From his face and popping veins, it didn’t seem like he had calmed down much, which is why I was now really restless.

“What was so urgent that you called us to be here together?” Thiago continued to ask him without a hint of worry on his face.

“I wanted to speak to you altogether.” He said what he had told them over the text too.

“Sure, go ahead,” Thiago mumbled, he was standing beside him with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes at Maynard’s face.

My heart kept skipping a beat after beat, I was worried about the demands Maynard would now suggest.

“The vacations are here,” Maynard suddenly opened his arms and laughed as he announced the vacations. My lips parted and a

sigh of relief escaped but it wasn’t over that soon.

“Yeah! Finally,” Lazlo scoffed happily but then Maynard added.

“So we should decide who gets to take Miss Omega to his pack and for how many days?” there, I should have known his demands would come forth.