Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Thiago watched my wawhen the mention of my business in the pack was mentioned. He one who knew about the whole story and also that I used to be the Alpha King’s mate.

He looked weird after it was mentioned.

“I will be fine,” I was so angry and frustrated at myself for not being able to land a punch or two at Laz lo’s arrogant ass that I decided to punish myself and visit the pack to grab myself.

“Sorry! We cannot allow you to go,” Maynard was the only one talking at this point. Thiago was weirdly silent and Lazlo was sneaking a glance of me here and there after he fucked me up.

“I am sorry but I don’t remember needing any of your permission,” I responded back to him a bit aggres sively.

We are your mates,” Thiago groaned in his mouth but I am glad he did. Now I get to answer him well.

“So you only remember I am your mate when you want to control me?” I let out a sarcastic laugh as they watched me.

“Fine,” Thiago gave up quickly because he knew I was right.

What do you mean by fine? We cannot let her jeopardize herself,” Maynard didn’t like Thịago agreeing to let me go

“It will be fine because we are also coming with her,” Thiago when added, I shook my head to make sure I heard him correctly.

“No! I am going alone,” I retorted, that’s how angry I was.

“Then we are not letting you go and you know you cannot leave without our permission because you are our omega roommate,” Thiago made sure he explains why I wouldn’t be able to leave without their call.

It wasn’t about me being their mate but the Omegas were supposed to listen to them.

“Fine,” I rolled my eyes hard and let out a groan of exhaustion, “Anything to get out of this mess,” || added while wearing my jacket.

As the others too started to grab their stuffs, i frowned at Lazlo getting ready.

“He is not coming with us,” I said loudly enough for him to pay attention to me.

“I don’t need your permission,” Lazlo corrected me shamelessly when he should be apologizing for al most drowning me.

“No! I will not go with him.” I refused to take him along. He had crossed his boundaries and if I let him come, he will get a wrong idea that I am too easy to get by.

“I think it is best if you stay here,” his words were not well received by Lazlo because he shook his head aggressively.

“That is unfair,” Lazlo raised his tone without any realization of why I didn’t want him to tag along?

“If you think about it, it is only fair. You almost drowned her,” Maynard didn’t sound too serious. He was happily trying to get under Lazlo’s nerves.

“Anyway! Let’s go,” Thịago announced after patting his hand on Lazlo’s shoulder.

Soon we were out of the academy and headed to my pack in Maynard’s car. Sitting in the backseat while the two discussed random shit was so awkward.

“I will grab some things quickly,” Maynard parked the car outside a café and ran out of the car to grab us something to eat.

Now that it was only Thiago and me in the car, I felt awkward. The wind was at its rise outside so even the windowwere rolled up.

“Lazlo is an idiot,” Thiago uttered, looking outside the window from the passenger’s seat.

“He is abusive,” I corrected him.

“He will not lay a finger on you again,” he murmured under his breath, making me feel some type of way

“Enya!” as he said my name, I closed my eyes and felt shivers down my spine, “I didn’t ignore the mate bond because I think you are any less than the betas and Gammas that throw their selves on me,” it was the first time any one of them was speaking about the mate bond so I was all ears.

“Then why did you ignore it?” I questioned softly, genuinely curious to know what he has to say.

“I am a mess!” he replied, “I am not good enough for you or anyone,” with those words, he left me speechless.

I couldn’t get to investigate him because Maynard had arrived with sandwiches and sodas.

“This storm is going to be bad,” Maynard said as he rubbed his palms and shivered in cold.

If a storm can make a werewolf shiver in cold, then I can only imagine how worse it is for the other creatures. It was getting extremely chilly even when we were inside the car with a heater on.

We began our journey again but I hadn’t stopped thinking about what Thiago had just told me. All this time, I thought he didn’t want to acknowledge me because he thought I was cut below him.

Entering the border of the pack was agonizing for so many reasons. I lost my everything in this pack and my so-called adoptive parents didn’t blink an eye before kicking me out.

“We have permission to enter the pack right?” Maynard asked in confusion as I redirected him to the house where I used to live.

“Don’t worry. I used my card and got the permission,” Thiago declared. As the car parked outside the house, I prepared myself for seeing the faces that betrayed me before.

“They must be informed by the academy that I will visit,” I said before I knocked on the door. They were told I would come by to collect the rest of my stuff any other day but they definitely didn’t know it would be today.


Vinona answered the door and her jaw met the floor when seeing me with two handsome werewolves behind me.


“Enya!” she raised her brow, the hatred I used to ignore was now quite visible on her face.

“I have come by to get my stuff,” I said, stealing eyes from her as it is never easy to look your abuser in the eye and not have tears form in your eyes.

“Who is it, mom?” Elaine came after her mother and stopped dead in her tracks when watched me walk into the house.

“Enya!” she too only said my name, her eyewere fixated on the two behind me.

“These are my roommates, Alpha Thiago and Alpha Maynard!” I did the introduction because it was getting awkward.

Just hearing about the two Alphas being my roommate made the two share a glance and then look at the Alphas. “So you are like their toy?”| bet Elaine only wanted to know that so that she can satisfy herself with the thought that just because I have these two handsome and powerful men with me doesn’t mean I am lucky.

“She is our roommate, not a toy!” Maynard grumpily said. He was really grumpy after driving for hours.

“Now if you don’t mind, I would like to be in my room and gather my stuff,” I excused from them and climbed the stairs with Thiago and Maynard.

“Is that the sister he–,” Thiago probably forgot nobody else knew about it but then he stopped when we reached the room. I turned around and nodded my head to him.

“I can help too,” Maynard said, offering his hand to pack my stuff, “Just in a little bit,” he instantly added because he jumped in the bed and hugged the pillow as he changed his mind to take rest first.

“He is going to doze off,” Thiago shook his head at him. And he was right because he did fell asleep quickly.

While I was shoving my stuff in the bags, Thiago seemed to have been only looking outside the win dow

The door opened and entered Elaine with a smirk across her lips. She had changed into a black dress with deep cleavage and had left her hair wet on her shoulders.

I know she didn’t take a shower this quickly, she just wet her hair to look raunchy.

“You will get cold,” she ignored me and shamelessly spoke to Thiago, who turned around a little, and then his eyes shone.

My heart missed a beat the moment I watched him stare at her from head to toe.