Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 31

Chapter 31

The Alpha King Corbin,” my lips had uttered those words when his eyes started to be filled with crim son liquid.

“Thiago?” I noticed the change and asked him immediately.

“Thiago are you-,” he turned his face to the other and rubbed his face in his hands. It was the weirdest reaction he gave me.

I was beginning to regret telling him about Corbin.

We should head back to our room. It is going to rain soon,” that was it, and just like that, he staggered up on his feet and brushed his clothes clean.

I couldn’t ask him to sit down and spend time with me. I was truly enjoying being here Wow…y mate but I believe he didn’t enjoy my company.

So I nodded and got up to follow him downstairs.

26-Hurt His Ego

The next day went by peacefully. Thankfully, Jim and Jessica didn’t attend school but they had left for vacations to enjoy time together. Perks of being a Beta, I believe.

As for my mates, they were back at ignoring me like I don’t exist. It had been a week by now and so far. nothing had made me feel like I am still cursed to have a bad day.

“Ahh!” | groaned, looking through my bags and trying to find the files where I keep my ID and everthing. I was going through my stuff whilst my mates were busy doing whatever nasty things they do.

Thiago was playing Fortnite I believe, Lazlo was talking to a girl on his phone and Maynard was having phone sex.

The thunder rumbled again and we all looked in the direction of the window

There was news of a huge storm headed our way. The school was kept off for a few days and wwere stuck in our rooms,

It was my first day being in the room with them for the entirety of the day and it was only 11 pm.


A knock on the door was a sign that the Principal’s secretary had come by to collect me again.



I answered the door with a lost expression on my face and mumbled, “Mu stuff is back in my pack. I don’t have the files here,” I shrugged my shoulders since it wasn’t my fault.

“Hm! Then you need to get it before the school opens again,” she warned me for providing the files to the principal in time and then walked away after she had left me confused.