Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 27

Chapter 27

: “Explain it to us. Why did you feel a mate bond with all three of us?” Thiago groaned angrily, while the others too looked annoyed.


“It is not my decision. You are asking me as if I am the creator of the mate bonds. Go complain before the Moon Goddess.” I couldn’t even raise my voice because my nose was hurting and so was my busted lip from when Jim decked me.

“And why didn’t you tell us anything?” Lazlo stepped ahead, probably forgetting that they were the ones that had shut me down when I tried bringing it up.

“I tried to talk to all of you individually but your Alpha Ego didn’t want to acknowledge that an Omega is your mate,” I responded confidently because I was certain that happened. I was not at all ashamed of any thing because I didn’t do anything wrong.

“How much did you do with the others?” It was Maynard who asked me that question. I frowned at him for focusing on that part.

“I agree with him. I would want to know too. It is unfair to me if you are going around letting your other mates have fun while I am being pushed into the darkness,” Lazlo placed his hands on his waist as he de manded I tell them the truth:

“You are the one to talk? None of them had at least fingered me–“I paused when I realized what I was saying. Thiago and Maynard shared a glance and then watched Lazlo’s face, who had no idea he was at a


“Oh! So he finger fucked you?” Maynard clapped aggressively. The tone he was using was very judg mental. I was not okay with them only focusing on the sexual part of the mate bond.

It seemed like a competition to me.

“I did not actually.” The moment Lazlo realized they might ask the same for them, he spoke up, “I have only touched her and she pushed me back.” He complained and the look on the other’s face softened.

“You made out with her. I didn’t get to touch her lips,” Lazlo pointed at Maynard, who shrugged his shoulders proudly.

“What about Thiago? What did you do with him? how much did you do with him?” Maynard asked when he noticed how silent Thiago had been this entire time.


“I don’t need her. You two can do whatever you want. I don’t want any part in this.” His voice carried a little hint of sorrow but I could be wrong.

He had previously expressed his thoughts about not wanting a mate so I believe he was truly unboth ered.

“Thank you, sir! But nobody is having me. I am no one’s property. I will choose who I want to who I don’t want around me,” I spoke up. The incident earlier had spiked something inside me.


I was scared on that road, thinking this might be the night when I get raped and probably left to die. Now these little arguments meant nothing to me.

“Did you hear what she said?” Lazlo let out a crackle after hearing me, “Just because she heard us ask her any questions, she thinks she gets to decide which one of us she is going to have fun with,” him mock ing me was his way of stroking his ego.

“Miss Omega! Nobody wants youWe were just excited to have a free whore to sleep with us,” Maynard throwing that word my way angered me into stepping ahead and raising a hand at him. Before it could even reach him, he held my hand and grunted in rage,

“Don’t make that mistake again,” he muttered and pushed me back, I tripped and landed on my butt.