Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 28

Chapter 28

It escalated really quick.

From acting all jealous and possessive to being outright abusive, they were truly showing their colors. This was the problem with them.

Anytime they heard anything remotely upsetting, they would act cold like an ice.

“I say we let her do whatever she wants to do. If she can have three mates, I am sure our other mates are out there too,” Lazlo added to the others, who nodded their heads and climbed into their beds. They turned the lights off while I stayed on the floor.

I ended up taking a warm shower and trying to aid my wounds. It didn’t work because my healing process was slower. I was starving from two days now.

I have crawled into the bed and they have all dozed off by then. My stomach kept groaning and embar rassing me. Thankfully, nobody was awake to witness the volcanos erupting inside my stomach.

‘I cannot sleep,’ I told Nia, expressing my wish to have anything to eat.

‘I know. Even I am feeling weak now,’ she sighed.

‘Maybe we could sneak into the kitchen and find something to eat?’ Nia suggested it because she was having a hard time resting when we were dying to have food in my stomach.

‘I will get caught for sure and then it will be another hell or us,’l pouted sadly.

Do you know some mates really go out of their way for their mates? There was a girl back in our pack whose mate was a Gamma. He would wait outside her dance practice class with a food box in his hands.’ Tears covered my eyes when I realized I wasn’t ever going to have that moment with anyone.

‘It’s sad that we are granted three powerful and handsome alphas yet none of them feels like we are worthy of their love,’ she was right. We did have a bit of bad luck.

‘You know what? screw them. I will sneak into the kitchen and feed you something. my heart ached for Nia, she was a good wolf.

No matter what anybody called her, for me, she was the best.

I sat up in the bed and steadily passed them all a glance one by one before I rolled out of the bed and slipped into my slippers to leave the room.

Once I have successfully gotten out of the room, I began to tip toe to the basement where the pantry was.

‘Do you think we will find a variety of snacks there? I have seen the higher-ups consuming all sorts of goods,’ Nia was pretty excited but she wasn’t considering the fact that we can get caught too.

My heart was shaking inside my chest but my stomach needed food.

It was 3 am in the morning so the entire academy was doomed to deep sleep. We collected the key from the wall and opened the pantry. Even though it was dark inside, I still managed to get a glimpse of all the shelves filled with snacks and chocolate bars.

But my life has never been good and easy, it was funny how I thought I will have it all so easy.

“And what makes you think you are allowed here?” the grunting and deep threatening voice made me jump and turn around to look at Mr. Tripper watching me with anger-filled eyes,

The rage in his eyes swapped with a shine once he acknowledged it was me.

The she-wolf who had hurt his precious little Alpha King Corbin.

“Oh! Would you look at that? I caught a fish in my nest,” he smirked and got his hand on my neck as he pulled me closer to his body.

His action shocked me into gulping nervously. His hand was cold and his fingers moved weirdly against my skin. The way he pressed our chests together had formed goosebumps across my skin.

I always thought he would be dismissive towards me but it just seemed like now he had other plans.

“She is not yours to touch,” suddenly, a very calm yet husky voice caught our attention. Mr. Tripper and I turned our faces to the side and saw Thiago watching us with his jaw clenching visibly.